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Title: Back to AOS 2.0 and BIATBW 8.0
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It's been a long time I didn't post a message.

So I decided to go back to AOS and BIATBW since 9 or 10 months because the result I have with it are better than DMSI and more consistent. I just KNOW that I am the most sexy mother *****.

So I just want to try to explain how this 2 subs is working, it s been more than 2 years that I am using them on and off. B

I started with AOS in 2015 and BIATBWS without result for 1 or 2 months after that the 3rd month was awesome and it started to be a dream life for me.

I thought BIATBWS was great until I tried BIATBW, anndd it is better now for me. BIATBW give me this amazing self confidence and the feeling that "I KNOW I WILL HAVE HER" 100% and this mindset help me a lot !

AOS give me this sexy vibe that arouse girls so much but not this self confidence so it make me doubt myself even when the girl want to go watch a movie at my home after 2H only knowing her ! Non

With AOS and BIATBW I had the best night ever in a stripclub in Warsaw. I was drinking with this a stripper and I made her dance for me like 2 times the first time she told me that I aroused her so much but didnt believed her (It is her job to make men thinks they are sexy) but the second time she danced for me in the small room she really wanted to rape me ! She was all wet as hell and can't focus and her dancing it was so fun. I told her yeah that "she need to refund me my 100 zloty, I paid for a dance not to be raped Whistle"

She told me that she will buy me a breakfast, so I told her after her work she can come to my hotel if she feel motivated and exchange number with her. I get home at 3am and at 5.30am she call me and said she was here... I was like "omg let me sleep..." So I make her come to the room. :angel:

All the process is easy and smooth all the time.

I have this kind of situation with girls all the times. AOS make girls excited and I combine the two, AOS and BIATBW it make them...fall in love... FAST ! So I use BIATBW only 1 day on 3 so they don't fall in love very fast and we can have fun longer like that without all the drama, girls are doing when they start to be jealous and want to have me for herself alone.

Girls show me interest veryyyyy obviously, there are no subtle sign or anythings like that, I can see attraction in their look, the dilated pupils, they look at me like they are in love with me so it is sooo easy to have fun with her after that.

So to conclude, I am so grateful for this 2 subs, I made copy of them in some USB key and put them on my google drive so I will use them for all my life ! Superman
Thanks Shannon you are the best !
Yeah man these two subs are gold. BIATBWS 3G too. Try it if you have it.

I have question man, did you have the same effects as before even after using DMSI? I worry sometimes that older sub become not as effective after trying 5.5s
I wanted to buy the old AOS , BIATBW and BIATBWS in 3G but can't find it anywhere even when I am asking for it to the admin even when I wanted to bought them for the 4G prices... So if someone can have a solution for me to buy the old 3G tell me ! ;D

I have exactly the same result after or before DMSI, sub don't have permanent effect. Of course If I want maximum result with these subs I am doing mirror affirmation that cory skyy teach. But yeah it can be difficult sometimes to do affirmation everydays . But If I have a date for example with an amazing girl I am just doing it for 30 minutes in the morning and I am feeling amazing all day.

When you are looking in the forum for the old subs testimonials, the best people who succeed with subs was doing affirmation to see change very FAST.

But DMSI is too strong and I saw that my affirmation didn't work when I was on DMSI.
I am glad to hear that you got the same effects as before DMSI. I was thinking 5.5 could permanently alter how the subcon. is wired or something. But no, that's good. Yeye

I don't think even Shannon has the 3g AOS anymore, but you can still find the BIATBS 3g if they put back the 3gs on the site for a short while like they did last year.
Yeah I used BIATBW for about 3 months, it made me flirtier overall. It's not too bad.

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