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Title: DMSI 3.3.2
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I see the new version just came out, currently downloading. 

Been dealing with some things literally slowing me down. Not gonna go into detail. I should be at 100% by year's end or sooner. Things have been slower than I planned but at this point, I have to wait and do whatever else I can.

So 3.3.2 is a 12 day cycle this time. 8 days on, 4 days off, only 4 loops a day. If that's around 4-5 hours or so, then that's great, much better than the last version.

Hope this version is effective. 

I haven't kept up with everything on the forum so not sure how many more releases there are until the final version, but it looks like Shannon still wants our feedback. I'll probably give weekly or biweekly updates. Won't be on here too much most likely.

Download just finished. I'll check the hash sums and start listening tomorrow.
Quick update

-On days I listen, horniness goes up a notch. Impulses feel a bit stronger, but it's not as bad as the last version
-Seems to cool down a bit during the 4 days off

-Headaches. Not sure if it's caffeine or this though. Recently had to switch back to regular hot coffee when I've been using cold brew, so that might be it. Able to go back to cold brew now though

-Regrets about not being further along when it comes to girls. There's a side to me that I want to be able to explore and let out. It irritates me I don't have a girl to play with, but it doesn't feel as bad as the last version of DMSI

-Random fears pop into mind, but they usually don't stay that long. Again, it's not as rough as the last version.

I'm still recovering from a physical injury that's been getting in my way for pretty much everything (cooking, training, driving, etc.) so that's my immediate priority. In the past, subs usually just made situations like this harder on me because of the mental torture, but it's noticeably better on this version so far.
I stopped listening a few days ago because I've been sick and just needed time to rest. Aside from that, I've been consistent with my listening.

3.3.2 just doesn't cut it.. The only consistent result I've seen from it is that I get strong sudden sexual urges on a weekly basis, that's it.

I know it's been said before, but I'm gonna say it again. The whole reason for listening (at least for me) is to create sexual relationships with the variety of women I have an interest in. It doesn't matter if they approach me first or not. All I want is to succeed in achieving the end goal. If it's more effective making something that has the user approach instead, that might be more achievable than to get others to approach the user.

The biggest improvement this version had over older ones is that it's less of an emotional rollercoaster. Still causes headaches though.

I'll get back to listening once I'm fully recovered, but I hope a new much more effective version is coming soon.

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