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Being In Love with Life Deeply
12-17-2016, 04:06 PM (This post was last modified: 12-23-2016 06:47 AM by ncbeareatingman.)
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Being In Love with Life Deeply
Being in Love with Life & Tapping into Your Genius level awareness on all levels
spiritually,emotionally,mentally & Physically,alike.

Being in Love with Life and and having a deeper appreciation for the Self,Others as well as,the world and cosmos in which we live. seeing ' the miracle" of life all around us,
Cherishing life soooo much more
Suggested title would include suggestions/requests as:
1) Love and Appreciation 1A) Understanding yourself at a deep deep level or levels!
2)Deep Infinite Gratitude 2A)Knowing your own unique MAGNIFICANCES,sensing it,feeling it,emitting it!
3)The Guilt,Fear,Shame removal
4)Fear of Rejection removal tool
5)Fear Removal of being thought to be 'nuts',by others, for being so happy/calm/peaceful/uplifting, & in a constant higher state of Love,Spirit of Aliveness and Deep Life Appreciation and thusly withholding one's own spirit of aliveness. retraction prevention of one's own energy.
6) Clearing Fear of emotional intimacy & emotional awareness of one's self and related
7) Automatically knowing 'when to cool it" and when its safe and clear to 'amp it all back up,again !!" but never internally 'dowsing the fire's within!"
8)Deep discerment,wisdom and awareness: preventing & circumventing being easily manipulated,Used or abused because of having such a loving ,appreciative nature
to many. such a state is seen as a weakness,vulnerabilty and being super stupid and therefore trickable,ect.usable,ect.
9)An Aura of Love so Deep and so Powerful it can snipe someone or someones with love and calm, that people ,right off, you and they, can feel more calm and love around you as a result of your powerful energy field ( excellent and very very handy when standing in a wal-mart check out line with bratty,irate,'acting out kids' and other irate/disgruntaled/pissed off customers/management/local thugs,the kitchen sink,hey you name it its sniped with a Love bomb of sorts:-)
heart chakra health and healing,for self and others just 'by your presence" = constantly "standing in the light" as it were.
9) Morphine drip of goodness and heightened awareness,au natural high
10) Celebrity vibe,value,importance and awareness of one's Divine Being-ness and Divine Essence.
11) programming of dissovling and repeling negativity on a psychic,mental and emotional level,instsantly.
removing inner negativity and exteranalizing external negativity
the developed ability to neutralize such negative energies
12) awakening your inner knower,your inner genius,sleeping and ready for awakening, your inner 'geni"
13) Emotional Backbone and courage to be YOU and ALL of YOU in the presence of others,when and if and as YOU so choose. Using and drawing upon your own spiritual authority to do so.
14) grounding mechanism to keep you balanced and aware
15) "Being here and NOw" presence and practicing being here now,being fully present
16) Creativity,Imagination,Appreciation,Love and Goodwill
17) Energy refills...drawing upon the available energies around one's self especially from outside and refilling your life,heart,spirit and auric feild with 'these healthy positive,enlivening energies"
and da whole lot more but My energy levels are running low(ha! I need the abouve right now:-) will add more to the list a bit later but thats essentially the core of Being in Love with Life suggestions,minutes later...again for now. more added below:-)
18) knowing yourself and your value at a very very deep earthy level and at a cosmic levels all at the same time.
19) healthy boundaries/a no-bull-sheet,attitude, also keeping one's energy smooth and aligned,through out the day
20) Socializing is FUN game( progamming to make it optional for the user of this program,sometimes ya feel like it and some times ya dont,being more at choice rather than 'having" to be in that space every time ya listen/program yourself with said title)
21) neutralizing and NOT buying into some one else insecurities/jealousy because of your light a positive love approach to loving life to da fullest.
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12-17-2016, 05:34 PM
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RE: Being In Love with Life Deeply
This can go in Life Tune Up 5.5 G

"We never lose our demons we simply learn to live above them."
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12-18-2016, 07:16 AM (This post was last modified: 12-23-2016 06:13 AM by ncbeareatingman.)
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RE: Being In Love with Life Deeply
and it could also go IN its OWN section. I was thinking of several themed section which already exists
the :Love Department:-) all titles related to love & relationships
The Success/Money Deparment
The Growth of the Soul Department
And so forth...
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01-13-2017, 02:16 PM
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RE: Being In Love with Life Deeply
Yes, Yes and Yes!!!
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