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Title: Attract Your Perfect Husband
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Hello all!
I was just wondering about continuing using the sub when success is achieved? By this I mean I listened to the sub, as much I could. At first I didn't see any kind of changes in my life but suddenly one man appeared in my life and the coincidences were too perfect to be coincidences.
We have been dating for about 2-3 months and I like him very very much. Now we have a little bump on the road..he had a crush on a girl before I appeared in his life and he still has feelings for her and she is returning to his city (we live in different cities) in a month and I'm super worried.
My question is, should I continue listening to the subs, will it solve these problems- or if I listen to the subs will it just mess more up? I really like this man and he has all the qualities I want him to have.
Keep listening, it should set your subconscious in "keep attracting the guy some more" mode. Smile
Alrighty, will keep listening! I don't even know why I stopped in the first place. Right now I feel urges to take actions, like writing a letter and pour my heart out. That might not be the best of an idea though...or maybe it is? What is your opinion, should I just try to keep calm focus on the end result and let the subs take care of it (my vibration) or should I try to show him 'in real life' what I want and feel about him and us?
Loa is not new to me but subliminals are Smile
I do not know enough about the man in question to give you advice in this regard! Keep running the sub, it should set you on the right course of action. Smile If the urges keep persisting, then it might be possible that your subconscious is driving you to do "what is right" to attract him further.

I do not feel competent enough in the workings of the subconscious mind and the attraction subliminals to offer any more than that, unfortunately!
(05-25-2017, 09:42 AM)CuteS Wrote: or should I try to show him 'in real life' what I want and feel about him and us?

Okey, I'm confused.
So obviously this subliminal worked because I found the man of my dreams and my brain can't even think of any other man. The thing is he left? And is now saying his feelings aren't the same as mine and he want sspace - when my heart on other hand, is dying and crying after him.
I Feel real panic loosing this person, I haven't felt this before. Ever. Like someone ripped my heart out and it will never fit to the right place if you try to put it back. It's scary..
What is going on here, we only dated 3 months and we saw each orher every week or every second week on the weekends..so not even the every day, I feel very attached to this person. My anxiety and panic are probably resistance of some sort...I am just confused over the whole situation. Please an input anyone? Thanks!
I think two possible reasons:
1. He's only a 'shade' (as Shannon describes them)..someone who is a prelude to the real thing (the perfect husband). Apparently you can have one or more of these people coming into your life before the perfect person appears.

2. He is the one but is having difficulty dealing with these feelings which may have come over him all to quickly. He may still have strong leanings towards his ex especially if she dumped him. Her moving back to his city might have re-awakened emotions there.

My advice is not to go all clingy or desperate on him. Men really hate that. Give him all the space he needs and don't chase. If he is really into you he'll be back. If not let go and move on. That may sound harsh but you will miss new opportunities (maybe from the sub) to meet anyone else if you are pining for one person.

Been there done that and it never works!

Keep playing the sub and see what happens.
Thank you Ricardo for your answer.

I will give him space and there is not much left to say to him right now. I'm not a clingy person.
It is just very uncomfortable right now, doesn't feel like a regular break up. It is just stange, he even started to ask me about which city I would like to live in and today I got a message that my apartment is up for sale so I might need to move out. He is confused and overwhelmed , he said it himself, but also that I'm perfect (I look exactly like he wants his girl to look like and personality too). I'm usually quite calm and understanding of other people, this is just a total chaos of feelings.

I will continue to listen to the sub, hope he will be back. Anyone experienced the same?
Listening to sub will only benefit you and the choices u take.. . Keep listening and keep going..
May u get married soon.
Thank you Zane, your words warms my heart!
As someone who has had a few freakouts in his time, I can share my perspective.

You're not the only one confused. Men needing space can often times be them saying that they need to think or feel stability.

He might also not be the guy as mentioned. Not just as a shade (I'm not too familiar with this) but as preparation for YOU. Like how you're terrified of falling off of a horse and the only thing that really fixes that fear is falling off and getting back on. Then you see it's no big deal and you can focus more on the actual ride.

Who knows what's going on, but whatever you do don't obsess and don't stop finding other things to bring you Joy. Stay busy, keep finding new things in life to enjoy and don't send him nudies at the drop of a hat. Nothing wrong with skimpy pix, though. Keep the fires roaring and all that.
Yes I understand your point but I have been thrown off the horse before. Of course that is a huge fear of mine, but I think that is for most people when someone is important for you.
The way we met and so on was so strange and like puzzle pieces that just fell into right places. It's hard to explain..but what I feel for him is overwhelming. We have very different lives and I really don't think we would have met without the subliminals. I have noticed a patter in my previous relationships but with him it is totally different and it feels different, like something that can grow to something even more beautiful. He is not the type of guy I would have fallen for before.

I will not obsess or chase. He made his point and I will respect that. I only seek wisdom in my confusion and subliminals are new for me. I didn't have any expectations about it when I bought it, I even forgot about listening to it at some point and he appeared from nowhere.

I won't send nudes Wink haha
I think it's a phase where u and him have to learn something about relationships and trusting each other..The more u will worry the more wrong choices you will make. If u remain calm and centred then I am sure he will notice that... It's only a matter of few days.. You just keep listening and live ur life. Feel good about urself cause in the end that is what makes u perfect.. which inturn will get u ur perfect husband..
Thank you Zane!
I feel so much better today and I'm trying to live in the end. I try to not take his word as written in stone. I listen to the subs every night but I can't listen during the day because of work. I will let him come to me, I hope the subliminals will connect us again- I guess there is not much more to do than keep going. The massive panic block in me is over and I do miss him but I try, as you said, to be calm.
I am awesome and I think he will realise it. After releasing resistance there is major success, someone wrote in a post here on the forum. Hope that is true Smile

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