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Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:I just want to share this with you hombres about how I'm faring.

Life right now is amazing. For the first time in a very long time I'm very happy with where I'm at. I have this overwhelming sense of wanting to be free. Free of all the subconscious traumas I've been holding onto, free of all the artificial limitations I've placed on myself, free of dimming my own light because of other people. I just want to be free of it all!

I can see the direction which DMSI is taking me and the closest equivalent I can give you is Adam Lyons. His energy and his joyeous attitude towards life mirror my own, especially who I was when I was in highschool and an absolute chick magnet.

The other major development is my flirting skill. This has come as a pure shock to me because it's so spontaneous and unpredictable but at the same time outrageously fun. I've turned rather inane conversations into energetically charged one's, purely through injecting them with a sexual element, all for my own self amusement. I've also found people naturally buying into my frame because of this infectious fun that I'm spreading.

Day by day I can feel myself becoming an even sexier version of myself. I've also seemingly let go of all body image issues.

It should be noted that personally I'm not in this journey for the gimmicks (such as the sniper or the "aura"), I'm in this for my own personal development and who I'll be in 3-6 months times.

In summary: Life's never felt so great!

-Determined said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:I’m more comfortable than ever (my whole life) in social situations now. It’s a dramatic improvement and easily makes DMSI worth the price I paid. I can’t picture an awkward situation involving other people that would make me ashamed or embarrassed. My brain short circuits in these situations and I immediately reframe things so that the other people are acting weird, not me.

I traveled by plane yesterday and passed out immediately for the entire flight. I hadn’t slept in 48 hours and don’t remember the plane taking off or landing. I sat next to a pretty girl in her 20’s and there was a brief moment where I woke up and she was rubbing on me. I was so out of it so I can’t really remember except that she was grinding the right side of her hip on my left side. It was definitely a long rub or grind and not just an accidental bump. She had the window seat, and so had plenty of room and didn’t need to do that. She stopped when I woke up and I’m wondering how much she was doing it because I was so unconscious.

Another time I woke up for a second and she gave me a really big and genuine smile. I’m not sure if this was before or after the grinding. Something changed though when we landed I tried getting some eye contact going and she looked sheepish and ashamed. She wouldn’t look at me but she was mirroring everything I did. For instance when I fiddled with my seatbelt she immediately fiddled with hers. When I looked out the window, she immediately did the same, etc. In the end I just said **** that noise and left.

-Travis said this here
Quote:...I suffered from herniated Disk and I was going under-treatment with Allopathic, Homeopathic Meds along with Exercise.

But even with all those I spent around 3 week with excruciating pains and many sleepless nights..

Finally I got MHS and believe me the sub made my body respond much better to meds and exercise. It increased the meds efficiency by 60%. Those were the same meds I was taking for a month before starting MHS...

Sometimes there were moments where I would be in pain and then as soon as I play MHS my pain would decrease like 20-30% and I would fall asleep. ...

Zane said this here.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:Stage 4, Day 16,

I've been having female work colleagues reach down to get something, right in front of me, in a way that shows off their boobs. It's happened twice or thrice today, and a couple more times last time I was at that place.

-Ampersnd said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:ome interesting things happend.

After first day of listening with my headset, my GF came to me and said she was having sexual dreams about me lol.

Then later i was walking with my son and i saw this sexy girl and she was like hello and smiling too me, i just said hi back, wasnt expecting that.

Not sure if that was DMSI but it could be.

Okay but today i had something more strange happend,

I took my son for a walk and was walking to my post box outside and then i see this super hot ladie with insane tight jeans and a nice juicy ass walking next too me.

She stops next to me with her small dog and then she just start to bending over too tighten her shoes, man she had a nice ass and she wasnt afraid too show it too me, nice...

-Ryu said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:DMSI 3.2 A Day 33

So I helped my attractive clients friend move yesterday. She texted me up the other day saying she needed a "strong man" to help them. Lucky for them Im just the guy(Strikes flawless double biceps pose) She was showing some serious ioi action. She wouldn't stop playing with her hair while around me. She put on some lip balm randomly right in front of me at one point. She was giggling at almost everything I said, and like nonstop at one point. One time when she was grabbing a box she backed her ass up right into me and im pretty positive she knew i was right behind her. She mentioned one time when I was lifting something heavy "Wow, look at those muscles!" She seemed to not be able to hold eye contact very long and would look away submissively after a second. If it wasnt for the fact she was married pretty sure it would be fully on. Also went to a friends party later and ALL the girls there showed at least one ioi at one point or another.

Been feeling relatively good the last few days. Feeling overall more sexy, relaxed and in the moment. There were a few times this weekend where I just got immersed in the moment and was able to convey my genuine charismatic self. This is state where I am charismatic, witty, creative, and confident, all without much effort. As opposed to the opposite, in my head, anxious and over analytical state. Pretty cool to experience and really the kind of state I wan to just naturally be in as a default...

-Broski said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:...I am confident and my voice got stronger. Girlfriend asked me yesterday if I was sick because my voice was different to her.
tinder is getting again very interesting. I am getting steady matches and will have a time problem to fit all the girls in my schedule. I had motivation to approach inthe street yesterday but I didn’t do it. I have changed in my mindset about women. I deleted a few girls from tinder because of different reasons.

The main reason I write today is that iois seems to be now in the air. It is like everywhere’. Even girls initiating the talk to me. The weird thing about it, I don’t feel at all that it is a big deal. As if it was always the case!
Giving the dates i am having, it is only a matter of time until I am with two or three new women together, I can feel it coming.

-Light said this here
Absolute Self Confidence.

Quote:Absolute Self Confidence 5G (ASC) has been a life saver for me, I'm *so* glad I'm doing it. Its funny because I've bought so many subs over the years, many I haven't even used - I've got quite a collection - and now I'm using the free one. But its definitely what I need right now!

I started ASC just before christmas 2017 and now its early May 2018. After four months of ASC I'm a completely different person. I have lots of female friends now, they're always enthusiastically giving me long solid hugs to greet me when they see me. Women ask me to dance almost as much as I ask them, I hardly ever get rejected when I ask someone for a dance (though I have improved my dancing too) and I almost never get snobbed. Women flirt with me, smile at me a lot, hold long eye contact and often give me compliments: about my dancing, about the shirt I'm wearing, about my good mood and general vibe - lots of random things. One lady the other night (both taller and older than me) was noticeably nervous when talking to me, in a good way.

I've been told a few times that I'm different than I was last year - this awkward guy so unsure of himself - hardly the same person. I don't stutter anymore, I have hardly any approach anxiety when chatting up random women on the street. I never feel social anxiety or panic about fitting in - I'm perfectly comfortable with myself and just have fun. In social settings related to my dancing (bachata and kizomba) I feel like I belong and am one of the 'inner circle'. In social settings where I don't know anybody I'm quick to introduce myself to people and am comfortably chatting away with strangers in no time.

I can chat normally with stunning perfect 10s like its no big deal who previously I would never have been able to talk to because they're just so intimidatingly hot. I might not necessarily be able to flirt, but I can hold a conversation like she's my sister.

Its been really, really good. Of course a lot of my newfound confidence could be attributed to the fact that my dancing skills have improved and I've gotten to know women a lot better, but I don't think thats it, not primarily. There's another guy at bachata class who is good at dancing and he's been around for years so everyone knows him, but he's still super awkward. He stutters when he talks to everybody - male or female, ugly or attractive. He's super unsure of himself. He told me he's a virgin and he's in his forties. His dance skills have improved a lot but that hasn't helped his confidence off the dance floor.

Also its not the fact that I've gotten to know the women over time, because women I met a week ago are just as warm towards me as the ones who I've known since last year. Maybe more so, because they don't know what I used to be like...

-ShanghaiKiwi said this here
Absolute Self Confidence.

Quote:DAY 47

Confidence continues to grow. Kind of hard to describe the feeling inside, but it's kind of like when you have a caffeine high without being jittery, but feel mentally alert and physically active, and feel like you can do anything. It's most obvious in my mannerisms like the way I walk. I feel like the guy in Limitless (excluding being super smart), the way he was walking down the streets when he first experienced that drug, the confidence he had when interviewing and interfacing with people, etc...

This newfound confidence has also made me want to "look the part", so I have been motivated to work out, have been eating less, taking better care of my personal hygiene, and had spent several money on new clothes including suits. I really do feel like the guy in Limitless....that's me Smile

One day I had a male colleague approach me and say "hey, whenever you and I go to client meetings, I want us walking side by side together as we enter the front door". I'm thinking in my head WTF??? So this confidence is definitely noticeable and making me have this "cool" persona that people are attracted to.

However, an unexpected (and a bit unwanted) "side effect" is that it has given me more responsibilities at work that I don't really care for. The Sales folks I support and upper Management would like me to spend a lot more time at customer sites building a relationship with clients one-on-one, just me without the Sales team involved (I am an Engineer, and the Sales teams usually do this kind work, not me). They want me to build that trust with the client, and because I am not Sales, it wouldn't seem like I am trying to sell them something. So now I will be doing more travel and spending more time at client sites. Of course I had to accept...

As a side bar story: so yesterday there was a happy hour being sponsored by one of our vendors. I had not plan on going, I have a lot of work to do, and I think socializing is just a waste of time for me at this point. My Director and an Engineering colleague was going to be there, so I felt like I had to go and eventually just dragged myself to going. On the way there, I felt "confident about my newfound confidence" if that makes sense, so thought it would be interesting to test this confidence in an actual social situation (as you can probably tell, I don't go out much).

I'm glad I ended up going. The vendor we had were actually two hot young chicks, I'd say 8/9, one was around 30, the other around 22 or 23. We had a group table reserved, so in a situation like that, it becomes a lot easier to just talk with them, no pressure, no anxiety, etc...So I did the usual introductory talk with them, talked a little bit about work and any potential opportunities they can be engaged in, but 90% of the conversations during our time there was not work related. When I was leaving, the younger girl told me to "call me, or I'll call you". I said okay. Today, she messaged me in LinkedIn wanting to do lunch (not sure if she is doing this with the other folks from the happy hour)...

-Rebel_GQ said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:So yesterday night I had sex for the second time in my life. Went on a date with this girl, talked for two hours, then went to her place and she gave me a massage (shes in school to be a massage therapist), watched some netflix, then at some point, we both went silent for about 5 minutes and I looked at her and she looked right back at me immediately. So I pulled her face in and kissed her. She pulls away and we go back to watching netflix, this time with some heavy petting and caressing. Repeat this a few times till i make out with her again and kiss down her body and all over her body then i go down on her, etc etc.

She says it was the first time she came from oral and that i made her cum like 10 times, and that she was shocked it was my second time having sex. She wants to try all these different things in bed now and wants to see Deadpool 2 hah. I want to try to keep things casual and friends with benefits with her though. Hopefully she doesn't catch too many feelings. She already seems VERY into me.

Anyways, it was my first actual date in my life. Way outside my comfort zone and I'd never would have imagined doing this in the past but DMSI helped enable me to make it happen.

-Dissonance said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:On friday I have runned E2 for 1 month. My meditation is becoming more enjoyable. I'm starting to enjoy taking cold showers. I have more energy. Things are lightening up.

Also some other stuff:

I am no longer so damn involved in trying to soothe/make other people feel better. They have their emotions and if they are suffering, it's not my problem. I don't mean that I wouldn't comfort a friend who had just broken up with his girlfriend, but more on a daily basis. I am pretty sensitive and have an ability to sense how other people are feeling, and adjust my behavior so that they feel better about themselves (my theory, which i am pretty sure of, is that this stems from having a mother who can't take care of herself emotionally, and thus as I child i learned that this is "how you should do" i.e. - take care of other peoples (my mothers in that case) suffering from their own emotions. So that is a deep thing that have been residing in me on a behavioral level and the confusion I have been feeling is probably that I need to adjust into a life where I'm not responsible for other peoples emotions.

I can see my mother trying to use "tricks" like using guilt or whatever to get me to become involved in her emotional states, but it doesn't work anymore and I guess i can thank E2 to that. I am more resiliant if you like, which is such a relief. It's a damn freedom. Imagine being more or less a slave under other peoples desire of you comforting them, and now you have the freedom to say NO (not litteraly but you get what i mean) and stick to taking care of yourself.

I am looking forward to this. To life. To taking care of myself. To take care of a job, my economy, my future home, my interest, my friends, my life. And not needing to take care of someone else. I'm done with that, I have been doing that for my whole life, without feeling guilty about it. Now I want to start living.

-Greenduck said this here
Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude 5.5g.

Quote:33 days.

I have come to like PTPA more and more. It has risen the ranks and now easily is one of my favourite subs. Things flow and although this journal may not really reflect it, I had several awesome upgrades in my life because of it...

-Raz said this here
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.2.

Quote:Again at work today!

I am doing a training at an international airport and have contacts to passengers. It was a busy day today.

I saw a pretty lady walking in my direction coming to ask me some help. I hold contact with her and it turns into a blast. Rediculous sexual tension. It was like impossible to deny for both us. She is extremely beautiful and femine. I kept looking at her eyes and it was pure charm. I answered her questions but she kept returning to me like a magnet even my colleagues at work noticed that and were giggling!

When she came back the third time I told her:“ isn’t it crazy this energy between you and me „ I must admit I find you very lovely „. She replied „ it is totally crazy, but we attract what we are „.

I chatted with her a bit and it got very touch and I kid you not, if it was not a public Terminal I would have had the most amazing and easy lay of a life time.

She told me she wanted to smoke so I took her to a cool terrace and she smoked and told me about herself. She turns out a famous actress in Canada ( I am not going to mention her name )and has east European decent. We talked energy chakra, Canada and Europe. I had to go back to work but she told me I am going back to you. Before her bording, she came back and we hugged, like a long hug. At that time I remembered a pickup line, I think it was from Yad: isn’t it crazy and wonderful if we kiss right now even if we just got to know each other. And we kissed.... then I let her go. After she insisted I take her Facebook and register for her channel in YouTube.

The take away from this is that my eye contact has become lethal. I kid you not this is the third woman this week who could not resist my eyes. It is like 90 of the women i talk to, are completely charmed if I just look them in the eye and talk to them. It is as simple as that. I want to attract her, no matter who she is, I just need to keep my eyes fixed in hers while talking. Magic

I cant do that all the time unfortunately. The nice guy in me wants me to lower my eyes sometimes because the sexual tension is so big on the woman. This has to change and I am going to be lethal. I will try on the weekend to hold tension all the time with the passengers and see what happens. I think it is going to be crazy.

Eye contact is my secret lethal tool now and I think DMSi is the culprit in this.

I have a date tomorrow with the lovely fragile be. I need my eyes tomorrow.
No fap no porn since Dmsi appeared

-Light said this here
Self Esteem 5.5g.

Quote:I was asked about my experience on SE recently so i thought i'd just post up a summary.

I've been under the impression that Self Esteem is the most fundamental building block of a good life for a while.

I know I've been trying to become smarter, better with women, more popular, richer, admired and accepted really just to cover up that I am unwilling to accept that I am fundamentally flawed and that, because of that, it is possible, and often (with that belief) probable that people will neglect, reject or outright hate me. The foundation of all of this work with subs, spirituality, even dabbling in the Occult has been predicated on the need to fix something in order to be safe.

I wanted to get passed this since no matter what I achieve, I just return to that base of i'm no good and it's never enough.

That's me, and not everyone else, I've met plenty of people who - however ***** up their life is, seem to have a self acceptance which gets them through.

So for me I needed to get self esteem in a higher resolution; find out what it was and see if i could nail it. I originally thought nailing it looked like me never having self doubt, fear, and discovering and endless well of self acceptance and love; well that didn't happen.

SE 5.5g didn't give me unending self esteem - it might have done if i'd stuck with it longer. What it did teach me though, was self esteem resilience, the ability to face down threats to your personal identity, to go through the emotional range that comes out of failure and the fear of failure. After five or so months running SE, i cultivated core principles that I regularly refresh and adhere to, I have significantly reduced negative self talk and very much reduced bouts of depression. I have emotional honesty so if something doesn't feel good, I can grieve, cry it out, just be with the pain and feeling in my body until i've moved through it.

That's the emotional side of it. Now what happened in real life (before results started to peter out).

(1) Found myself reading a shit tonne on self esteem and figured out how i could measure my actions and be more conscious in doing things which enhance self esteem. These included, never lying, patient confrontation with reality and applying more thorough truth telling to it - for example, yes you're imperfect and possibly more shitty than a lot of people, but that's not all if you're really going to be honest about it, you're also (insert virtues here), and yes many people don't really care about you, but that's quite possibly because you don't really care about them or yourself and that's something which is in your power change or you may think you're alone, but you're not the only one and connection is an honest vulnerable conversation away.

(2) With this, when practiced, I'm able to unleash my intellectual capability more; i find myself able to have complex conversations at work with experts, think much quicker on the spot, generate creative ideas and manage my own team. Highlights were being in very technical meetings with experts and generating complex concepts on the spot which shocked even me.

(3) I've detached from needing people or engaging in activities for validation, not that i don't feel lonely at times when i'm less conscious, or feel that I'm falling short sometimes - rather i have the ability to keep it moving, to integrate these feelings as lessons, to be able to re engage with people and life's activities.

(4) Relationship with girlfriend is increasingly good, many times it's phenomenal. It's one thing to have girls just on you - that's certainly fun and exciting - it's quite another thing to just be deeply in tune with a woman, to love her and for her to love you, there is something powerful about that connection which opens up the senses to many aspects of life previously not withing my realm of cognition. Here i can only talk for myself though, I don't know if that will resonate with anyone else and it may be just something I've experienced. Since people are interested in generally getting laid here as well, i'll say that old gfs have been regularly trying to connect and i'm vibing with women in an amazing way, if i wasn't committed i don't believe i would have many problems in that area.

(5) I'm just enjoying life so much more I laugh much more. I ***** run!, I've never been able to run in my life now i'm like a ***** runner, i started being unable to jog for a 60 seconds i'm going for a full half hour before i collapse in a sweating ball of exhaustion. This same out of being able to accept small daily progression rather than be impatient. I socialise for fun, I enjoy people's company, especially funny people who are interested in the world, I have great enriching conversations with people. I find myself doing things which, in my previous bottom feeding consciousness made absolutely no sense to me, hiking in the hills? wtf? the old me would have laughed at someone who just wanted to be in nature. When you don't have yourself as someone who needs to be fixed, you free yourself up for appreciating beauty, for being refreshed by good things, you allow yourself to feel joy and you learn that life doesn't have to be just about proving your existence is worthwhile. This frees up so much space in your being...

-Darwin said this here

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