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Title: Book/research/videos/ audios suggestions on reality
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Hello everyone, 

As the title suggested. Please list any book/vids/research paper you think is very valuable on reality. Something that will wake you up. Something that makes you wonder for real. 

As Shannon suggested before it's almost hard for him to currently find books that are valuable to his current knowledge since he understands alot on the topic, and I am sure he does.

But I feel there is some gem out there that are written not for the sole purpose of making profit out of it.

Please don't list something you didn't read a single page of it.

I'll start with the book Tufti. It's a very good book that basically allow you to wake up. One thing tho I didn't like the middle section of the book as it started to get very technical. But I'll give it a second read.

Here is the link to audio (please note the author has no problem that his audio been shared)
@samba99 Is Tufti the author’s name? What specifically is the title of the book?
Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder
No unsolicited advice please. Thank you.
(04-27-2022, 01:41 PM)dragonslayer Wrote: @samba99 Is Tufti the author’s name? What specifically is the title of the book?

I updated my post. Tufti is the book name

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