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Title: Deservedness Sub
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Here is another article that focuses on deservedness:

Here is an interview I found on YouTube about deservedness:

A study I found about deservedness. It is titled “ I Don’t Deserve Love” Study Reveals The Destructive Impact Of A Lack Of Self-Worth”


I can relate to a lot of what this study says. Every time I am in relationship or friendship, I’m always like “How long is this going to last” “will this person like me?”

My own insecurities have created the very thing that I feared: rejection
[email protected]Shannon

Hey Shannon just a reminder now that FRM 4.9 is done, I wonder if this will be a feasible program to make now? 

I would not think it would take too long because it is a very specific topic. 

Who knows. 

Just thought I would remind you
I personally think deservedness is mostly about removing the blocks that prevent you from feeling you deserve whatever you want. It's mostly about removing the limiting and un-productive negative subconscious beliefs. That is the job of E4 and / or OFv2.
Once you get to a neutral point (in which you have neither negative, nor positive beliefs about your deservedness), you're already in a great position. If on top of this, you stack positive beliefs, you have a guaranteed road to success.
I am not sure how implanting positive beliefs works when you haven't gotten rid of the negatives.

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In my opinion deservedness is not automatically coming by removing fear but from having a positive self image, self esteem.
Just re-upping this request. It would be nice if this can be made after Shannon gets down with the store, UMS, and DMSI.

I know E5 covers this but I think an universal self worth/deservedness sub would be neat. Basically the goal would be to make you believe and feel you deserve the best.
Re-upping this request after 5.8G and DMSI are complete!!
Persistence pays off. I will consider this title for build sometime after DMSI and NSLW, but it may require more reminders.
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(10-24-2021, 10:40 PM)Shannon Wrote: Persistence pays off.  I will consider this title for build sometime after DMSI and NSLW, but it may require more reminders.


Don't worry I will remind you plenty!  Oui

I was envisioning a sub that focused on raising your deservedness in all areas of your life (relationships, money, success, health, etc) so that you believe you deserve the best in all of those areas.

Just your monthly reminder about this sub.

I know you are in the midst of DMSI but I thought I remind you once again!

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