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03-05-2017, 01:13 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Maximum Healing Speed 5.5g

Quote:Day 29 - 30:

Just realized that I needed to finish this journal. Hands down, MHS 5.5g is an outstanding sub, regardless of whether you're an athlete like myself, or you just want to be in perfect health. If DMSI v3.1 wasn't on the horizon (and I've run every version of it other than v2.2), I'd run MHS for 3-6 months.

FINAL RESULTS (Note -- I was trying to heal all the damage I caused in my 12 years of practicing traditional martial arts):

Left Wrist: 95% healed. I used to experience significant pain while throwing light jabs. Now, I can throw hard jabs and left crosses with NO pain. I now only experience pain when throwing improper left hooks. So, I've simply slowed down my hooks until I can throw them properly every time. Voila! pain gone.

Right Wrist: 100% healed. No pain, no weakness whatsoever. I'm throwing devastatingly powerful right crosses that leaves my trainers in awe.

Fingers on Right Hand: 90% healed. No pain -- unless I don't wrap my hands properly. There's still a bit of pain in my right pointer finger just beneath the knuckle. This is a significant improvement.

Left knee: 100% healed. No day-to-day pain at all. No pain after a strenuous workout. A tiny bit of pain after multiple days of strenuous workouts, but that's expected.

Right Knee -- which was REALLY bad: 90% healed. No day-to-day pain at all. A tiny bit of pain after a day of strenuous exercise. Moderate pain after multiple days of strenuous workouts.

Keep in mind that before MHS, I was unable to walk up or down stairs on BOTH knees unless I took pain killers.

Other effects: Cognition has increased significantly. Can't put a percentage on it, but trust me, my ability to concentrate, focus and work through problems has skyrocketed.

My natural scent has changed. It's a very aggressive "musk" rather than the sharp "mustiness" that comes from sweaty. I've had women tell me that I "smell like a man." I'm guessing the detox has something to do with it.

Women are paying more attention to me in general. I seem more approachable. It's not a overt sexual attraction, though. Almost like a provider attraction. Like, a "let's get married" vibe.

Energy levels have increased along with endurance, cardio, etc.

I just FEEL healthier...

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03-06-2017, 03:57 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1

Quote:...3 nights of DMSI 3.1 A HYBRID, thus far.

No turbulence, no resistance.

I have to say, I don't know how and why, but DMSI is really doing wonders for my internals, in ways of confidence, productiveness, happiness...which bleeds into my openness, sociability, taking action towards my goals, how I feel about my self and my external reality.

I mean this sub has been what I have been looking and searching for, for YEARS. Sounds over the top right? Yeah well I am not going to go into my past, just trust I know my past and what I have lived.

Now the main reason for using this sub is for the healing and clearing. Attracting new women and having sex is icing on the cake. I see DMSI automatically achieving this indirectly in the long run just through the clearing and healing modules. (Imagine using DMSI for years)

Now I am really aware of my reality, as in the mechanics of my personal reality and in how I create everything, as it is all an reflection of what is inside myself.

With DMSI so far, I do feel I am in a different reality, a reality that is continuously shifting in an "upward" positive direction.....building more and more positive momentum. Success on a multitude of levels, is inevitable.

Thinking that I create my reality is one thing, knowing I create my reality is another thing...but feeling it, seeing it, experiencing it and understanding it, IS where it is at.

Things are looking up, life has that child like wonder again, I feel like I have rekindled my relationship with my inner child and life is truly magical once again.

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03-17-2017, 03:56 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1

Quote:Day 1

What in the hell is in this thing...

Today I was in a room all day with a lot of people coming and going. I think I understand what it's like to be gorgeous now. I'll mention everything in list format because it's nuts.

-basically every girl was giving me ioi's. If I happened to look at them directly quite a number of them started uncrossing and opening their legs towards me

-multiple girls came up to talk to me and ask me questions, all leaned over and put their breasts on a desk I was at or would try to lean over me to get close.

-i happened to turn and looked at a teenage girl as she was walking down and we happened to lock eyes. I smiled to be polite and she flashed a huge smile, started blushing and couldn't help herself and started giggling and had to walk out of the room from the shys.

-one girl came up and asked me a question in a "can I do ____?" format to ask for permission. I looked right in her eyes and said slowly "you can do anything you want." She blushed a bit and ran out of the room smiling at me. Before she left she came and stood off to the side of me and managed to squeak out as she ran off "it was good to see you."

There's more as it went on all day. It seriously didn't stop. Moms would be hanging and draping themselves over chairs facing me so I could see their breasts. Girls would walk over and ask me something quickly just so they could move their asses for me as they they walked back.

A boss was getting dangerously close to talking sexual with me and was about to be touching me from getting super close and I wouldn't move away. She's married but she took off her wedding ring this morning after I got there.

This is seriously like the twilight zone.

On the things I actually wanted to focus on... I'm getting a good feel for the aura and managed to activate it a couple of times intentionally. It isn't transmuted at all into normal body usable energies. It's feeling like I'm projecting programmed sex out of the pores. Which is awesome for me as I started transmuting some myself. Got a decent workout from it even.

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03-18-2017, 05:20 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Maximum Healing Speed 5.5G

Quote:Shannon, get a load of this:

Mom's been saying she's been getting a pressure sensation on her forehead every now and again that lasts for a minute or two. This is an interesting report. Firstly, becuase she's been on MHS for a while now. Secondly, and more importantly, there may be some scientific proof here that something is going on:

She went through the airport xray scanner a couple weeks ago. As she went through, the TSA stopped her and asked her what she has in her forehead. Mom was like "wtf there's nothing in my forehead".

TSA insisted that she go back through the x ray, and they see something in her forehead. something like a cavity being registered where her third eye is supposed to be. TSA insists that she is hiding something in her skull (wtf, really TSA? someone is gonna burrow a hole in their skull to hide drugs?). So they take a metal detector and scan her entire head, and they naturally find nothing. She goes through the x ray one last time, and the cavity is still there in her 3rd eye area.

MHS Anomaly? Or is it pointing to evidence that there might be something greater going on? Up to you to decide, Shannon.

Also, my mom's arm/shoulder pain is 100% healed. Damage that she acquired in Feb 2016, that has been ailing her for a whole year, and has been worked on by physical therapists, energy workers, and all sorts of medicines, is 100% gone. There's not a trace of pain in her anymore.

Her hypochondriac tendencies seem to have disappeared too. She started telling herself that she is healthy and that she refuses to get sick. ALSO, she was in india for a whole month, and didn't get sick ONCE. that's a miracle for someone who used to get sick every 2nd week in the USA.

MHS is a golden subliminal. Thanks for providing an avenue to rejuvenate my mother. I can't tell you how much that means to me, to see my mom in happy healthy condition.

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Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.)
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03-18-2017, 11:07 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1

Quote:Holy shit. I can't eve begin to describe how I'm feeling right now.

I feel so much better than I have in such a long time. I feel so relaxed and calm and accepting of myself right now. Normally I've been feeling either horribly depressed, wild and neurotic, insecure and hateful, or maniacally euphoric.

Right now, again, I just feel very relaxed and accepting. I feel so clear and in the moment... for the first time, I'm just really happy and loving and not cocky or confident or insecure or fearful or neurotic or whatever... I feel like I did before my dad died... before I started subs... before my college life went to shit and my dad relapsed on alcohol and was in and out of suicide hospitals.

I just feel really, genuinely, truly at peace with myself. I just feel really grateful and happy to be alive on this beautiful day. Very subtle feeling, but also very powerful in its meaningfulness.

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03-21-2017, 03:22 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.1

- I smell different
- Some healing has given me more outgoing confidence and energy.
- So much less fear it's ridiculous
- I am cooperating with the sub now, quite possibly my mind wanted to do things the old way and the sub is changing me from the inside out so I had some turmoil, I'm now more willing to go through the process instead of wanting the instant results, and welcome them when they do happen, because they have.
- Joining an inventors group
- Working on my speech level singing program I bought a year and a half ago
- Realize I have control over myself, especially my sex drive. Since January I've been in "monk mode", but the sex drive is still strong. I now realize that I own it, not the other way around.
- Self-imposed limitations are dissolving, and beliefs keeping me from my best self are disappearing.
- My sense of value is increasing at record pace.
- Hope is on the rise.

3.1 is no joke and the reality-bending in it is also no joke. I'm literally avoiding every limitation in me by shifting into a different reality. Because honestly, the only reason it existed was because I gave it place in my life and observed it. Whenever I hit a feeling that is unusually pronounced instead of trying to push it away I fully embrace it knowing that on the other side is freedom from some negative belief I've had. That isn't always easy, but it's been working massively better than trying to push it away and deny my subconscious the expression of the turmoil its been having, quite possibly for a very long time.

Self-love goes a long way in the healing. Since I have developed a HEALTHY self love, not narcissism or anything like that, but a true desire to see me at my best and desiring the best for myself, this whole healing process is much more bearable, because I'm worth the time, effort, and process of molting my junky old feathers for some brand new ones. Feathers with holes in them will cause flight issues and require extra attention just to stay airborne. But like an eagle I was meant to soar.

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Today, 02:59 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Maximum Healing Speed 5.5g

Quote:Wait, what day on MHS is it? it's day nr 16 Heart - I thought that I would have to wait until day 100 before there would be sth worth reporting

oh God, I love this sub! IT'S AMAZING Heart. I wasn't even on physioterapy session and some of my muscles that were so tense - they just relaxed and are rejuvenating - first they hurt as though I had sports massage and manual therapy, of course I had none of them! They just started to hurt and then heal, it's f%&^ing awesome...................

I was doing squats on today's training, jumping higher than in many years, oh and I walk normaly (not like someone with muscle disbalance - which seems to be healing, reversing, getting back to normal, the way it should be....)

Heart MHS Heart

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