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Some E3 Additional Ideas
01-06-2017, 06:35 AM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2017 03:35 AM by Different Heaven.)
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Some E3 Additional Ideas
Hello everybody,

Shannon, I have a suggestion for upcoming E3, about after 6G skeleton is finished.

I write them below:

1. Increase will to live again, and reclaim rights of that person on this earth. So the person will be have state of hope and sense of belonging to support the goal.

2. Overcoming fear of future and the present time. Amplify the sense of security.

3. "Never broken" mindset. I have been read the LOA that actually when we WANT to overcome our trauma, we actually just think that we are never get trauma. We should act, think, feel, express, ourself that reflects our belief that we are never getting emotional problem/trauma. Make as if we are never get trauma.
Like attracts like. Just think like we are actually from we born until now, we are like this, never broken, always have good life, in the present time. Just like we are always like this before.

4. Focus, bring, transfer, send, all energy, physically, emotionally, mentally, auricly, psychologically, spiritually, ethericly, anything that our body can do, all the energy of the user, to the present time, NOW moment. And uses all that transferred energy to push and support, and train the subconscious mind to archive the goal.

5. Set/command your subconscious to take the action that actually the REVERSE/opposite of the problems/resistance that actually user's have. In positive way. Let the subconscious mind decide it for the user.

6. Try to subconscious to enable to release past life/live traumas/fear/rejection/past live events/past live guilt/fear/shame, into/through tears. Somebody I have seen that not that all can release this through tears. There's no way out to solve the problems of the past in the present, unless we release them into tears right now at the present time. LIke EFT. Cause tears actually UNBLOCK all bad emotions that are trapped in our nervous system. Cause all dis-eases comes from blockage by the trapped emotions in certain area of the body.

7. OVERCOME the "I must strong, cause I am afraid/I don't want to appear weak" mindset. This thing related to number 6. Cause sometimes we have mindset that, "If I cry, I will get verbal abuse that actually I am weak. Or maybe I will get yelled from my partner job. Etc."

or another typical false mindset that actually I also hate: "Men must stronger than woman, Men MUST NOT WEAK, MEN SHALL NOT CRYING."

8. Set/command your subconscious mind as far as it can, by RECALL all GOOD memories as many as it can from the PAST to archive the goal. And set the subconcious mind to consistently to pop up into our mind to bring the positive feelings and also sense of hope that brings a thought, "Yes, there's a hope, I mean, I'm should appreciate the good one in the past. I just don't want to end my life cause only this problem. These past memories prove that actually my friends all still love me. I have such great talents like drumming, play basketball, when I was five all my friends really love me. I get amazing score on 7th grade. I have a wonderful trip to Hongkong with my uncle and aunt, I don't want waste myself! I am still valueable" and etc.

Or like this (seems like TSS):
For example:
1. Suddenly if the user found a traumatic photo/awkward photo that really ashamed him/her on the past after he/she cleanned the house, let the program REMOVE THAT trigger, and let the user feel that actually it doens't effect him/her anymore. Or just like film. And if can, transmute all potencial approaching bad emotions from trigger, to positive ones that actually fit the goal.

2.And if the people found a trigger like positive ones, even smaller ones like compliment, "Wow Austin, you are so cool.".Tell the subconscious to amplify the effects/emotions.

9. Everything is possible script.
10. Raise awareness, seeing all things from the good side. And OTHERS will be see you in the good side.
11. Attract the people, good things, luck, etc, etc, or circumstances, to fit the goal.

Maybe this can be some input for your future E3.

Thank you Shannon. Big Grin
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01-06-2017, 07:55 PM
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RE: Some E3 Additional Ideas
I Like your ideas.... especially Idea 1,2,10 and I'd add a DEEP sense of belonging,connected-ness and knowing-ness....deeply know who you are and an allowance of the self to know how truly magnificant,special,rare precious and unique you are...knowning ones real,true,authentic value.

' Money doesn't Change People,Man,don't U know that,it ONLY reveals them"-'Hawk' from Spencer for Hire TV show -personal rejuvenizer midnight blue-men's ring pictured(Keith)
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01-08-2017, 03:33 AM
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RE: Some E3 Additional Ideas
Thanks man! Big Grin
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