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Title: Acquire Currency - UMS
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Achieved my monetary goals (The realistic ones). I'll be independent soon. UMS works. Wish I could give more details, but will not to preserve my privacy.

I'm going to switch to MLS probably next for a couple months to stave off subconscious boredom, then back to UMS.
That's awesome! Just a few weeks ago you were close to quitting!
Woke up feeling differently, not switching. I'm flip flopping.

But yeah, as far as personal growth, UMS is the fastest and most solid solution I've had so far. I feel more in control of myself every day.

I still haven't masturbated and don't plan to. Not even having sex. Not something I planned at first, it just worked out this way.
Gambled and won some money. Noticed how different I am now without even realizing it.
Put 20$ into a slot and went up to over 1200$. Walked away with half.
Played a poker cash game last night. Turned 100$ into 450$.

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