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Title: Covid-19 Disruptor
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I haven't posted here in a long time, mostly I just lurk, but I'm a long time customer of IML and these subliminals.

Most recently I had been running USLM3 and DRS, but since my life (and I assume everyone else's) has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, I downloaded the disruptor subliminal and began last night. Played one loop overnight.

Today I felt physically exhausted, which according to the description is a sign it's working. Look, I don't know what this sub does, how it works, or how our collective subconscious could disrupt the spread of the pandemic, but I implore every customer of Shannon's subliminals to use this product until our lives are back to normal. He wouldn't have released it if he didn't have inclination it would be doing something. Other subs can wait. I get we all have goals for self-improvement, but none of them are going to matter if you're forced to live on lockdown and people around you are dying.

Tonight I'll run an additional loop per the instructions.
You are right I am thinking of stopping USLM3 and Start using Covid-19 SuB
The more people who use it, the faster and better it will work. Spread the word! And also consider that A) I am giving it away, and B) it is going to probably reduce my sales, when I really need more sales. So believe me, I didn't release it because don't think it's doing something important.

Thanks for the input, Peter.
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