Poll: Which Multi-Stage Set Should I Build Next?
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Alpha Female 15.38% 2 15.38%
Pregnancy Set 0% 0 0%
Become A Multi-Millionaire Within 4 Years 30.77% 4 30.77%
Achieve & Maintain Your Ideal Weight 7.69% 1 7.69%
Manifest Your Ideal Romantic Relationship 30.77% 4 30.77%
Other (Please Specify) 15.38% 2 15.38%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Which Multi-Stage Set Should I Build Next?
05-07-2011, 06:12 AM
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RE: Which Multi-Stage Set Should I Build Next?
for a multi stage ok I don't know what you had planned for the ideal weight, but what about an ideal BODY.

I've heard a lot about our aging process and health being belief related, and experienced my self the amazingly rapid healing of illness through meditation and mindset, as well as going from someone who was always sick to someone who never gets sick.

It would be nice to realize and to LIVE that it is an enjoyable and effortless process to have and maintain our ideal body. I don't mean of course that action doesn't occur like physical activity just that 1. it's possible (rather than, I can never look good, my body was ruined after pregnancy, my genetics just dont' allow it, it's so hard to be fit etc. ) 2. it's enjoyable to be in this physical body and do the things bodies are meant to do. 3. Deterioration, illness etc. are not inevitable

Ideas: so individual though, how does 1 size fits all work?
The ideal body could include the kind of skin we desire as well as other physical characteristics within reason
Vitality and health and energy, strength and flexibility
Perfect weight -- how to individualize this? I'd prefer to be my own height, lean and athletic while retaining my large chest, and keeping it firm and youthful. Another woman may want a very petite figure, or something soft, or very very thin....
Responsiveness to the way we desire to feel
Full pleasure received from all physical senses
Perfectly healthy cells, rapid return to alignment any time injury occurs
Youthful vigor and appearance regardless of age, I imagine women would be more concerned with anti-age and lack of wrinkles and having very young skin than men, who often are perceived as more desirable when they are older and more "powerful"
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09-06-2011, 07:55 AM
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RE: Which Multi-Stage Set Should I Build Next?
That optimizer sounds a lot like the movie Limitless which I watched last night =) That would be pretty sweet.

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