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Ultra Monetary Success 5.5g.

Quote:So quick update,

I have also increased my loops to 1 loop a day and probably will take a break in the weekend.(depending on how i feel about that)
so monetary wise, I am getting back pay from the government from last year from taxes which I thought I had already gotten.+172 euros
my job has given me more hours than anyone else
probably + 600 euros
my dad told me I could sell his old records and share the money with my Lil brother, I did and got 150 euros p.p.
my little brother sold our 2 old Gameboy advanced for 160 euros so 80 euros p.p.
my aunt asked me to do some work to accompany my uncle who has a rare type of dementia and will pay me for it
probably 10 euros an hour this would probably amount to 5 hours a week so 200 euro a month.
so all in all.
+172 one time
+150 one time
+ 80 one time
+ around 600 monthly( no fixed hours)
+around 200 monthly( no fixed hours)...

-Griffin said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Put four bets of $20 each on the horses. Three were for a place and one for a win. I only ever bet for a place but one horse stood out and thought I'd bet for a win and it was a good choice cause it won and paid $4.00. Got $80 for that so got my money back. One more horse got a place and paid $2.50 so made $50. The other two didn't place. $130 not bad. Yeah boy.

Quote:Just found a $20 note in the space between the wall and washing machine near the front foot of machine right hand side in vacant holiday property we look after. Yeah boy.

-Freckles siad this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:...I could feel something was different about my attitude but I didn't know how to describe it.  It wasn't an IDGAF like I had on DMSI, it was different.  DETACHED, that's the feeling.  At work, I felt detached from the outcome.

It didn't matter if my co-worker did his/her job.  It didn't matter what people thought about the quality of work I did. The drama going on had no impact on me.  I felt detached from all the possible outcomes that were happening around me.  As Oversoul stated, "It felt absolutely natural."...

Quote:...My Mom told me, my Brother has been very happy since he started listening to this subliminal!!  I'm very happy, too!! I see my Mom is becoming less negative each day she hears a loop...

-4Kingdoms said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:UMS Day 14 - Hybrid FLAC headphones

Hello fellow bloggers and thank you Shannon.

After following the 1x1, 7x0 protocol, I read on the Forum that we could experiment with every day.  So, for the last week I tried every day (7x1).  After further reading on the Forum, I have decided to adopt 3x1, 7x0.  I am now starting my 7 day rest period.

Since my last note I have worked steadily at my new part time job.  I am now up to 15 new clients in the space of two weeks!  My boss told me that I am the highest paid tutor and that he wants to extend the relationship to the school year.  I have also had some of my own private clients tell me they want to work now in advance of the school year.  All this is VERY unusual as tutoring has historically been dead for me during the summer.  Things are going great, and I feel I am close to my initial monetary goal.  As a result, I have decided to raise my goal.

-Moniker said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success 5.5G:

Quote:I played one loop last night. I'm going to try to run the program just once a week.

SO and I went to an estate sale today. I began to feel so happy from about five blocks away, and it continued to build. I had to tell SO that this wasn't normal for me, and that we were going to do great there today. The euphoria only lasted about a minute or less. We spent close to $60. We got a box full of old stuffed animals because we noticed something in there. It turned out that one of the stuffed animals was wearing a huge 14K chain, weighing 85 grams. It's worth over $2000 if we were to just sell it for the gold value.

ETA that in case anyone is wondering. There is nothing unethical about this. The people died and a business was hired to sell the stuff.

Infinite said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:There is so much going on with UMS that it would take "forever" to journal everything...so this time I will leave a quick notice about the E3 in UMS. E3 started to work very nicely and smoothly right a way when I first started UMS, and it has been very smooth ride ever since. I feel much healthier, and happier, than in years, maybe decades...as all kinds of crap has been gently but surely dissolving into nothingness, and continues to do so. It feels so natural and effortless to feel healthy now. What amazes me is how fast it works, as well as the depth of it. I have mentioned somewhere else in forum that I feel much more confident about my ability to attract women as well since UMS, along with my confidence to create the kind of lifestyle financially, and otherwise, that I desire.

I have always had a weird relationship with money, and in the past it has had more impact on my sense of self worth than is anywhere near reasonable. If in the past I did not have money I felt like I had not much of worth in most other areas in life either, especially regarding love and sexual relationships. Its like I associated money with everything else. So no wonder that since E3 in UMS is aimed at healing all that prevents of achieving the design goal of the program it is doing some major work in the "background" to solve my earlier twisted perception regarding wealth, and healing several areas in my life at once in doing so....yet this "major process" feels very natural and gentle despite of such a huge change.

-AlphaRomeo said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 3.0.

Quote:Finally I got some time to write...
I am now near the end of the third month of E3, and I must say It was a rollercoaster, rough at times, but manageable, and at the end, it was totally worth the time and money!!!  undefined 

I did switch back to 3 loops per night (as recommended) ...more than that it is really too much...

I would recommend E3 to everybody who is serious to do some real work on themselves in order to improve themselves and their life quality,and sanity undefined 

I will write how I feel now after this three months....

Little or no stress at all
Little or no fears at all
Little or no anxiety at all
I really feel more connected to myself
Feel much much calmer than I used to
I instantly recognise what other people really want from me, and if they are sincere.
I see the reality as it is, no weils...
I am more mature than I ever was
I don't let anyone to take advantage,manipulate,victimize me anymore, if I do something for someone, I do it because that person merited, and I do it because I sincerely want to do it.
I take responsibility for myself, my words, thoughts and actions.
All my positive aspects bloomed,and the negative like never existed. undefined 
All my skills started to finally work for good purposes
The internal fight of good and bad stopped
I feel in peace with myself and others around me

I feel more myself than I have ever felt,and I could say now, I am I.

-UniversalMan said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Felt absolutely incredible first few hours of my shift today. Came in so confident and radiating so much happiness, joy, humour, and idgaf attitude I felt it was magnetic and made me sexy as fuark.

-PDJunkie said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:One thing that I have noticed even more strongly in the current cycle with UMS than earlier is that I seem to fluctuate between "old me" and this "new me" that UMS is gently but firmly pushing me towards, even tho this "new me" feels much more natural and something that I have "always been", if that makes sense. Similar thing has happened with other subs as well, but with UMS its more pronounced. When Im being this "new me" it feels familiar, and the "old me" feels strange even tho I have spend being "old me" most of my life. Maybe its the E3 in UMS that is restoring things to "natural order", or combination of several modules. Whatever it is, that is the best way I can describe it.

-AlphaRomeo said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:So the last couple days, I seem to have noticed the tremendous effects of the bloom.

It seems like today and parts of yesterday. My interactions with people have skyrocketed. I seem to be socializing with a lot more people than before. I feel more confident too. I haven't listened to the program in like a week.
Today at work, I got so much work done. I feel like in the social zone today. I have people trying to talk to me who I haven't interacted with before. It's been fun today.

-Tholt said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:So after two days on and two days off I think I have recovered and plan on running my third loop today.  I had a very interesting vivid dream last night, the kind that I usually have when I start a new sub and it starts to work its magic.  I was at the airport and went into some kind of arcade that had gambling.  I was able to quickly turn $20 into $180 playing some kind of ball game that I'm pretty sure doesn't really exist but should be based on luck and not skill.  It wasn't a lot of money but was a good rate of return. 

It was pretty cool, it was like everyone knew my name too.  After leaving the arcade I had to go find my parents as we were supposed to catch a flight.  This is where the dream got weird. 

I got completely lost in the airport like the dreamworld had flipped everything around on me.  I ended up in the airport command center and explained that I needed to find my gate as my flight is about to leave.  A very attractive worker there said no problem let me take you in our private tram system that no one knows about. 

During our ride to the gate she came on to me and we ended up having sex in the tram and I missed the flight.  Anyways right before I woke up she wanted to get me a hotel room so I could stay with her for the rest of the night.  Didn't care that I missed my flight at that point.  Am I running UMS or DMSI? lol.  Anyways I can't wait to see how things start unfolding with this sub as I feel great right now.

-Tao374 here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:So far I have noticed the following:
  • I keep manifesting things that help me and not just money either. For example, I manifested a course on negotiating (a skill I am currently weak in) and got it on sale for only $70!! The person teaching this course is one of the best and very well known expert in the field of persuasion.
  • I have manifested money multiple times, the last time was $520.
  • I manifested a refund faster than it should have arrived. It was supposed to take 10 days, I got it in 3 days.
  • The emotional healing portion of the subliminal has cleared a way a ton of crud. Including my old maladaptive patterns of running from things (a fear response brought on by my PTSD).
  • Haven't had any anxiety or flashbacks in a week or two now.
  • My mom (who is pretty toxic) no longer effects me. Her negativity just passes by with no effect. Not sure if this is the non-directional shield or something else.
  • I am on medication and my dosage was way to low, had been for a while but my doc was being a bit stubborn. Now sure happily upped it to the proper dose. I think this was UMS because the low dose was causing chronic fatigue and preventing me from working properly. Now I can work all day with no issues.
  • I find I can learn faster now. I was always a fast learner, but now even half paying attention to a video and I remember most of it. I also find I act on what I learn instantly, as if it was programmed into my subconscious mind directly. (is this an effect of UMS?)

-Maximumstrawberry said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:Haven't posted in a while, I think it's time to self reflect…

Pleased to say that all the goals outlined at the beginning of this journal have been achieved. Some to a greater extent than others...

A sense of direction/purpose in life
Have set my eyes on learning to code, currently on a 58 day streak of atleast 1 hr of studying per day. To merely say it's "enjoyable" is an understatement. Often I can grind on it for hours everyday without getting tired or bored. I don't exactly know where I'm heading with this atm but intuitively I feel this is the right thing to learn and something "great" will come from it. 

Patience and determination to achieve goals
A major change I've noticed is the ability to stay focused and productive on tasks I set for myself. Procrastination virtually non existent. Also any fears or resistance towards learning and doing new things have also substantially decreased. Generally more open minded.

Emotional maturity/stability
One of the main reasons I bought the sub. (The trio… Universal detox, E3 and letting go of the past). Have been able to let go of soo much mental/emotional baggage Im still scratching my head thinking "how's this even possible lol"… Sub is extremely effective at picking out the weeds and purifying the mind, perhaps even better than long-term meditation.

Overcoming various addictions such as porn and gaming (which I use to cope with stress)
Completely lost interest in gaming. I no longer watch TV and porn use has also been reduced considerably.
- More social and happy in general (which I have seen happening already)
Yep, much more loose, witty and enjoyable to be around. 

Eliminating victim mindset… taking full responsibility and adopting a stronger growth mindset
This is a tricky one because I feel like I have either forgotten what it was like to be a victim or I never was a victim. Probably the naturalizer at work here. But generally I do feel self-assured, empowered and motivated to make changes knowing fully well that the choices "I" make will either make me or break me and there is no one else to blame.

So what next? 192 days in... You'd think I'm done Huh? No no no.. I'm still just warming up haha. The foundation has been built and as planned will continue using for 365 days to reinforce it.

-SaltyMeatballs said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

  • I am still manifesting a lot of luck it seems like. A course I wanted to buy to further my startup dropped from $999 to $9.99 per month. Which is pretty amazing!
  • Today I got access to a premium service that's normally $97 per month, for free.
  • More money was brought to me. This time $900 in the mail.
  • I feel more confident and motivated
  • the EPHRA component seems to have unlocked my emotions. I stopped repressing my anger yesterday for the first time in years. It was extremely empowering, I had no idea how much anger i was holding onto.

-Maximumstrawberry said this here

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