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Title: Anxiety Relief Aid 5.5G
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Hi everyone

I have never done any comment on any subliminal I bought here or elsewhere, but this time I really need to do it !! I bought 3 weeks ago the Anxiety Relief Aid 5.5G. My goal is to reduce my anxiety when I have to prepare a public speaking engagement, to reduce it also one hour before the speech itself and ... of course when I am called to the micro and then do the speech itself Blush

So when I saw that Shannon released this title... I jumped on it Wink as on November 17 I had one of those threatening moments of public speaking with around 300 people listening to me Blush

Technically, I listened twice or thrice a day the subliminal stream or sea for 75 minutes. I could not listen to the 2 hours complete cycle.

Now the results... The first time I listened to it, I went in a deep relaxation after maybe around 10 minutes into it and even slept up to the end of the 2 hours. The following times I could listen to the file, and be relaxed without being asleep... and this where all the magic started ! In fact when I started to plan and work on the draft of the conference, I listened to the sub at the same time and all the negative ideas, the stressfull ideas which are creating the anxiety and often blocked me in the past, they were suddenly dissolved by the stream or the ocean or more exactly by the subliminals Drinks So, as the anxiety dissolved, the focus and concentration increased so much ! In fact, much much more than with the MLS 5.5G that I bought several months ago. So my period of preparation was for the first time smooth... no delay, no procrastination, no stress to beat the deadline etc. One fantastic aspect of this sub is when you feel pain in your belly because of the tension created by the stress, or in the solar plexus for example, you can just focus on the area and tell it to relax and most of the time it works, the tension will disappear. This sub seems to work like a relaxation session with anchoring.
Then arrived the DDay, last Friday, the conference itself. The night before, I listened twice to the sub, but the night was still agitated. The morning I listened once. When I arrived to the place of the conference, signs of anxiety went backUndecided wet hands, feeling of heat and cold, short breathing etc. BUT I just focused on those parts and told myself "calm, relax and focus" all those symptoms started to leave Yeye I knew then that I could be a winner against anxiety and I entered the room where other speakers were also waiting. Some of them told me, you look serene Wink
Several times during the speaking time of the other speakers, I had to be mindfull of the symptoms of anxiety coming back and back. What I did was to write on each page of my speech the 3 words calm relax and focus.
Then came my turn to speak... The beginning was quite hard but suddenly after reading the 3 words, I found myself really focused on the speech, not anymore on the symptoms of anxiety, but in the moment. One senior speaker who was with me in another conference few months ago, told me "how did you do to improve so much in a so short time ?" I could not tell him that a subliminal mp3 helped me so much he would have laughed at me Yeye But never mind, everybody has its own secret weapons Whistle

To summarize my own observations:

- It is really an instant anxiety relief
- If your problems of concentration are linked to too much of stress and anxiety, use this sub, and your concentration will jump
- You can easily enter "in the moment state" which works with focus and concentration.
- What works well also is focusing on areas which are tense and telling yourself to relax it etc. a kind of mindfulness.
- Of course the symptoms will try to surface again and again particularly at the beginning. So be sure to keep some words like those 3 words close to you, on a piece of paper for example.
I will continue for several months the exploration of this sub

Sorry for this very long testimonial Hehe
You can also try to listen while you are doing the stressful thing, it works even better when used then. I.e., play it for 30-40 minutes before the speech, and during the speech as well. Thank you for the testimonial!
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(11-21-2017, 08:39 AM)Shannon Wrote: You can also try to listen while you are doing the stressful thing, it works even better when used then. I.e., play it for 30-40 minutes before the speech, and during the speech as well. Thank you for the testimonial!

Thanks Shannon. During the speech, I would need to use the silent sub. Mixing it with a Power Point presentation Hehe ?

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