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Title: DMSI next version ideas
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To all please read this,

I have a proposal. With the intention of helping Shannon so he doesn't have to keep track of all these details we have proposed for v3 so he can focus on other things, and for our own selfish reasons to propose what we want... Well, ok, selfish reasons... but let's also take some responsibility for what we want...

I have started to make a file for all the potential changes for v3. I have a list from my posts, as well as kenpachi and bits. I'm sure there are others... If you are reading this, I'm requesting your help in doing so.

Who else wants to organize and collate all these suggestions for v3? Please volunteer! It gives you a chance to make v3 better for you.

First, I propose we need volunteers to comb the threads and post for ideas.

Second, we make a list of where to look AND THEN we divide up the work.

Third, there should be enough people on here such that we could have a double check. The more thorough we are, the more we can propose and the better the program could be.

Fourth, very important... we need to accept and understand that anything we propose will ultimately be decided by Shannon and/or his model. As much as I want to protest that sometimes, this model is probably oriented to the unconscious mind, and therefore might be smarter than me. Also Shannon has an expertise that we don't. I sometimes need to remind myself to be a bit more humble regarding these points.

Also, I'm just as hungry for results as some of you are with DMSI. Let's face it, if our sex lives were exactly what we wanted, we probably would be some where else than hanging out here. So when it comes to feeling eager for results, I understand. I propose we be patient for the program to work and with Shannon. He is human. He needs to have a life beyond us, you know.

The other reason I say patience is because it sounds like Shannon has a priority with health related programs after releasing DMSI v2.2. To be blunt, I'm surprise he even worked on v2.2 considering I thought he was going to postpone it to work on some health related programs.

My health is good right now, so I'm more interested in DMSI... so with the hope of being responsible for our implementations for v3 and to be respectful of Shannon's wishes to focus on other programs, I am proposing that we as a community organize and do this. Shannon has given to us time and again, I want this to be our way of doing something (however small) to give back to him.

Please post here attention to me, or private message me to volunteer. I will start by volunteering to comb this thread for ideas. How do you want to help?

To volunteer, post on this thread attention to me, or private message me.
Good idea, but you do realize that V3 is going to very probably be 6G and come out 1-2+ years in the future right?.

So this information gathering project is gonna be very useful to maintain all the info concentrated in a single place. But it will be a long term effort though
@ImFreeman I think your post serves as a good reminder for patience.

If you are posting here, am I correct in guessing that you want to participate in this information gather process?
Yeah, maybe like 4Kingdoms does, he quotes what he see as relevant to the thread. Also people could come here to brainstorm and throw ideas around.

But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves and just enjoy/experiment about DMSI 2.x for the time being. These V3 ideas should be based on what V2.x lacks.

Wise words about "these V3 ideas should be based on what V2.x lacks".

4Kingdoms is really good at quoting to make a point, and I think that style can be very helpful!

Brainstorming is also a good idea. Thank you for your input!

All we can do now is gather ideas and then prune them as we get more information about v2.x. I think the sooner we start the better before it becomes overwhelming to look at all the posts, journals, threads, etc.

Now I think you should only do what you want to do, after all this is volunteer.

Would you be willing to look at this thread?

Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 5.5G - Test Reports

for ideas starting at page one? I think it's up to 13 pages now.

Whatever you decide, thank you for stepping up.
Right now I'm on this thread

Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 5.5G discussion thread

on page 10... my goal is to get to page the current page which is 48
I finished reading Shannon's journal, volume 2


I started where he begins to discuss AOS or AOSI
Well, if this is for V3, I'll say this:

I'd love it if the final result/goal was being able to achieve the following:

I simply look at a woman and think, "Wow, she's hot, I'd tap that," Her energy immediately senses mine, and she walks over to me and says, "I want you to f*ck me now, wherever you want, whatever you want."

Whatever the scripting/whatever the modules that needs to be included to achieve that, then it should be included. It'd also be nice if there was a sexual repellent for any woman I consciously think, "Ewwww!" about, lol. But if not, I have no trouble or problem saying, "No thanks."
@RTBoss I like the idea!

Do you want to help gathering information from other threads too?
Now on....


about 30 more pages to go...
One thing I want in v3 is ejaculation control/lasting longer. Can't be having lots of good sex without control Smile
(07-10-2016, 01:11 PM)lokko Wrote: One thing I want in v3 is ejaculation control/lasting longer. Can't be having lots of good sex without control Smile

It's gender neutral...

Great idea!

Do you want to help with the information gathering too?
(07-10-2016, 01:11 PM)lokko Wrote: One thing I want in v3 is ejaculation control/lasting longer. Can't be having lots of good sex without control Smile

Once we start having sex a lot though that problem will take care of itself I'd think.

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