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Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3D.

Quote:In public, I see women snapping their neck (turn sharply to the right or left) to look at me. Some have a puzzled look, like "Why am I looking at him?" Then there are the women that have a smile on their face when they turn their head to look at me.
Of course, not every woman is affected.

I also noticed that women in public are saying "Hi." when they pass by me. Which in my experience without 3.3 rarely happens.
At work, women are greeting me with the enthusiasm as if I had just returned from a month long vacation even though I see them throughout the workday, 7 days a week.

When I screw up or leave something unfinished at work, Coworkers will tell me... "It's okay." or "No worries." Recently a supervisor said, "No days off in the month of December, but if you need a day off, just ask."
I also noticed on DMSI 3.3, Men aren't confrontational. This applies to when their woman is looking at me. Or even if I'm having a verbal disagreement, they stop, consider what I'm saying, and agree to my point of view...

-4Kingdoms said this here
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer V3 5.5g.

Quote:True, Fears are there you can feel them but something is giving us strength and pushing us forward even though we are not sure if we are gonna succeed or not.

I guess all years we living in fear really fuked us bad,cause with time passing all these fears only kept on becoming stronger.

I am taking steps which I am scared to cause of all the bad memories I had or illusion you can say,.but when I take it then things just turn out fine.. Like some miracle.

Its like I was in a reality/world which was kinda bullying me, Always being mean to me, always harming and bringing/ attracting bad people and situations which would just fuk me Up more and more emotionally and mentally.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this is my reality cause the horrible memories horror of previous reality still remains in my head..

But after being on USLM for near about two months. I feel as if I am in a reality/world that is so kind and generous to me, always helping with problems and getting me out of it, bringing/attracting people and situations when only gives me More hope peace and motivation. Cause I know I will reach my goal eventually.

The level of changes and manifestations I have seen with this sub is mind blowing.

This is why I am not interested in DMSI anymore.. Cause I fallen in with love with this sub. All the small stuff in life which would usually Suck the soul out of you is being taken care off by USLM.. I can finally focus on big stuff.

All I ever wanted in my life was success but sadly my negative subc and life ***** it all and I lost hope.

I am slowly becoming ambitious/hope towards my career again something which I lost along time ago and I am slowly working towards it and making progress..

-Zane said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3D.

Quote:...Today is my first day of listening to DMSI 3.3D, after a good 2 weeks pause since my last MLS run.

And well WHAT THE **** !
A girl messaged me 2 hours after I finished my loop to come to my place to eat pizza because she was "bored".

I have no bedroom so my bed is in the middle of the living room but as soon as she entered my apartment, she laid on my bed and started to roll herself in the plaid. She was like "Mmmmh it's so commmfy".
Sooo after playing for a while I just put some good music on and we had sex... annnd pizza Tongue

For the context, it was a girl that was already into me before the sub, but we never really managed to see each other alone, yet I'm astonished at the speed of the result.

-NoLimit said this here
Become A Successful Entrepreneur 5g.

Quote:Stage 3, Day 13:

- Things have really been going my way lately. I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again. I was planning how to get through financially yesterday until my next payday and I had an associate randomly ask me while I was plotting how much I had to work with. When I answered they sent me $300 and told me not to bother paying them back. I didn’t even need 33% of that.

- I brought up a debt to my roommate last night that I owe him from a couple months back. He told me he had completely forgotten about it. He said “way to f**k up because you could’ve saved yourself some money lol”. Damn, oh well I’m a man of my word anyway and since he’s a close friend I refuse to leave him hanging rather or not he needs the money back. It’s strange though, never had anyone forget that I owed them some cash.

- Happy to say my procrastination has sharply dropped in the past couple days, let’s see if this keeps up.

- It seems to be taking me less time and energy to complete daily tasks on some days this past week. Just noticing this.

-DavidMind91 said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3D.

Quote:3.3D Day 10:

Without a doubt FRM is working wonders! Having been so used to actively avoiding interaction with other people unless absolutely necessary, I'm amazed at how easy it is for me to go out and talk to random people. Usually it would take about two weeks or so of me being "normal" as I get comfortable with someone before I slowly turn the dial up on my "quirky personality". Most people won't see the full extent of my comfortable and natural personality for about 3 to 6 months depending on how often we interact. That's completely changed now and takes a whole 10 seconds for my true self to shine through! I also find I'm not thinking when it comes to starting a conversation when before I would think of a topic that seemed relevant and have things lined up for me to say. It seems my introversion is being swapped out for extroversion. It's very freeing and I'm loving it! This sub is worth using for these results alone!.

-BreathlessDragon said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.3D.

Quote:First day of two day break. Was shopping tonight and in a span of 10 minutes caught 8 women looking straight at me. Unreal.

-Snoop said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:So... light speed progress right now, might be the so called super powers of no fap.. Today of course I saw the girl that was my big crush for the last few years.. she is the one I fell in love with but she consantly friendzoned me. We did everything together but because I insisted to have something with her she moved away only seeing me as a friend..we lost almost all contact only hearing from each other once in a few months maybe over text.. But of course today she started texting and basically started apologizing about acting weird when we met.. Then she started talking about some old memories.. nothing special.. BUT then she brought up that one time when me and here were actually kissing and hugging a little bit on the pool.. It was the most sexual we ever got.. Out of all the memories we had she brought up that one and said that was a great time..

Now lets put this into perspective.. A month ago, I was not able to talk to her for more than a few texts.. Today she bombarded me all day with old photos and memories.. Even when I gave her nothing to answer to she kept the conversation going.. She even asked me if I have a girlfriend now, another thing she would never ask me in the past. And I didnt even answer it Smile

Exciting times.. A month ago I had no girl to talk to even though I had all the social media accounts.. I was just a chronic masturbator with no ability for any normal realtionship with women.. After only a little over one month of this challenge I feel like I am THE SHIT! And women that used to ignore me now tell me the same thing thru their body language and there comunication with me..

I mean if one month brought so much change without subliminals even starting to make the real change I think this might be one epic ride. I am more and more aware that this 6 months might turn me into a person I always wanted to be.


-Agent2306 said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:Some observations, actions and insights I have had over the last days.

I went out partying to a rave totally sober, a thing I can't imagine myself doing even before I got depressed. Absolutely progress! I had a pretty good time, enjoyed dancing and listening to the music. still social game isn't fully there, I saw some girls being interested and showing ioi's like flipping their hair and giving me looks, but I hadn't the guts to approach them. But it was fine, I kept enjoying the dancing and focusing on having a good time in a way that suited me. There will be a day, pretty soon, where that will include approaching the interested girls.

I catched myself realizing that I should be happy that I am who I am. To be happy to be me. Thats fundamental to emotional well-being and emotional health. I sometimes go around looking to others and in some way thinking that they are better than me, more "able" or what you should call it, but that kind of thoughts stems from poor self-esteem and i should cultivate thoughts that reinforce my happiness and belief in being me and believing that I am whole as I am, not needing to try to be like someone else.

-Greenduck said this here
USLM v3.0:

Quote:I have my first USLM3 success story to report and it's a BIG one. On Sunday, December 23rd, I won a Fantasy 5 jackpot worth $169,710 !!!!! Best Christmas present ever.

I have been regularly playing Fantasy 5 since May of this year. I track the results and pick my own numbers, and then wheel a set of usually 9 or 10 numbers into different combos. I have hit 4 out of 5 a few times, but this is my first jackpot.

I am absolutely blown away at how great the USLM3 program is. There is no question in my mind about how phenomenal Shannon's products are. I have been using this program for only 1 month and I have already achieved one of my sub-goals. My main goal is manifesting more money, and my first sub-goal under that was to win a big Fantasy 5 jackpot. WOW !!!!!

I want to attach a photo of my winning ticket and claim stub, but I keep getting a message that the file size is too large. I will email it to Ben and hopefully he can post it for me.

Thank you Shannon for your amazing products and for your dedication to continually improving and upgrading them. Nobody else does that. Period.

Rossignol17 said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!

Quote:Happy new year to all !

On December 26, I went to two parties in two villages. In each party there was one raffle. The grand prize of these two raffles, was a big sack of rice of 50 kg, an important prize for Asian families.
So my wife told me to play in these two raffles and I accepted to test the sub USLM Hehe I have never ever won a raffle or a game of luck in my whole life... So I played without hoping anything.

Results of the first raffle : suspens Hehe And Yes ! I was the great winner DrinksYeye I won the 50 kg sack of rice Yeye Then, the second price ? A sack of 25 kg of rice ? Who became the second winner ? I again YeyeYeye And yes because I paid for 10 tickets Lol The people were disgusted Lol But being on diet, I don't eat rice anymore so I gave my 75kg of rice to a poor family which is struggling to buy their daily food.
My wife was laughing and astonished by my luck. So she told me lets go to the party of the other village and lets win again ! So I played again in the raffle with the same prizes. Believe me or not, but I won again but this time only the fifth prize... an assortment of can goods, with a bottle of wine, nice stuff for December 31. There were around 2000 candidates for each of the raffle.
After that, I tried 2 other raffles on 27 and 28 but I did not win anymore... probably I had enough Wink

geotrouvetout said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
In this post, Rossignol17 shows us the winning tickets from his Fantasy 5 win.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer V3 5.5g.

Quote:I have been meaning to post about my GF’s LM experiences. As I have mentioned my GF is exposed to all loops of USLM3. In the last month 3 online merchants have have sent her double orders. Not sure on exact dollar figures but both were in the hundreds of dollars. She received double everything she paid for in two clothing orders and today she received two $150 electric toothbrushes of which she was only charged for one.

-JakeKennedy said this here
Breast Enlargement Version 6.0.

Quote:Start of phase 1
21" across
10" across individually

Beginning of phase 2
21.5" across
11.5" individually

Start of phase of 3
22.5" across
almost 12" individually

I lost one pound since starting the program..

The 36B bra fits me the same way it did during phase 2. A 34B strapless bra doesn't fit me anymore. A size large sports bra from prana used to be just ok, now it fits me nice and snug. The profile looks beautiful in this bra, almost as if I am wearing a push up bra. There is no push up at all from this bra.

I felt soreness that was mild compared to the soreness I felt during phase 1. I felt soreness on the 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28. I switched from trickling stream to ocean surf on the 27, on that night, I felt soreness all night just like I did when I was on phase 1.

I continue to feel bliss and comfort all the time. These feelings have become normal.

-Infinite said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:I'm starting to change the way I relate to other people. Previously I have fallen into trying to change them, but as I am growing more secure in myself I'm less and less invested in what other people do. Interesting change, I look forward experiencing more of this change. Like, if they are having a bad day - so what? Let them have it, I'm not getting my vibe invested in that shit. If they want to interact with me, well change the way you are doing it...

-Greenduck said this here

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