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Title: Forum Quote Testimonials
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Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:I was able to implement a technique in my business today my mentor taught me several years ago but due to fear I could just never consistently use it.  Successfully using the technique put several hundred extra dollars in my pocket today. If I can make that a habit it’s that much more money I can invest into real estate to get that income stream built up.

-JakeKennedy said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:This morning it hit me that I have absolutely no negative thoughts about finance at all. I am absolutely sure that my plan for getting us out of financial trouble will work in short order, and everything will be good from then on. Matter of fact, I’m thinking like it’s already happened. The phrase “were back on an even keel and we’ve got the wind at our backs”. went through my head repeatedly today. That’s a little odd, I’m not a sailor and don’t tend to think in nautical terms.
I also got stuck in traffic on the way to work this afternoon I was very close to being late. What hit me was how calm I was. The thought of being late for work used to really freak me out because I’d always try to be perfect and falling short upset me. This time, I just fighred it would be ok because I’m never late and a lot of my co workers are.

WIFE: There has been a major change in her. She had a couple of days where she was very frustrated at something. She told me what was frustrating her rather than taking it out on me. If anyone wonders why this amazes me, see my LTU journal. Funny thing is, I don’t think she noticed.

-Paul1131 said this here

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