Poll: Is it a good or bad idea to create and release digital recreational drug simulants in subliminal audio programming form?
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Digital Subliminal Drug Simulants: Good or bad idea?
03-17-2015, 05:09 AM (This post was last modified: 03-17-2015 05:11 AM by athanas.)
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RE: Digital Subliminal Drug Simulants: Good or bad idea?
sounds nice, I won't miss the negative sideeffects as long as I'm getting the positive.

so if this is possible
booze sub -> social lubricant sub

how about:

marihuana -> "laughter sub" inducing sudden state of happiness and laughter
LSD/DMT -> "vivid dreams sub" increasing vividness of dreams 100fold while listening during sleep

The more vivid the dream the stronger the psychological healing effects it has similiar to exposure therapy (the closer it gets to simulate the situation that is triggering the root-fear the more emotions are released). Most subs here already increase vividness to some degree, and with a sub focusing exclusively on this we could learn how the intense dreaming part in all subs is influencing and helping us.

From my experience I can say very intense dreaming alone is already able to change personality to some degree and has an EPRHA-like effect. It could be a key element that is making the subs so effective. Maybe the vivid dreams sub gives even hints on how to use dreams more effectively and vividly in all other subs increasing their efficiency even further.
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