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Title: E3 for children?
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Can I recommend E3 for my nine year old niece? She is being taken care of and raised by my parents and since her early age she exhibits extreme anger and jealousy towards most of the people - as if she has underlying fear of being abandoned. Having used E2 myself; I belief this can help her develop a joyful and loving attitude towards life in general.

Since the description page says that it can only be used for anyone under age 18 by parental supervision - Can we use E3 for her with the consent of her guardians? Since they share the room for sleep; all three will be exposed to it at the same time.

Let me know what you advise and if anyone have any experience of using a subliminal for children?

The program is designed for adults. I am not sure how it will affect children, so I can't rule out that it will be helpful, but I also can't rule out that it may have unexpected or unintended results, either. If you choose to expose her, make sure her guardians carefully observe her responses and pay attention during the process. It may be helpful if she has no expectations of what the program will or will not do.

Just make sure that she is carefully supervised and helped through any emotional turmoil she experiences.
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Be sure to post on here later and let us know how it works out for her.
Thanks for the responses. If we do start I will let you all know here how it progresses.

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