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Title: Forum Rules
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Forum Rules

As a member of the forum, you are required to follow the rules below:

  1. Amendments
    We, the owners and administrators, reserve the right to amend, append or alter these rules at any time. We will try to post notice of this in the forum Announcements section; however, it is your responsibility to know what the rules are and follow them at all times. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. 

  2. Advertising
    All forms of unapproved, unwanted and unsolicited advertising, including mention and/or discussion of any company and/or product that competes with us or something we offer for sale, are hereby banned. Subliminal Talk's purpose is to allow for a safe place to discuss Indigo Mind Labs subliminals, not advertise for the competition. You may mention the use of subliminals other than ours, but not which specific program or what company made it.  You also may not post any advertising in your signature nor use the private messaging system to advertise.

  3. Politics 
    Users may not make mention of or discuss politics in the main forum. Do not mention or discuss politics, political issues or political figures, even in the off topic section. 

  4. Religion and Astrology
    You may not make mention of or discuss religion or any concepts commonly incorporated into religious belief systems.  You may not make mention of or discuss tarot, astrology or any other specific metaphysical predictive system on the main forum. With the sole exception of creative visualization and common manifestation methods, you may not make mention of or discuss magick or magickal methods and techniques on the main forum.  (Spells, sigils, talismans, rituals, etc. is out of bounds.) If you wish to make any mention of religion, magick or metaphysical predictive systems, please do so in the chatter box section of the forum. You may not "preach your religion" on this forum, overtly or through private message - even in the religion thread.  Meditation, mindfulness methods, chi and chakras are acceptable topics of discussion.  Please avoid any aspects of these that cross over into magickal methods.

  5. Arguments and Flaming 
    "Flaming" others, flame wars, rudeness and unnecessary arguing are prohibited. Communication can and should always be handled in a civil manner. Disagreements are inevitable; civility is required. Be kind, polite and considerate to each other at all times.
    "Flaming" refers to communication typically involving one or more parties engaging in the Internet equivalent of yelling and/or insult matches with use of colorful and/or derogatory language and general lack of any real value. Flaming is not tolerated.

  6. Decorum
    Have decorum. Use appropriate and clean language. This is a public forum where we discuss things in a civil manner. This is not not a barbarian camp.

  7. Hate Speech
    You may not use, spread or discuss hate-based philosophies, ideas, beliefs or organizations here, including racism and sexism. Not even in the Off Topic sections.

  8. Malicious & illegal Activity 
    You may not use the forum or the server it resides on to store, transfer, transmit, share or disseminate anything that constitutes harmful or illegal material of any kind. If we find that anything of this type is happening, we will report it to the proper authorities immediately, and work with them to the full extent of the law to make sure the responsible parties see justice. This includes but is not limited to posting links to malware, any website who's purpose is to infect users with malware, and any website intended to act as a way to pirate, steal, transmit, store or otherwise illegally share copyrighted materials.  Encouraging others to break the law, especially with regards to stealing, pirating, or "sharing" digital goods or intellectual property, is not acceptable and not allowed. Those who encourage and/or suggest that others break the law may be banned at any time, permanently, at the discretion of the forum administrators, and without warning or explanation.

  9. Multiple Infractions
    Multiple infractions against these rules will result in action against you, which may include (but is not limited to) temporary loss of posting rights, moderation of your posts, restriction of or loss of access to the Private Messaging system, and if the infractions are severe and/or repeated enough, banning you from the forum temporarily and/or permanently.

  10. Discretionary Censorship
    We the forum owner(s) reserve the right to censor and/or change the use of what we consider inappropriate language in order to maintain the atmosphere and spirit we desire for this forum to have. Specifically, we replace words that are inappropriate for decorum, civility and children, with asterisks, or we will change them to something that is inoffensive. If you keep to using polite, friendly conversational language, you should never see anything you say censored or adjusted in this way.  Please note, we have offensive word filters set in place to automatically censor profanity but we reserve the right to censor words, phrases, sentences and entire posts as we see fit.

  11. Suitable Imagery
    Please keep all images, videos, and avatars clean and suitable for the workplace and general audiences, including children. 

  12. Age Restriction
    Because we have some adult and sex related products, we do not intend this forum to be used by or read by those under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you are not permitted to read or post in any non-work-safe or adult discussion area. Regardless of your age, please keep sexual discussions as civil as possible.

  13. Copyright 
    You are required to respect our copyrights and those of others: do not post links to, or attachments of, nor in any other way use this forum to distribute, share, transfer, or disseminate any form of material or media that is copyrighted unless you have some way to prove that you have permission from the copyright owner which may be independently verified by us with the copyright holder. This forum is for the exchange of information and ideas regarding subliminals, and is not a place for infringing on copyright laws. 

  14. Family & Work Safe Section
    The "Family & Work Safe Section" absolutely needs to stay clean. If your posts reference or deal with any topics of an adult nature, or trigger our profanity filter, we reserve the right to edit your posts in this section to be "Family & Work Safe" or move it to the appropriate section. Continuous infractions of this nature will result in warning. We have no problem with those who wish to freely speak their mind, but must do so in the appropriate areas.

  15. Reasonable Formatting Of Posts
    Do not make your posts ALL CAPS, do not use CaMeL cAsE, do not uze 133t hax0r 5p33k, do not use unusually 
    large or unusually small font sizes, do not use unusual text colors (black is fine) and do not use bold, italics or underlines except as a normal way of emphasizing something.  All of these things make your post difficult and annoying to read, and are unnecessary.

  16. Drug Policy 
    We do not condone the use of drugs for recreational purposes and do not wish to be associated with drugs and/or drug culture.  This includes the use of recreational drugs for medicinal purposes.  It is not appropriate to state, imply, suggest or otherwise communicate on this forum that recreational drugs can and/or should be used for medical and/or mental health aids. Therefore, do not mention or discuss drugs or the effects of drugs (getting high, etc.) at all outside of prescription drugs you may take, and then only as necessary.

  17. Medical Advice
    Do not give or attempt to give anyone anything that is or could in any way be taken as, mistaken as, or otherwise construed as medical advice, diagnosis, prescription, or anything that is the sole privilege of a licensed medical and/or psychological professional, on this forum, even if you are such a professional.  We do not have any way to know what your credentials are and we can therefore not allow any such thing on our forum. EDIT August 20th, 2021: As of today, this rule explicitly includes any discussion of the vaccines for the COV-Sars-2 virus and it's variants.  Arguing for or against the vaccines is considered medical advice, and is therefore unsuitable for our forum.  You are welcome to and free to decide what you think about the vaccines, but do not discuss it here. (Edit by Shannon)
  18. Just Don't 
    We do not want our forum to be a place where people discuss conspiracy theories, aliens, Illuminati and the like.  That sort of discussion attracts the wrong type of attention and association to the forum.  Please do not do that on our forum, even in the off topic section.
    Private Message Usage
  19. You are required to follow and uphold our forum rules while sending private messages. Treat others with the same respect and consideration that you would while posting on the main forum. You may not advertise, solicit products or services, send repetitive messages intended to spam or harass, use the PM system for gossip or post links to malicious websites. Abuse of the private messaging system will result in appropriate action against your account including but not limited to restriction or removal of use of the PM system and/or temporary or permanent banning of your forum account. Please report any suspicious and/or inappropriate PM activity to the forum staff.
  20. "Politically Correct" Subjects: We find ourselves increasingly dealing with "politically correct" subjects.  These include feminism, the whole "gender fluid" movement and others of a similar nature.  These topics only lead to division, disagreement, disharmony and flame wars.  Furthermore, they are not appropriate subjects of discussion on a forum focused on discussing subliminals.  This is not the place to discuss them, even in the Off Topic sections.  This rule is a broad reference to and ban on things that, technically or otherwise, fall outside the other rules but would result in the same thing we are trying to avoid with the rest of the rules. (Added by Shannon, May 22, 2020)
  21. COV-Sars-2, the pandemic and the vaccines: Point 1: this is not the place to discuss those topics, even in the Off Topic sections.  Why?  Because we are a subliminals forum, first of all; second of all, I have not been able - despite personally doing extensive research and discussing this with various medical professionals - to determine what the truth is, and therefore either side of the debate MIGHT be in whole or in part WRONG.  If that is the case, we would be spreading misinformation by allowing either side of the coin to speak.  I will not be a party to that, especially when it's not the place to discuss the subject in the first place.  And finally, as stated in Rule #17, this is not a place to give medical advice, even if you are a medical professional.  Giving medical advice on the forum is a potential legal issue and we will not be dragged into potential legal issues over this.  

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