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Title: EHPRA v5 at the Halfway Mark
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I'm halfway through the prescribed 8 month run of E5. I had definite TID a month before I started, so I have to go back six months to make a comparison with where I am today.

Six months ago I was still nursing some deep wounds from events in my life. I was feeling trapped in my profession and unable to advance or find a way into a more satisfying field. I was feeling sorry for myself, and all attempts up to that point to find help in dealing with all of that had been fruitless.

Not everything was bad. My marriage has been slowly improving over the last several years. My kids, both teenagers, are basically good kids; not perfect, but no one is. And as unsatisfying as my career field is, the pay is decent.

So, a mix of good and bad. The good can always keep improving, and the bad needed to be fixed.

On September 1, I started EHPRA v5.

A lot of stuff started to be dealt with. Like I said, I had definite TID starting around the first of August. The most prominent of that stuff started to be dealt with around the beginning of August. I knew, once I started listening to E5, that the initial stuff wasn't all that needed to be dealt with. I was sure that I didn't know everything that needed to be dealt with, either.

While the details are spread throughout my journal, the short of it is that, among other things, E5 has helped me come to grips with a critical turning point in my life that happened just before my senior year of high school. Nothing traumatic, just a stupid verbal mistake that turned my life off of the favorable arc it was on up to that point. And I have spent the years since first trying to get my life back on to that arc, and then find a successor arc.

I'm not ready to declare that latter effort moot and abandoned, as appropriate as it would sound. Even at my age, I need to have something productive to do with my life, with opportunity for continuing growth in all areas of my life. And while I expect that the second half of this run of E5 will be of great benefit in discovering what that can be, I do not believe that E5 will be the last sub I will ever need or benefit from.

EHPRA v5 is a great first sub for me, and I would recommend it highly to anyone who recognizes that they need inner healing from their past.

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