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Title: DMSI 3.3.1 D Hybrid " Tiger's Blood" Alpha Dire WOLF ARH-WOOOOOOO!
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Just got out of jail, was in there 2 weeks, Instead of letting my anxiety get to me I released allot of negative emotions and feelings inside of me the first day and spent the next 13 days anxiety free working out every day.
Learned allot about myself in this experience.

Currently single for the first time in long time. 
I am ready to kill it in the gym and get some serious gains. I am already growing from the work outs I did in jail.
I am motivated and ready. 

I havent been on DMSI for a while so I will see some great progress from this run..

for you guys who are experienced, did you find a better girlfriend or another girlfriend that you loved after ending things with your first girlfriend? I'm coming off my first relationship and its strange to see things ending. Mostly due to shitty circumstances more then anything.

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