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01-12-2017, 12:57 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.0.1

Quote:This one is all data.

Went on a “date” with G2 (it’s quite funny to me that we’ve gotten as far as having to follow letters with numbers). She showed me around her university. Then I met some of her dorm mates. Then we went into her dorm and made out and she ended up giving me a bj before she had to go to class.

A rather iconic moment for me was when I hugged her goodbye on the way to my car, with my phone in my right hand, and as I pulled away I pulled out my phone and set up another date with a different girl.

At this point I think the majority of DMSI’s effects are just appealing to my inner 14 year old.

The date:

The date wasn’t anything too special. I didn’t really say or do anything besides be myself, tease her a little, and just be present. There are some really relevant bits that I’ve become aware of though.

One is that women close the distance between us very quickly during DMSI. You have distances reserved for family, friends, and intimate partners, and during DMSI women tend to cross into that intimate partner space in less than a minute. This comes with rubbing their boobs on my body, or continually bumping into me like we’re a pair of magnets. This happened with S last week as well as G2.

The date today was 101% autopilot. There was even a moment when we walked from a dark area of the campus into her dorm building and the change of perspective made me realize that I was doing absolutely nothing. Like, me, or what I think of as me, was watching everything take place without being involved, but I felt 100% safe and comfortable with the autopilot. When we had safely made it into her dorm room (read: achieved the goal) and we watched a little Netflix, “me” came out again for little spurts during our make out time, but I wasn’t really aware of all that, just going along with the sensations.

With both S and G2 there came times where they both began telling me they were sexually available.

With G2 today it was when she described her first semester at college and all the parties she went to, and how amazing all of it was. Then later when we went to her dorm, she immediately put Netflix on her laptop. Netflix and Chill, remember?

With S it was a while into our date where she mentioned how she loved being drunk and just having no filter, and being able to go along with whatever experience she was having. She was telling me she was adventurous and could have a good time.

My next question for S was why she had swiped right on me on Tinder. She referred to a part of my description where I wrote “non-adventurous women need not apply,” and she liked that because she was looking for some more adventure in her life.

Then she asked me why I swiped right on her profile. I told her it was because I liked her face, and she seemed to be really cool. She got a laugh out of that and soon after I invited her to my place. At my place it was fairly warm but she began taking off her layers of clothing (she’s from the mountain so she came layered up) and we just sat in my room and chilled for a while.

Out of nowhere she begins telling me about how her friend is allowing her to sleep over at her house, and she believes the reason why is because her friend’s room mate is a very obvious flirt (?). I didn’t really understand why she blurted that out at the time, but now it’s hitting me square in the face and it kind of hurts.

I was being very shy during our date, and that may have triggered the outburst. After a while I felt comfortable enough to make out with her and invited her over to my bed.

With both S and G2 I noticed I had a very pronounced effect on them both.

Today it was G2 begging me to come over.
Then the sheer look of pleasure on her face as we made out.
She wanted me to go to her class with her.
She also invited me to stay the night if I wanted to.
She asked me if I would come back after her class was over and I told her I couldn’t. So she invited me to my first college party (whoop whoop!) this friday.

With S it was mostly the fact that she drove nearly 2 hours through traffic and snow to come and see me, and brought me food as well. She had mentioned that the only thing she hated about being up in the mountain was that she was part of a small town and everyone knew everyone’s business. That totally didn’t matter when she let me put a series of hickeys on her neck.

Now with L (I date her on Saturday) she’s becoming extremely close to me through text and wanting to talk all the time.

With both of these dates it took me a while to open my heart enough to allow both of these interactions to proceed.

With G2, there was just a moment where I felt that I had to go all the way in, and that meant being vulnerable enough to get hurt, and I just let go.

With S I just told her I actually wasn’t very experienced with any of this stuff and that allowed me to relax and become comfortable. She said she thought she was being poolsharked because there was no way I could possibly be inexperienced and her face showed it quite clearly.

Guess I’m better than I thought.


Party with G2 on Friday.
Icecream with L, Saturday morning.
Then probably hangout with D (the bisexual chick) that afternoon?

I’ve been getting little feelings about S as well. She said her schedule was rather busy and I left it at that (“keep me updated.”) but I don’t think she’s out of the game just yet. She was certainly my favorite out of this new cast of women. Plus, I never got to go snowboarding with her.

I have 2 more women who I’ve established a connection with that I still have to text, god damn.

I think especially now I'm going to stop ***** and trying to **** my neighbors lol. There's no need for it. I may actually have to start friendzoning women at this point, never thought I'd say those words.

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01-12-2017, 08:06 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Quote:Hi fellas I'm on DAY 15!

The script is well executing so far, I'm getting a lot of IOI from women, but on
the other hand, It's not like I care at all now.

I'm a totally different person from what I was 15 days ago, I'm now
self-sufficient, self-happy, I treat women like buddy I can have sex with and I
moved on in my life on this aspect.

That means that I'm not chasing women anymore and I now focus 100% on other
aspect in my life like my mission, my hobbies, and the amelioration of certain
aspect of my life.

I never was really hungry for sex, I have a low appetite which mean that if I'm
having sex 2-3 times a week I'm more than sated!
In that aspect DMSI gived me more than necessary as I already had 1 MLTR and 1
FB before starting it, but now the amount of women I could see is ridiculous.

For exemple yesterday I asked my MLTR to come to my place tonight and she was
really glad about it. Now this morning I received 2 texts from 2 differents
girls asking me to come to their place tonight.
I machinally answered to one : "No I won't come it's your turn this time!"
And she answered :"Allright I'll be there! Wink"
I just realised the moment after what the **** did I just send there is already
my MLTR coming tonight haha.
The other girl I said I was busy tonight.

Also I don't know if it's a side effect but like for kids staring at me, it
seems that DMSI is working on dogs, does anyone have reports about DMSI
affecting animals ? xD

Indeed Tuesday I went to see a friend of mine who has 3 (littles) dogs and when
I sat down on the couch they all went crazy on me!
They were scratching my jeans to ask me to take them on my legs, were barking
and during the whole appetizer they were fighting to be under my legs and were
also licking my fingers if I had the misfortune to let my hand at their level.
My friend had to take the dogs out because it was really annoying he said he had
never seen this as they usually listen to him ! lol

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01-12-2017, 10:38 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
DMSI 3.0.1-A:

Quote:Day 40

I ***** C with a half limp dick. I was super nervous and I sabotaged myself by fapping earlier in the day. The entire day I was anxious about the night. When I came time to perform I was half hard when going in and flaccid coming out. I guess that counts? LOL... She was super supportive much like a girlfriend but she cheats.

After the act, we started acting like friends again. Usual conversations and such. But She flips me over for a massage and other acts of affection. Think I found a good mix of friends and benefits with C.

Edit: no alcohol nor mones are involved until after sex happened.

Congrats, Aventus, on being the first man to lose his virginity with DMSI's help!

This post can be found here.

[Image: achievement.png]

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01-13-2017, 01:33 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
DMSI 3.0.1:

Quote:If someone told me beforehand I'll be telling this story... take a deep breath.

Last night, I got more shit from girls (one in particular). We all had some wine after dinner. Surprisingly, wifey initiated. Hint. Kids had sleep over at their friends. Wifey was annoying with her favourite story, how her shoulders used to be stiff and sore, and I HAD to massage her all the time... and how I used to call it my playstation, as thumb movements are similar... f*cking annoying. I added onto it and laughed it off but then she told a story how I once asked her, if she liked my tattoo design before I got it inked, to point out how I asked her approval. The one on side of my rib cage. And another... I realized she'll keep on digging on my beta moments (I didn't think they were embarrassing or beta at all, but she definitely had an agenda... although I wasn't 100% sure if she was teasing and shit testing, or belittling me) and I admitted to it all calmly and playfully and the rest of it, and stopped commenting, and she stopped. Both made solid eye contact with me. Hint.

I went to the fridge at one point, I thought I heard girlfriend said to her he's a good husband then, I couldn't hear what wifey said to her but girlfriend burst out laughing then covered her mouth to shush. Girls locker talk? Wifey proposed a shot of brandy with them afterwards but I said I'll go for a run and shower instead. At that stage, I chickened out because I didn't know how to handle wifey. They looked at each other and girlfriend pointed with her chin to wifey and this one raised her eyebrows and looked at me. My heart got stuck in my throat and my brain lost oxygen. Then (my) wifey said, let's have a shot together... I got to taste it once myself. Girlfriend said something like, isn't it a perfect night to try new things? At this stage I thought they were f*cking with me, but no, that came later.

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...and clarified here:

Quote:Man I'm not sure we're on the same page... Big Grin looking back at my post I see it's kind of vague but what actually happened is, we all ended up in bed straight after that. I was in threesome last night.

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01-13-2017, 05:02 AM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 3.0.1

Quote:Dimsee B is building and compounding upon itself every day. If this is where I'm at today, I'm dying to see how I will be on 3.1! Looking forward to the new clearing modules.

These poor women don't know that what is hitting them is going to get stronger and tease them worse and worse until they finally can't handle it and jump on my dong.

I don't even feel like getting into the specifics of what happened today, but the point of it is that I am becoming someone far superior to the man I was before. The deepest parts of me are finally starting to see the light of day. You know, the facets of my personality that I kept hidden from the rest of the world? Because society had shaped me into a being where those facets are NOT OKAY? When in reality they're completely okay and society just needs to get a grip. There are layers of me that have been hidden, that I thought I had already unlocked, but I realize now they had not been unlocked. And there are still more that I never knew existed, that are being realized...

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Yesterday, 03:25 PM
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RE: Forum Quote Testimonials
Become A Successful Entrepreneur 2.1

Quote:Life is much different than from when I started. I am living on my own first time in my life. This was always my dream and was always one of the sources of my frustration in life. I just needed to get out and move away from family. Not that I don't love my family but every man needs to make his own path and needs space to do his thing. I couldn't do it because of fear. Fear of not being able to afford it and just fear of making the decision. When I made the decision it was spontaneous and frankly not very well thought out. I always wanted things to be perfect and have everything planned out, but I just took a chance without thinking about it much and just did it. Somehow maybe because of BASE I wasn't afraid and I just somehow knew things would work out. So far everything has worked out.

Looking at the way that I was before I started BASE and after I finished BASE I am two different people. One of my close friends tells me how I am much more focused now when as before I was just a happy go lucky guy.

I used to go out a lot to have fun and women were on my mind most of the day. Since I started BASE I have become a learning machine. I read over 15 books last year and my goal for this year is 40. I stopped going out, I haven't talked to most of my old friends, my social life is non-existent.

Some might think of that as a bad thing but I don't see it that way. I think I was still a boy that was out looking for fun before BASE. Now i'm more of a man focused on myself and becoming the greatest version of myself. Maybe this is all the self validation stuff in BASE which kills your need for happiness from external factors. Before I was only happy when going out and having fun I couldn't stay in the house. Now a days I rather stay home and work on my stuff even if a girl is the one asking me to go out to see her. I really value alone time.

The best thing about BASE to me have been the many healing modules it has. You can't help but get some improvement in yourself when you're listening to a subliminal that has so many healing modules and you do this over the course of several months.

BASE killed my neediness for women. Maybe it's the self validation and I am more self validated than ever in my life. I'm a good looking guy but I didn't have the inner masculinity and strength that I now have after BASE. I had many women who were crazy for me at the beginning but my outer appearance wasn't backed up but a strong masculine inner factor so I lost them. I wish I could go back to some of my old relationships in this current version of myself where I am no longer needy and just a much stronger man. Things would have been much different and they already are. The women I had while on BASE I have done much better with and things have been very smooth. Even though I haven't gone out much I have been dating multiple women. I can only imagine how things would be if I did go out more...

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