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Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:I was able to implement a technique in my business today my mentor taught me several years ago but due to fear I could just never consistently use it.  Successfully using the technique put several hundred extra dollars in my pocket today. If I can make that a habit it’s that much more money I can invest into real estate to get that income stream built up.

-JakeKennedy said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:This morning it hit me that I have absolutely no negative thoughts about finance at all. I am absolutely sure that my plan for getting us out of financial trouble will work in short order, and everything will be good from then on. Matter of fact, I’m thinking like it’s already happened. The phrase “were back on an even keel and we’ve got the wind at our backs”. went through my head repeatedly today. That’s a little odd, I’m not a sailor and don’t tend to think in nautical terms.
I also got stuck in traffic on the way to work this afternoon I was very close to being late. What hit me was how calm I was. The thought of being late for work used to really freak me out because I’d always try to be perfect and falling short upset me. This time, I just fighred it would be ok because I’m never late and a lot of my co workers are.

WIFE: There has been a major change in her. She had a couple of days where she was very frustrated at something. She told me what was frustrating her rather than taking it out on me. If anyone wonders why this amazes me, see my LTU journal. Funny thing is, I don’t think she noticed.

-Paul1131 said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:Day 205

I feel like my life is only going to get better in the years to come. Ive never felt so optimistic and grateful. My relationships with people have improved drastically and im working harder than ever on projects I set for myself. This is amazing progress considering how I used to be just 1 year ago.

-SaltyMeatballs said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.2.

Quote:Day 1

Yesterday night ten minutes after I started using DMSI my girlfriend approached me and she DEMANDED of me to have sex with her (despite of being bushed after twelve hours of work)  when I refused telling her I was tired she insisted on it and while we were having sex (I had my headphones on all the time! undefined )  she asked me not to have sex with other women. In the morning she demanded of me the same and when she was sucking it she asked me if I loved her and when I said "yes" she said "thank you". Before kissing me goodbye she asked me to forgive her she was a bit bitchy to me yesterday.

In general I feel like a newborn. Definitely I feel more... godlike. And yeah, I'm starting to like the kitten (DMSI), it has a lot of interesting things inside.

-Voytek said this here
Anxiety Relief Aid 5.75G

Quote:ARA- Anxiety Relief Aid http://www.subliminal-shop.com/product/a...aid-5-75g/
When this was released, I had been told in a Townhall meeting at my workplace that we are to work 20 hours of overtime each week until the end of this year. Before, after, 1 day off, both days off, just get the 20 hours in by the end of the week.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I saw in the product description-
14. Taking a “mini-vacation” by using this during a day off.

DMSI 3.3.2 was released at the same time on the same day!! I hesitated, I downloaded 3.3.2, I still hesitated.
With each version of FRM-Fear Removal Module my anxiety while driving decreased.
Fear of guardrails - overcome.
Fear of making left turns - overcome.
Fear of weaving in and out of traffic - overcome.
The problem I am currently experiencing is waiting for the light to turn green. When the red light took too long I started having mild panic attacks. I would have to roll down the window to get some fresh air, taking in deep breaths until the traffic light changed to green.

At first, I thought it only was happening in the left turning lane, then I noticed it didn't matter which lane I was in!! I experienced a mild panic attack... As soon as the traffic light changed green, I was fine!!
As you know, the FRM-Fear Removal Module targets the goal of the subliminal.  With UMS- Ultimate Monetary Success it targets fears surrounding money and success. With DMSI, the FRM-Fear Removal Module targets fears surrounding seduction, sex, attraction.  Knowing how FRM-Fear Removal Module is designed to work it only made sense for me to purchase ARA- Anxiety Relief Aid http://www.subliminal-shop.com/product/a...aid-5-75g/
Ultrasonic FLAC -50 dB|4 Loops|2 days on - 2 days off
I started the loops while I was at my desktop computer finishing up a few things before bed. 15 minutes into the first loop, I got out of my chair to go pee and I felt lightheaded. After I finished using the bathroom, I turned everything off and went to bed.

I wear a nasal mask for sleep apnea. I have an Auto-CPAP machine.  It starts at setting 4.0 and goes as high as 20.0.
Where the setting is when I wake up is an indication of how deeply I slept. When I sleep lightly, it goes from 4.0 to 5.5. On a good night, it will be on 8.0 when I wake up.  This morning, the setting was at 11.0 when I woke up, which indicates I was deeply asleep!!  

When I woke up I felt well-rested!! If you ever had a colonoscopy it is the same feeling of wide awake alertness when you open your eyes. Strange, considering you are sedated with propofol when you get a colonoscopy.
I was in the mood for fried shrimp for lunch so I went to a local restaurant. As I was driving, I didn't give it much thought about the light turning red and I would have to come to a halt eventually. Even ended up in the left turning lane at a red traffic light.  Nothing, no mild panic attack, no urge to roll the window down for fresh air. Breathing was normal.  WOW!!  Just 4 loops... incredible!! Just incredible!!
On DMSI, I had the celebrity effect where everyone would look at me and wonder... "Who is this guy?"
On UMS, I had instant respect from people I never met.
On ARA-Anxiety Relief Aid, it's gone. No respect, no celebrity effect, gone... No eye contact, no holding the door open and letting me walk through, no smiles, all gone.

I'm okay with that!! I have peace of mind...

4Kingdoms said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Anxiety Relief Aid 5.75G.

Quote:Day 2 at work|Ultrasonic FLAC -50 dB|4 Loops|2 days on - 2 days off
Shortly after we started our shift, the drama began and it was intense!!  As it played out, I felt neutral. I watched it like I was changing the channels on television... deciding if I wanted to watch this show or that show. Eventually, I left the room because it didn't interest me.

As I did my job, I suddenly became aware of how quiet my mind was.  No thoughts about if my Uncle got my Mom's medical records. (he texted later in the day that he got her medical records). I didn't dwell on the drama that I saw at the beginning of my shift. I didn't wonder who was right or wrong. No stray thoughts about finances or groceries or when I'm going to have time to exercise. My mind was quiet.

I deliberately went outside on my breaks and lunch away from all the noise of the people and equipment and machines; just so I could enjoy the stillness and quiet in my mind. The only thoughts I had run through my head was when I actually started thinking. Like I am now as I type this. When I'm not typing, total silence.

Traffic was unusually heavy on my way home from work tonight. Maybe I'll see one or two cars. Tonight I had three ahead of me, a few behind me, some on my left, some on my right. I was boxed in and the traffic light turned red.  

At that point, I would be rolling down the window for fresh air and feeling like opening the door to get out and stand on the road. (never did that, felt like doing it) I physically felt a WAVE of calmness start from my head all through my body, limbs, hands, feet. It was quick, it was over before I realized it happened. Then my mind went quiet. The radio was on and I was sitting there like I was sitting inside my home. Just watching cars go by, waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

-4Kingdoms said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.2.

Quote:This last weekend, I went on a Saturday morning coffee date with an average to attractive looking girl. I had an okay time, but I wasn't planning on seeing her again. To my surprise, she messaged me that afternoon, asking me to come join her at her place to watch a movie. I was tired, but I went anyway, because I was starting to suspect that she needed me for sex.

We cuddled on her couch, then we started kissing, then we *****. We slept together really peacefully, ***** some more, and cuddled some more.

Again, I never, ever had to try to*****her, it just felt like it had to happen, and it did.

This is how it feels when this thing is working! It's a wonderful, mysterious experience.

-AlwaysLearning said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.2.

Quote:So last night was my first night going out to the bar since starting DMSI 3.3.2. Been on it for about five days now. Noticed the attractive female bartender seemed friendlier and more open than normal and seemed to keep coming to my side of the bar. I was sitting there talking with the owner so that could have been the reason too. Two older women started conversations with me, one semi attractive that I talked with for a bit. Felt the natural seduction was working rather well because all my knowledge was just flowing straight to my brain as I talked with her. Also, felt the celebrity effect as well since several guys were talking to me starting conversations.

-Jimmyr said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:I manifested $1200. I want supposed to even get this money for another 30 days.

-DavisMind91 said this here
Laser Focus & Concentration 5.75g.

Quote:Today, I listened twice to LFC before an important meeting. I had to talk in that meeting in front of high level people. Normally I really hate this kind of thing... but today, I was totally focused on my speech and did not mind the public ! I was in the zone without distraction... first time I loved talking in public.

-Geotrouvetout said this here
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer 4.1.

Quote:Hello, I'm happy to say I finally came out of my shell and went to a local store that was hiring one weekend for a instant interview and got a small job to pass the time by. Works great with my current schooling and personal needs for hours.

-XyzN said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Finding things to be grateful for every single day. My luck in general seems to have risen back to the level of luck it was on while I used LTU5, if not even higher. Got a notification for a resource I could use to solve an issue I've been having in regards to maintaining desired vibrational frequencies, without my own conscious input. I of course bought it 60 seconds after receiving the email, and it cost less than a fast food value meal.

-DavisMind91 said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3.2.

Quote:I feel way more confident and less in my head in situations now. I can understand subtle nuances in social situations which I otherwise wouldn't have and I'm being more co-operative with people over things I do or get wrong, instead of my usual ignoring the issue or denying it.
I'm also a lot more eager to stand up for myself and establish my worth to the group so they can respect it
Also working out now as well

Smiling more, laughing more either it's personality or my actions and behaviours are miles ahead of where I used to be.

-LiquidMind said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:UMS WORKS !!!

Haven't seen results as obvious since I first tried US back in 2014, only this time they're at an exponential level; it not only materialized $3k out of nowhere, it enhanced my trading, removed mental blocks as far as programming my scanners and am entering trades with a sense of calm, just waiting for the $$$ to grow.

The materialized $3k did not come from trading or any work on my part whatsoever, to be specific.

It also enabled me to start learning about affiliate marketing with no limitations whatsoever, just absorbing information and putting it together in small steps.

Lots of projects I put off in my past due to my mediocrity and an overwhelming talent of finding excuses, now are coming back with clarity and with an impulse to make them work.

Guys, stop bitching & just buy it; the Man, our Shannon, did amazing work with this one.

I listen to about 2 loops / day while I sleep.

Many thanks for creating this program & continuing your amazing work for everybody's benefit.

-Trend said this here

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