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Kngcobra's User Journal
12-27-2016, 09:12 PM (This post was last modified: 12-27-2016 09:14 PM by kingcobra.)
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Kngcobra's User Journal
I've been here for a few days now so it's probably time to get my own journal instead of just posting on the intro section.

Just got the testosterone booster and let me tell you I'm a good candidate for this one. I started feeling the effects of this immediately and my wife can notice a change already in me as well, more energetic and positive vibrations, similar to taking something for this, but maybe even a little better.

I couldn't find much as far as testimonials on here but there was no doubt that this was on my short list of programs I wanted and after having some good success with the other ones I pulled the trigger on it. These programs do affect me in a very noticeable way and the effects are the intended ones, so I was confident about the T booster really helping me and so far it has not disappointed.

I feel that one of the things that really help me with this stuff is the understanding of the power of the subconscious mind, I expect that a lot of users may have some degree of limiting beliefs, as in this might work or probably will work but I know that it will work for certain because the mind does indeed direct our reality, it's just a matter of getting it to do our will, directing it toward the right things, which these programs do a fabulous job with in my experiences with them, as long as you don't stand in the way and can fully open your mind to them.

I plan on listening to this one a lot and will provide an update on my perceived progress with it after I've had more time with it, I do say perceived but the perception is the reality here, I don't care about levels, just effects Smile
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01-01-2017, 05:13 PM
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RE: Kngcobra's User Journal
One of the things I'm noticing with the T booster is that when I work out now I can see better results from it bodybuilding wise, more like I used to see when I was younger (I'm 56 now). So I told this to my wife and she says she doesn't need to see that to tell, nor do I actually as this is really working so far after only a few hours with it.

I'm up to 12 programs now, if you ask me later today that number may go up, I'm loving the new years sale Smile I'm listening to the 3G version of successful entrepreneur right now, the 5G is well outside my budget at $500 so I was real happy to see that brought back. I really like the 3G versions of extreme self esteem and love and appreciate yourself though and this one seems to be decent enough as well, for $5.40 anyway, I love bargains! Smile

Ultra success and ultra motivation are on my wish list now, as well as a few other things, the deal with me is that I have a brilliant mind, but my energy and drive is on the low side, so anything to help with that would be pretty welcome.

I wish there were a program that helped increase your energy actually, didn't really see anything like this in the catalog, maybe something worth considering down the road.
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01-01-2017, 07:22 PM
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RE: Kngcobra's User Journal
Got Ultra Motivation, just what the doctor ordered for me. It's working already, I want to get some things done!!!
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01-02-2017, 09:54 AM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2017 10:06 AM by kingcobra.)
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RE: Kngcobra's User Journal
So I ended up adding 6 more 4Gs from this sale to bring me up to 18 programs, that ought to hold me for a while! In addition to ultra motivation, got ultra success, overcome procrastination, positive thinking, think like a millionaire, and everything is possible. Everything should be possible now, wait a minute, naw, everything is possible (haven't listened to that one yet LOL).

Overall, 10 stars out of 5 for this stuff!!!!! This is in a different dimension from everything else out there, a true work of genius.

I've read stuff like don't use too many at once, a couple, however I'm not finding any issues with that and sure you would be speeding up the effect of one thing if that's all you listened to but I got a good buffet going on and I'm not in a hurry for anything Smile

I ended up getting more work done yesterday, yeah I even work New Years Day, and I also ended up negotiating a better deal with a client, I might have been a little reluctant to ask for this in the past but this time the fingers just took over and he ended up saying no problem, you don't ask you don't get though, good stuff! Smile

So I added it all up, $357.80 which got me a total of 18 programs including the free ones, that's some money very well spent I would say, definitely would say, it's time to make it back and then some and transform my life along the way, thanks so much for these great programs Shannon!
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01-07-2017, 06:37 AM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2017 06:38 AM by kingcobra.)
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RE: Kngcobra's User Journal
Forget 18, I'm up to 33 now and even more impressed. That should hold me for a while I would think though. So with all this I'm looking to tweak a bunch of stuff, I can say though with honesty that I've been working with subliminal audio off and on for over 30 years and I've noticed more progress in the last 2 weeks with this stuff than in the last 30+ years with other programs, and I have a very extensive collection built up of that from several sources, but I cannot see the need for breaking any of this stuff out anymore, that's how good these ones are. They are from a different world entirely really.

I do suspect that the more one is open to these improvements the better they will work, and I have to say that I am completely open, although much more so since I have seen the power of these. I'm getting more done at work and of a higher quality and in a way that is very impressive, but that's not really that difficult to do, some of the other things though have even surprised me, like when I first listened to the attract beautiful women one, and then I'm sitting with an attractive young lady at work and she moves her chair closer to me, and she was sitting pretty close already, and while I do pretty well here I start noticing a big difference in the looks I'm getting, and this is just after one listen Smile I'm also noticing myself having a lot more charisma and more influence on people, I feel better than I have ever felt, joyous really, I can't wait to get more attuned with this stuff and go higher and higher.
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