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Title: DMSI 3.5 question
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(04-01-2022, 01:00 PM)rono Wrote:
(03-04-2022, 02:28 PM)Shannon Wrote:
(03-04-2022, 09:28 AM)CatMan Wrote:
(03-04-2022, 04:44 AM)SexyMofo Wrote: whatever happened to DMSI 3.5 sales page?

Given history of pulling down pages before releases, V3.6 must be in production. Which makes sense, seems V3.5 hasn't had much fanfare, sadly.

Well, I might as well fill you in at this point.

The custom job was a special request for me to alter DMSI 3.5 in certain ways that the person making the custom order believed might make it work.  Since I trust them not to release it to anyone else and to be honest about their results with it, I decided to accept the custom and build what they asked for. 

It isn't finished yet, and it will be about a week longer before it's finished and delivered.  That does not mean you guys are getting a new version of DMSI!  What it means is that this custom version will be in testing by the person ordering it for at least a month while we determine whether or not it does what it's designed to do.  If it does, I still cannot release this custom version.  It needs adjustments to a couple modules to make it something that I can release to the general public.  But if I do see that this custom version works well, I will be publishing a new version of DMSI that is almost identical, with the exception of having upgraded certain modules to make it suitable for general release.  So it is possible that in the next 1 to 3 months, I will be releasing a new version of DMSI, but not guaranteed.  If this custom version does not result in a new version, given the amount of work that has gone into upgrading and improving it, then it's going to be a while before another version is released, because it will need something I don't yet have.

The good news is that regardless, this work on DMSI has resulted in FRM v6.0 and External Facing FRM (EF-FRM) v2.0, which I am pleased with.  This is why, in my poll, I am willing to consider making OF v4.0.

I took down the page for 3.5 so that nobody else would buy it before the next version is released, if it is released, because I don't want to rug-pull anyone who buys 3.5.  If this custom version does not do what is intended, then I will have to decide whether or not to keep 3.5 available, since it does not seem to be getting the intended results.

Regardless of what happens, 3.5 will not be the last version of DMSI that I publish.  I know that this custom job is either going to work for the majority or be very close to what it needs to be, so I am not finished yet. 

Go vote on what you want me to build next.

@Shannon -- would it be possible to fill us in on the reports you're getting that make you say you're "not getting the intended results"?

That would help me understand what IS working and what IS NOT working and would influence whether I use this version.


98% of the reports I get are on the forum.  I don't see people reporting the program fully doing what it's designed to do.  The other 2% are similar to what's on the forum.
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