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Title: Concerning MIR usage and the new Chinese coronavirus
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I would like to point something out to you all who have our Maximum Immune Response subliminal v2.1 or earlier.

The new Chinese coronavirus (officially titled WH-Human_1China2019_Dec, as far as I can tell) is very difficult for the human immune system to deal with and fight.  If you contract this virus, or you even think you have contracted this or any other potentially life threatening virus or other pathogen, PLEASE:

1. DO NOT try to rely solely on MIR to fight it!  MIR only helps your immune system do better what it already can do, and in cases like such viruses as this, it may not be able to do the job alone.  MIR is not intended to replace proper medical care, diagnosis and treatment!  Therefore,
2. IMMEDIATELY go to a doctor and get yourself proper medical care!
3. If you use MIR, USE IT 100% according to the instructions!  Otherwise you will only make yourself sicker and potentially create an even worse type of infectious pathogen.

MIR 2.1 can help if you use it properly, but it is not designed or intended to act as a means for dealing with major and/or deadly infectious diseases by itself.
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