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Title: A month playing with 4G subs
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For August I used a mixte of some 4G subs. It was mostly a playground month as I wasn't really sticking to a pattern.

Overcome Procrastination
I'll start with this one since it was the one making the most obvious changes. I ran it for about 2 weeks and half, and stopped since I have most of what I needed to do, done.
As I am a student, I work remotely. For the first few days, I noticed that listening to OP was making me open my documents to work on them, even tho I had no motivation. I was still under the effects of my resistance to DMSI. So my energy and motivation was really low. During that phase I was still lurking on forums and browsing internet and just opening my documents was bringing me relief. After that phase I really felt like my body was itching if I wasn't woking. Opening the documents wasn't enough so I had to trully work on them to find peace. I felt an unknow drive to work on my stuff.
So well yeah, OP does its job. On my case it "forced" me to work because I wasn't finding peace otherwise.

Attract Positive Energy
I ran it for about 3 weeks. This sub makes me happy all the time and energized for the day Cool.
Bad days seem to lessen too. I also seem to attract more occasions to laugh and appreciate life. I was less affected by what would hurt me before.
That's pretty much all. I stopped this sub for 4 days and I already miss the effects. Life seems washy all of a sudden.
As for the external results, people were nicer with me.

Stop Stuttering
I bought it and was curious if it would work on me given that I'd run it for less than a week. I have a very light stuttering and SS did help. I noticed a change overnight.
I usually stutter 30% of the time. Under SS I stuttered at about 10% to 15% of the time. It was just more easy to talk.
On a related note, DMSI did lessen my stuttering. But mostly because I was talking really slowly and I was articulating words better.
I guess anyone would be cleared of stuttering with months under SS.

4G subs seem to be under-rated but they do work. Maybe I was lucky because I didn't resist at all with them.
I'm tempted to run APE until DMSI 3.2 because that sub makes me really feel good. Life seems less shity when I run it.

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