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Title: AM6 V
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Last day of AM6, and this journal.

Will be running MLS in two days.
(08-10-2019, 10:31 AM)Kol Wrote: As someone who has ran DMSI, and now UMS, I have a strong instinctual hunch that having a woman by your side is a side effect of being in wealth. Maybe bleeds over still, but can see myself with a hb at the oscars lol. Including the lightshow.

Correct. Wealth attracts women but probably not for the reasons that you want to attract them. women have various needs among them:

- Be sexually satisfied
- Have her material needs satisfied and have a provider that can provide a comfortable lifestyle.

And actually, those needs don't need to be fulfilled by the same man.

You could be poor beyond imagination but if you arouse a woman sexually, she would be interested in sleeping with you. That would be a relation based on sex only with zero chance for you to become her bf.

On the opposite, it is very common for a woman to end up in a LTR with a guy with whom she has zero sexual attraction but she is with him because he is a good provider.

I would say, the 2 are unrelated. If you want to be wealthy for the sake of it, go UMS. If you want to attract women sexually, you should look at SM3 or DMSI.

Becoming wealthy in order to attract women, imho, sounds like a bad idea. Ever heard of lottery winners suddenly surrounded by 'friends'? You don't want to end up in a similar situation with women...

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