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Title: DMSI 3.5
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Day 18 (The experiment)

Hybrid Trickling Stream 1 loop

Have tried more than one loop we see if fewer loops work better. I had my weekly meet had a lot of people on vacation so not as good as testing plus had a few days to rest up which is good. In retail kinda a rush up to Christmas. I think this version is a great leap forward in terms of 3.3.2 or even 3.4 etc. Things i'm noticing most funny enough is the strong DRS shielding in it which is very strong. Another self effect seems to be a verbal disinhibator in me and the effected that if i like someone i;m surprised how sexually i can talk to them etc and often at work have to watch myself as i'll say something wild but strange as it seems for what ever reason they just roll with it no big deal. Other good great feature which is a since dmsi is designed to affect people only if their free etc it dose often becomes very clear who likes and who dose not. Going to try lower loops see what happens.
(12-26-2021, 01:42 PM)Shannon Wrote: You should stick to a specific number of loops per cycle.  Jumping around, you can't know what's doing what.

perhaps, well stick with 1 for a bit
If you're not seeing much at 1 loop, feel free to try more than that per day. But if you're not getting AutoConfig, then you should probably do one specific number of loops per cycle until you find the right number of loops to get them to initiate. Somewhere in there, when you hit the right number of loops per day, they will initiate.
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Day 19 (observations)

Hybrid Trickling Stream 1 loop 4 day on 1 off

Did a double shift so was pretty drowsy so wasn't at 100% i did notice a slight up tick in response slightly. A few girls seemed to pay a lot more attention to me, invade my space and trying to help me out with stuff, which before they never did. Wasn't much bothered or surprised by it. After this cycle I'll up to 2 loops see if that helps.
Day 20 (hey watch out)

Hybrid Trickling Stream 1 loop 4 day on 1 off

Had my female boss sorta. Not sure whats going in to each other keep quote accidentally bump into me multiple times, so much so that she just felt right at home basically in my personal space while in a confined space and wouldn't back away from me. I wasn't so much bothered by it but it happened so much i was like ok i better back off or it's going down here. It kinda reminds me of some of the past dmsi versions where my dancer friend keep failing on me for no good reason even tough she has excellent balance and control. While I do still see dancer friend and we'eve sorta become just friends it's clear something is still there as at the meeting she is clearly affected by this program.   this time around i was quite aware what was happening and had to back off not because she wasn't down with it , but if she keep it up i might do something crazy even in semi in public it wouldn't of looked professional, and second that i think in some of the past versions of dmsi i might of been uncomfortable with some of these reactions that i'm happening now with the new version. In 3.5 i seem to have no problems at with physical contact in fact i consider it completely normal. On a side a note had this other cowgirl chick co worker that seems to eyes for me around i guess to let me know she don't have a bf anymore. I remember before she did kind of liked but she was semi taken so nothing became of it. we'll see where this goes. While small a lot of things do appear to be happening quite a coincidence.
Day 41 (smooth sailing)

My weekly meeting went well this week. My Mixed Tall friend and her daughter was there  and showed some interest in wanted to hang out for a bit which before they hasn't really showed much at all. As well The boss daughter keep trying to do favors give e a ride home etc. I had to quite some of who i hang around as they make so much drama into. So ended up going solo cause multiple girls would of made a too much a deal out it. That's another thing I've noticed a lot of people at some level giving me attention ie making up reasons to be around me, staying my my line of sight etc. Very indirect stuff which is cool. Plus I've been purposelessly trying to hang back as i was trying to see what kind of effort they'd show.

Meanwhile on the home front. Since I've been on 3.5 I've seem to manifest 2 co worker girls a blond and Latina chick. The blond single mom seems to put a lot of enough in trying be around even going so far as to try to do favors, waiting around for me all that and of course try to sabatosh other girls. Funny thing about this i'm pretty indifferent to much of this im not really not all that interested in ether per say something happens or not no problem. Plus I've been running into random girls, co-workers where in the past they'd ignore me etc now they seem to at lest be open to conversation and people i do know almost always happy response. So slow and steady after over a month in we'll see where this goes. As it dose seem to be headed in a good place.

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