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Title: Alpha Male 5g (Run 3)
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I know everyone is doing DSMI, for the last 3 months I've been running Ultra success and luck 5.5. I have gotten good results as far as video game luck. I felt I wanted to recreate some of my results from my second run of AMV6. My main concern is my drinking habit, during my second run I went 3 months sober. Also nearly went to the gym every day for 2 months.

Today is day 19 of stage one, I currently work nights as a bouncer. I've been drinking nearly every day for the last week. What I did today was not drink to 8pm. I decided to use this a stepping stone since last weekend I had to turn a shift. I was drinking earlier in the day and was called last minute. 

I feel I can learn alot from my new job. Since I'm a bouncer I have to be sociable and outgoing. The only thing I'm not confident about it the opposite sex. Now I'm forced to interact with them. My manager is a part of the actors guild so I'm excited to learn some fake it till you make it body language.
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AM6 Stage 1 day 20

I heard from the lead guard that the boss wants him to start grooming a guard to take over his position. After my shift he invite me out with another guard he used to work with. I had a great time and felt I'm already starting to grow a better friend circle. He a pretty chill dude and I know I can learn a lot as far as social and job performance. Today was the first day back in the gym in 2 weeks. It is also my second day of PMO, after the first night I slept a lot better. I feel it working in my favor, I'm trying harder in the gym. If you can't satisfy my sexual need myself I need to work hard to get someone else do it.
AM5 > AM6 > DMSI 2.5 > DMSI 3.0.1A-3.1A> DMSI 3.2B> AM6> DMSI 3.3.1D>USLM5.5>AM6(3rd run)(current)

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