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Full Version: Hair Growth / Strength
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I would love a subliminal regarding hair growth for long and strong hair. I became ill in 2011 and two surgeries and a ton of medications later my hair is just not what it used to be.

I never thought I was vain, but as a woman, having lost as much hair as I have and what's left is so thin, it's very heart breaking for me and I can imagine for other women too.

My daughter teases me about my "rat tail" instead of my pony tail, and I laugh on the outside because that is exactly what it looks like. I just don't have the heart to cut the length off because my femininity feels tied up in having long beautiful hair.
I can understand how you feel. I went from having hair so thick and full that I needed to have it thinned before it could be cut, to having much thinner hair after chemo, and eventually to shaving my head because of it. I don't mind shaving my head, but I wish I felt more like I had an option of hair or not.

The hair regrowth program I am planning should deal with all of that, if I can make it work.
Dear Shannon,

any news update on the hair regrowth subliminal?

Just think about the customer potential if you make it work against receading hairline Cool

Shannon, since you use MHS for some time now - do you notice any difference regarding your hair? Do you think MHS could work against (male) hair loss? Guess I will try it out soon.
I think one should use MHS 5.5G along with some herbal hair growth supplement.
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