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Title: Attract Romantic Love 5.8G
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Putting this here because it's a sub intended for 18+ though nothing I write will be.

There won't be any kind of day to day journal because of "set it and forget it". Maybe just posting dreams, and then at the end when the relationship has started I'll post the results. 

So I started this sub two days ago. The first night I listened I had two crazy dreams. 

In the first one I was in a room with a bed, maybe a bedroom or hotel room (I know, the setting seems like it's an 18+ dream but nothing happened). Suddenly a woman was there with me. She started telling me about how she was out-processing from the military and I started talking about my limited military experience and we talked more and more and the conversation just kept going naturally. But more than the conversation was this crazy strong overall feeling of deep emotional connection to her, it was like it filled the whole room with an aura. I never saw her face directly, just a profile/side view. At some point we ended up sitting down on the bed. And the whole time we were just talking, or our mouths were moving but it wasn't important what we were saying because again it was this crazy connection vibe that was so powerful. The whole room was filled with a red colored vibe/aura/energy or something. At some point I noticed my head was resting on her shoulder and that her head was resting on my head. I put my hand on her hip and she moved in acceptance and reciprocation and it was an overall amazing feeling of love, it was beautiful. I don't remember anything after that. 

The second dream was similar. A woman was suddenly with me and again I only saw a profile or side view of her but in this dream I don't remember any conversation. The energy wasn't as strong as the first one but overall it was nearly identical to the first dream in that I was talking to a woman and there was a feeling of connection though not as intense as the first one. 

If this is what Jung meant by collective unconscious and I had a glimpse of it, then wow!   

So that's all I'm posting about this sub until the romantic relationship has started. "Set it and forget it" let it do its thing. I'll check back in when that time comes.
Cool choice. Keep us updated on those dreams and results!
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Wow that's an interesting dream right there. Keep us updated. I plan to use this sub eventually as well.
Reznike thats awesome Man. more power to ya and all the best with your dream states and dreaming coming into this reality and show up for you.. I'm looking forward to this one in 6 G, some time in the next 2 yrs. However 5.8 is plenty powerful. Obviously:-)
Again all the best and more power to ya,Man.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback and support. 

So I wrote I'm not going to make a journal about whether or not I think the sub is working. I do however just want to jot down little things I've noticed in general. 

I finished the 1st day of the 2nd "days off" cycle yesterday and I feel like I want only one day off (Autoconfig). I've noticed that on the off days (probably because of the limited exposure at this point in time) that my mind wants to start thinking about it sometimes and find myself telling myself to stop it. But I think that will diminish with more exposure. On the "on days" I definitely don't think about it. On the "on days" I almost feel like I'm in a bubble of oblivion to women, meaning I have no interest to even look at any of them while I'm out shopping or whatever. I literally don't think about it and I just do my thing. 

Also an interesting side note, I've had several moments at different times of feeling like my heart is open and prepared for love, and it's as if I can feel an energy (usually feels like a red aura) bursting from out of my chest and going out into the universe to whomever the universe is bringing to me. It's kind of cool I think.
Hi @Reznik , I'm watching your updates closely! This may be next on my list! I want to find love too!

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