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Title: 1 year review of subliminals. 15% raise in salary
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I have been using USLM, UMS, and DRS within the past year. I feel these 3 have made a major impact on who I am as a person. USLM helped tremendously with my fear of success. The luck aspects of it were really cool too. UMS put a shine on the effects from USLM and made me start wanting to advance my career. It made me feel important and made me want to advance myself to become important. DRS helped me through some dark times where I needed shielding. It also helped me avoid less than optimal situations and helped me connect with people at work and in my private life which has made me more outgoing. The reactions from people are always priceless too - the classic 180. 

I attribute the usage of USLM, UMS, and DRS to my latest news: I got a 15% raise and grade promotion!
I don't like to toot my own horn but for sake of a testimonial...  Victoire  My manager told me that he has seen dramatic improvement in me over the past year. Not that there was anything wrong before - but so much so that I was placed at the top of the line for promotions. He felt bad that he could not give me a half year promotion (due to covid) so he fought with HR to make a late year promotion possible. I am truly humbled that someone would go to bat for me like that. He was even unhappy with the numbers so he went back to HR to give me an even better salary. Here's my actual promotion letter (minus my real name, ID, and company name.) 

[Image: m2Niwlk.jpg]
Nice. I like seeing success. Thanks for sharing!
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Great work, Steve!
Great work! What is your line of work?
IT of sorts. I make sure in-house software products are secure and legally compliant to enable customer deployment.

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