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Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:...Overall, I feel a lot happier, calmer, and more at peace and more laid back with my life and the things I'm going through.  Last year was a down year in several aspects of my life; I felt like I hit rock bottom the tail end of last year.  But things have slowly gone upwards since, and so far I'm having a really good year...

-Rebel_GQ said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 3.0.

Quote:So in the past couple of hours, I have gone from having feelings of self shame and self hatred to having fantasies about my future self, where I'm confident, secure and emotionally healthy, and while I realize these are fantasies, it hits me that E3 is designed with this feature: "Projection of part of the awareness into the future in which the goals have been safely and successfully achieved, and then pulling the 'now' self to that future through the connection." And I realize this may be what's at play with these fantasies. I have never imagined a version of myself with this kind of self assured confidence and security until E3. I've imagined more dominant versions of myself, but no version of myself I've ever fantasized of becoming has had the qualities my fantasy self now has. There's a subtle sense of... authenticity to it. Hard to explain, but it DEFINITELY is a projected version of myself into the future where the goals of the program have been safely and successfully achieved.

-EvolvingPhoenix said this here
Life Tune-Up 5:

Quote:Day 139.

Changes and improvements have become too numerous to count. I can roughly classify them into three categories, I think. Psychological, physiological and external tools.

My mental state is probably the best it has ever been. This is not only on occasional days but very much every day. And it still improves from week to week.

Some posts back I wrote about body activation. This is constantly getting better. Healthy body, healthy mind.

I invested in a lot of different tools and gadgets over the past months. Most of them items between 2 and 20 bucks. They all increase my life quality significantly. It's as if my subconsciousness is taking me by the hand and guiding me to them.

LTU is the best!

Raz said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:I am becoming a better person. Not like I have been a bad person by will before, but it wasn't in my nature to be a giving and loving person, that's all. I didn't had it in me. I tried to make people to like me, look up to me, love me, etc. That was just how I though that things was. But I at the same time felt that I was different, like I didn't belong or didn't deserved to be loved for my true self, so I did all those things to make up for that I was "unlovable". Truth is I didn't know who I was, I had problems letting that guy forward and meet others other than being drunk. I feel how I am becoming more authentic, more giving, and less involved in getting others to like me, I know can be myself and still get liked, I am not perfect, but I am me and I'm deserving of love. As a consequence I see relationships with people I am friends with or have been acquainted with before is improving. They are starting to be able to meet me for who I am, and contrary from what I believed, they like that guy. My defences is getting less and less needed as my self-esteem is growing.

-Greenduck said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:LTU has made a profound change in the way I think and thus how I feel on a day to day basis. This morning when I got up I was thinking our money situation, and while it’s still rough when viewed objectively, I didn’t have a single negative thought. I know that I am close to a full solution. It’s a very, call it, engaged knowing. It’s not just me talking to myself and forcing positive thinking as I had been doing for many years before I started these 5.5G subs. Its just how I think now. My feelings were fully engaged with these thoughts, I actually felt a bit of the relief. Negative thinking and positive have fully switched places in my head.

-Paul1131 said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:Day 127!

At last… Starting to notice clear and tangible results, completely shattering every last remnant of skepticism I had towards this technology.

There is no denying; I am not the same person I was 4 months ago (even 2 months ago actually haha). My identity, morphed and shaped through a slow and steady process, sometimes I struggle to remember who I was, or who I am. Almost feels like awaking from a dream.

speaking of results;
- Able to look at myself in the mirror and smile at the person I see.
- Able to accept my shortcomings and past failures allowing me to focus more on the things I can change in the present while also looking forward to the future.
- Baseline levels of energy have increased.
- More of a "F*CK it" and risk taking attitude
- Verbal filters fading out - I'm much more comfortable saying what's on my mind - able to enjoy socializing. Assertive and stronger tone of voice.
- Probably the most growth = Higher self esteem. Seems like I executed this module extremely well and the changes were noticeable right from the beginning.

-SaltyMeatballs said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:I am currently taking a week’s break from subs before I start on UMS or whatever it winds up being called. I plan to buy it and start it on Friday. Depending on how much extra is on my check I may buy a second copy for my wife on Monday too. If not I’ll get hers on the next check. I was surprised about how positive she was when I showed her the description. I can’t wait to see how it works to have both of us working toward the same goal.
A five month run of LTU5 has worked wonders for me. I feel like a different person with a better life even though life isn’t that different outwardly. I just read my log, and it really drove home how much has improved. The effects that I have noticed.

- Reduced aches and pains on getting up in the morning.

- I get up faster and onto what I had planned to do.

- I got rid of three nervous tics that I’ve had since I was a kid.

- I pretty much quit drinking soda.

- I no longer have extreme stress and hyper vigilance when in crowded places (this came from working as a correctional officer for a decade). I am still on the lookout for trouble, but very calm about it.

- Dramatic reduction in angry thoughts and feelings. They used to hit me randomly, but that’s gone.

- Chronic indigestion is gone.

- I can now experience my goals as a “daydream” with full emotional engagement.

- Improved social confidence in public places.

- I am able to stand my ground and calmly assert myself with my wife, and anyone who is trying to mistreat or pressure me. The “push” they’re trying to send just doesn’t get to me.

- I am now able to set things aside when there’s nothing I can do to effect a situation (IE waiting on the results of a job interview, ect) and not worry about them. This one is huge, I used to stress myself beyond belief.

- I am less derailed by disappointments and setbacks. I can now say oh well, and go back at the problem with a different plan.

- My thinking has switched polarities. It used to be that the negative thoughts were dominant and I got a positive one now and then or if I forced it. Now it’s exactly opposite of that.

- I have greater insight into what is happening in my mind. I can occasionally hear “arguments” between different levels of my subconscious, or different “voices”.

- I feel a hell of a lot less stress on a day to day basis. My bad days feel better than my good days used to.

- I feel very optimistic about the future most of the time now.

- I have been able to calmly analyze a lot of the things in my past have caused problems with how I think and feel.

- I can now consciously calm myself down when I do feel stressed, angry, ect.

- I used to make self deprecating jokes a lot. That no longer happens at all.

- My internal critic is almost entirely silent.

- I am doing a much better job at keeping up with routine tasks around the house.

- My general self confidence has skyrocketed even more than on USLM. Others have commented on this as well as it being very clear to me.

- I feel like I deserve a great life and I will have one.

It’s been awesome, I will definitely be back to this one regularly, this version or the next. Excellent work Shannon and thank you.

-Paul1131 said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Man, I am driven today. It's more like cruising on a highway vs cutting through cars in traffic like you are in a high-speed car chase. It's effortless. I took a step closer to my goal today and that is saying something. I usually procrastinate the life out of it. I am worry-less if it will work out or not as there are potentially infinite other doors to go through to reach that same destination. Abundance, not a bad mindset to have, huh.

-LeonaidasXVI said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:Received a job offer today that's a definite upgrade to my current one doing the same thing.

(after first day of listening.)

-Nox said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success.

Quote:My Uncle stopped working like 12 years ago to take care of his Mom under the condition that she supported him financially. She died Aug 2018.  I thought my Uncle would jump into the workforce after the funeral, he didn't.  I bought him LTU-Life Tune Up v5 at the introductory price.  It brought him out of the emotional depression he was in and was his old self before his Mom died. (my Grandmother)

Because he has no income except for the odd jobs his friends or family give him under the table, he gets free medical care and is reluctant to get a full-time job because he wants to keep the free medical care. (his words, not mine)

When UMS was released, I showed him the product description and I warned him... "You will probably lose your free medical care if you listen to UMS- Ultimate Monetary Success."   He understood and wanted a copy as soon as I could give it to him.

After he listened to UMS, he got steady odd jobs for the entire week.  Usually, he only has one odd job per week.

-4Kingdoms said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irrestibility 3.3.1.

Quote:Day 78: New Lover, #2

There is now a pattern to the way that DMSI has been working for me, and it is so interesting!

Have you heard of LMR (last minute resistance)? It NO LONGER exists for me. When girls need it, they ***** need it.

Okay, the pattern, both times now, has ended up something like this:

We effortlessly end up at my place together, in a totally casual, and innocent-feeling way. Then, we effortlessly and naturally begin kissing and touching, undress and inevitably, intensely ***** - quite satisfyingly, I might add.

It ends up feeling as though it could not, NOT have happened. Like shooting the proverbial fish in a barrel!

In both cases, I have intentionally stayed away from making ANY effort to seduce these women, outside of enjoying time together as friends. Then, in both cases, we spontaneously and comfortably end up at my place, and are magnetically draw to get naked, and make love to mutual satisfaction and contentment.

How is this possible?!

I don't know what it is that makes this new DMSI meowmeow feel so magnetically drawn to me, when I do (seemingly) nothing other than just be myself on any given day.

My sense is, the best way for me to support what's working, is to be as naturally expressed with everyone on a friendship level, and to allow anything sexual (or even romantic) to evolve of its own accord, no forcing the matter.

This means, it may well be that if I refrain from anything like overt seduction. . .I can be and indeed now have been, as it were, seduced quite expediently by sexy women, feeling their feminine lust to have me satisfy, gratify, and take them.

This is working. It feels as though it may be ramping up. . .and I am not even 90 days into my journey yet.

-AlwaysLearning said this here
Ultimate Monetary Success 5.5G:

Quote:I have a confession to make...

10 July 2019 is the 90th day we're on USLM4. But since UMS came out, I can't wait to use it.

So, on 11 July 2019, I crossed my fingers, downloaded it and listened to it immediately. Yes, I was aware about the break. Yes, I was aware about the potential turbulence.

After the loop finished, I felt all the "familiar feeling" when you ignore @Shannon's instruction. Tiredness, massive headache, brain fog and so on. It was so severe, that I decided to end my work day earlier, go home and have some rest.

The next morning, the feeling persist. My head was still heavy. D*mn, after more than a year of using IML products, why in the world I still want to ignore the instruction?! I was truly regret the decision. LOL

But about 2 hours later, the turnaround began.

After my usual morning routine, on the way to work... I felt AMAZING!!!

Everything's so bright. My mind was clear. It's like my mind and body were in-tune with the vibration and frequency of wealth and abundance. And I felt... LIMITLESS!!!

At work, I checked my email. You know, business as usual.

There's an email from one of my blog readers. He asked some specific questions about his current investment and portfolio condition. So I gave him my professional opinion, again as usual. I wasn't in the mood to sell anything. Just happy to help.

Several times emailing back and forth, he ask to buy one of my premium service.

Again, I wasn't sell anything. I didn’t pitch my services. We didn’t run any promotional campaign. He just simply wanted to buy!

So, in less than 24 hours,  I already tripled my investment from UMS. Wow!

And in the last few days, I have more and more people expressing their interest in my product and service. I even make another sale on Sunday morning (yesterday).

I know my result is not typical. I already have a running business, where people can give me money in exchange of product or service.

(A business I build with the help of all the 4 iterations of USLM, btw)

To be honest, the business is not exactly thriving. It has its ups and downs. And I haven’t hit my financial goal, even after 10 months using USLM. Monetary success is a long, long game.

But now, after UMS, I KNOW it’s coming! I can feel it. It’s close. Really, really close!  Cool

Nara said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Ultra Monetary Success 5.5g.

Quote:As I pulled up to my Uncle's home, he was already outside waiting to tell me something.
4Kingdoms!! Some lady gave me a $4,000 bike yesterday. It has 28 speeds and it is light as a feather. Her son stopped riding it after he started driving a car. When I was done with my job, I walked out to my truck and she asked me if I wanted it.

Then we took my Mom out for lunch. When we got to the restaurant. I told the owner, "My Mom wanted ribs for her birthday, so I brought her to your restaurant to celebrate her 75th birthday."  He said, "I'm buying your Mom lunch!"
Edit to add: Just remembered that the Owner didn't ask for proof. He didn't ask to see my Mom's id to look at her date of birth.
I pointed out stuff to my Uncle, that he wasn't picking up on. 
  • Children being drawn towards us.
  • Homeless NOT asking for money or food. When we went inside for ice cream, the homeless lady was outside on a bench, we were on the other side of the window sitting at a table. My best guess is... the auric shield was so intense, she got up and walked away.
  • At the exit of the store, we went shopping at, the security guard was checking everyone's receipts before they walked out the door.  When it was our turn, he didn't stop us.  We just walked out.

-4Kingdoms said this here
Life Tune Up 5.0.

Quote:It’s done, I can tell that my social anxiety has been completely obliterated. I have no problem looking strangers in the eye and even starting random conversations when I’m in the mood to talk. I also have no reserves about asking for what I want and need.

Also when I drive, there no more anxiety either, although I’ve found myself the past week having to use my brain, the lack of fear has turned me back into a bit of a reckless driver, unless of course my daughter is in the car with me.

My sex life has become so regular that I’ve been having sex almost daily. Looks like for me the improve my love life module turned part of the sub into a sex life tune up.

My fears around money have decreased considerably as well, not only that but thanks to my planning, my income should be getting a good boost fairly soon.

Glad to say that UMOP did what it was supposed to. Procrastination is no longer even in my personal vocabulary.

Every time I’ve run Ltu for the past couple days, I have a feeling of serenity mixed with euphoria was over me.

-DavisMind91 said this here

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