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Title: E2
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Since I'm not a native speaker of English, please forgive me my language errors. I've been using E2 for a couple of months now, and it is the best choice I've made so far regarding the subliminals of IML. Before that I used US and ASC. US gave me a good feeling while using it, but soon afterwards (3 months of using) I felt just as horrible as before. As for ASC, I didn't notice anything except major headache while using it. I thought that subliminals weren’t working for me, because maybe my English wasn’t sufficient.

But before I would throw in the towel, I decided to give E2 a go (Thanks Ben for recommending E2). Before using it my thoughts were filled with a lot of negativity. Within one hour of using E2 I started to feel better, because a lot of the negative emotions just vanished. I started slowly with one hour and every next day I added one hour more till I reached 10 hours a day. I never imagined I had so much anger, fear en sadness inside me that was holding me back. A lot of it was coming up/remembered and within days it was cleared. The dreams I have are definately related to E2. For example I dream about things that happened in my past, but with a different ending, mostly in my advantage.

Other major things I noticed are:

- I feel a lot happier than I was before.

- I’m less consumed with wrath.

- I’m more active in doing what I want in life; starting a business.

- I’m not looking for other peoples validation when I do/say or want something.

- When something ‘bad’ happens, I worry less about it instead of getting upset for quite a while.

- I can let the past be the past and I live more in the present day.

- I pay no attention to other peoples bullsh*t.

What a wonderful subliminal! Smile

I think I wanted too much too soon. It was tempting to go after other subliminals that would help me to gain success in life instead of healing myself. After E2 I would give the other subliminals another try. I couldn't agree more with someone on the forum who stated the almost everyone should use E2 prior using any other subliminal. I wish I've done that, because it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration......
Nice testimonial. I plan on running DMSI A for healing after I finish AM6.
ISTP // SLI 5w6

E2 (6m)> DMSI (3m)> LTU5 (6m)> DMSI (2m)> LTU5 (6m)> OF (current)
Nice testimonial, thanks for sharing.

I'm. Using E2 right now, have been using it for around 1 week. I know what you talk about regarding all the pushed down emotions that need to come out.

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