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Title: Forum Quote Testimonials
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Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:forward my message pls to Shannon and give him a BIG thank you from my side.

I am on the way of becoming ultra-rich and I know/feel/understand that UMS has a profound effect on my journey, it kicked in greatly and just to let some numbers speak, I went from like lower 4 figures per month to higher 5 figures with digit 2 or 3 in first place this month. I have many partnerships running and I am growing my business like crazy.

I know that I am able to retire completely and live the ultimate lifestyle before I hit 40. I am 35 now... my focus and drive went through the roof, I get up at 5-6AM in the morning and grind till late evening and it starts to feel very pleasant to do this. I am forwarding more and more work to employees and I see my vision of just doing the management and grow all my properties through employees and external stuff.

This is just a quick overview, a LOT more has happened and is happening in an awesomely positive way. I know that I am special and I live life to its fullest & give back sth. to those that really need it. This is the meaning of a fulfilling life IMHO.

-Sent by email. (Permission given to post).
Overcoming Fear 5.75g.

Quote:My Mom is so appreciative of Overcoming Fear 5.75g
"Son, I used to be so scared of fireworks!! Now they don't even bother me, LOOK!! I'm not wearing earplugs!!"

Everyone at the factory knows my name and they call me by my first name as you should expect.
Lately, people have been addressing me as "Sir."
Hello sir. /Thank you, sir. /Your welcome, sir /Sir, could you (fill in the blank)

Today an operations manager wanted to know why I wasn't wearing my face mask.
(I was isolated and I was hot and I walked away from him because he was getting within 6 feet from me)
He radioed the maintenance manager about me not wearing a face mask.
After I explained the situation, the maintenance manager said I was good and had a word with the operations manager to leave me alone and let me do my job.

Both coworkers and my Mom keep saying aloud how happy they are.
I'm very happy too!!

-4Kingdoms said this here

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