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Time to get on BASE: My journey
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RE: Time to get on BASE: My journey

The level of self validation I have is incredible and I have never felt before. I have been focusing on myself and myself only and my self improvement and I have little desire to do much else except that and make money.

Very little desire to be social and go out which I don't see as a bad thing compared to how I was before (living for the moment and always out for having fun). I'm much more focused and serious and I would say manlier rather than just the YOLO type of guy i was before.

One module I know has worked is the de-clutter module. Someone at work made a comment at how my cubicle was the cleanest and most organized in the office. Another co-worker asked me if I was leaving due to my cubicle being so clean.

On a regular basis I am looking at ways for making my work space and my living space more "zen" and organized. It's a big 180 from how things were back before BASE. I remember I got a comment from a coworker one time on how I was "such a boy" when she looked at my cubicle and it was all messy.

That was before BASE maybe about a year ago and I still remember that moment. And now to have 2 people comment on how it's so clean and organized shows how I have changed.


I will definitely achieve my goal of reading at least 15 books this year (my goal was 24 but will make it my goal for next year). I am constantly seeking knowledge and wisdom to improve myself.

Yesterday I went to my library's webpage and put in request for about 50 books that I have to read. I put them for request for december because obviously I can't read all 50 now. I did that so I could have a list of them already in my library's webpage so when I finish one I could request the next one and have it on hold. Basically a wish list. I recommend this as a good way to not forget books you have to read. Just request them for a couple of months in the future but when you feel you are ready to read them you could change the request date so that you can have them be on hold for you right now.
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RE: Time to get on BASE: My journey

I had to speak in front of my coworkers everyday this week for a few minutes in the morning. I really hated doing this and was always nervous in the past. I was surprised at how calm, cool and collected I was this time around. I felt I had really grown in confidence. I don't know if this is the public speaking module/strong clear voice module at work but I definitely felt that this task which always gave me trouble in the end it was nothing for me now.
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RE: Time to get on BASE: My journey

Today was my last day of BASE 2.1. It was quite a journey and i'll write a more detailed overview before my break is over. I plan to take a 2 week break and then start on another sub.

ASC -- LTU -- BASE 2.1
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RE: Time to get on BASE: My journey

Moving out
Life is much different than from when I started. I am living on my own for first time in my life. This was always my dream and was always the biggest source of frustration in my life. I just needed to get out and move away from family. Not that I don't love my family but every man needs to make his own path and needs space to do his thing. I couldn't do it because of fear. Fear of not being able to afford it and just fear of making the decision. When I made the decision it was spontaneous and frankly not very well thought out. I always wanted things to be perfect and have everything planned out, but I just took a chance without thinking about it much and just did it. Somehow maybe because of BASE I wasn't afraid and I just somehow knew things would work out. So far everything has worked out.

Social life is gone
Looking at the way that I was before I started BASE and after I finished BASE I am two different people. One of my close friends tells me how I am much more focused now when as before I was just a happy go lucky guy.

I used to go out a lot to have fun and women were on my mind most of the day. Since I started BASE I have become a learning machine. I read over 15 books last year and my goal for this year is 40. I stopped going out, I haven't talked to most of my old friends, my social life is non-existent.

It's a night and day difference how I was. From a guy that used to go out several times a week to a guy that stopped going out. From a guy that would jump at the chance of going out with a woman to a guy that rather stay home and finish reading a book instead of going out on a saturday night with a girl. It really is a night and day difference.

I would sleep in my car during lunch time at work because I would go out the night before. I used to do this several times a week. To go from that to a guy with no social life is simply amazing.

Some might think of that as a bad thing but I don't see it that way. I think I was still a boy that was out looking for fun before BASE. Now i'm more of a man focused on myself and becoming the greatest version of myself. I am no longer a sheep that is out to party on the weekends. I'm a lion that wants to achieve freedom and is willing to sacrifice the weekends for it.

Maybe this is all the self validation stuff in BASE which kills your need for happiness from external factors. Before I was only happy when going out and having fun I couldn't stay in the house. If I stayed in the house on a saturday night i would be depressed. Now a days I rather stay home and work on my stuff even if a girl is the one asking me to go out to see her. I really value alone time.

You can't help but get some improvement in yourself when you're listening to a subliminal that has so many healing modules and you do this over the course of several months.

Neediness for women gone
BASE killed my neediness for women. Maybe it's the self validation and I am more self validated than ever in my life. I'm a good looking guy but I didn't have the inner masculinity and strength that I now have after BASE. I had many relationships where the women were crazy for me at the beginning, but my outer appearance wasn't backed up by a strong masculine inner factor so I lost them. The women I had while on BASE I have done much better with and things have been very smooth. They see that I am so focused on becoming the greatest version of myself and they really respect that. Before I made women my number 1 priority and yes women will resent you for that. Women do not want you to make them your number 1 priority. Even though I haven't gone out much I have been dating multiple women. I can only imagine how things would be if I did go out more.

When it comes to money and entrepreneurship I got a second job which lets me survive but when it comes to entrepreneurship I know what to do but I refuse to do it. Procrastination is still very much alive in me. I have put off doing the things I need to do for months. This is by far the most disappointing thing about BASE. It has helped me with everything except the goal of the program itself!

Biggest pro:
Self validation: I am a happy person just by myself. Yes I do have women in my life but before BASE my source of happiness came from women and going out and having fun. Now it comes from me.

Biggest con:
Procrastination: It is still very much there. The healing modules do a great job but one does wonder if they do the job a little too well that you aren't as motivated to pursue goals. I think overcome procrastination should have been included.

Final thoughts:
BASE made me a much stronger man and I wish it was around 10 years ago! It has not helped me much with its goal (entrepreneurship). I was a bit worried about some of the stuff about AM making guys a little depressed and just dark. I wanted to keep my attitude while making me more focused rather than making me into something I am not. I think BASE did that it refined me and made me overall a healthier, stronger man. I Wish it would deal more strongly with procrastination. While i'm happy that I am now the provider of my own happiness and that I am self validated I wish I didn't lose interest in people completely! I just don't care about people anymore.

I keep things very simple the only times I go out is when I go out with a woman. I wouldn't like to go back to my old social life but I do wish I had some social life or at least the networking module of BASE did work. So far I haven't met anybody that can help me with the goals of the program.

I can't wait to run it again and see what sort of changes I can achieve.

ASC -- LTU -- BASE 2.1
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