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Multi Review
01-30-2015, 09:54 AM
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Multi Review
Hey people, here are some unbiased reviews. Enjoy! Big Grin

Absolute Self Confidence 5G:
Potent stuff but too Yang/Masculine/Dopaminergic. I’m already too Dopaminergic so I needed something more balanced instead, a bit of love/gratitude and motivation to use the new found confidence would have been wonderful. Still, it’s free so I have to rate it high:

Rating: 7.5/10

A paying version with rating 10/10 would be something like: Absolute Self-Confidence + (mix of Overcome Fear + OGSF) + Ultra Success + Ultra Motivation + Anti-Stress. I would pay much for a 5G version of it but without that Naturalizer thing which I do not agree with. I’m from the school of thought of “No pain No gain”, “The harder it is the better you will get” so the Naturalizer thing looks like girly stuff to me. Wink

Life Tune-Up v3.1 5G:
Potent Stuff but too Ying/Feminine/Serotonergic. Good stuff if you can Zen up in your life. If you are looking for motivation, drive, confidence, attitude look elsewhere. This one feels almost antagonistic to the Absolute Self Confidence one. I won’t rate it because I didn’t use it long enough but yes, it’s powerful and probably very good at what it aims for.

Seek the Challenge 4G + Overcome Approach Anxiety For Men 4G. (LOOPED one after the other)
Bad ass combo. After a few days I had impulses to approach women everywhere. Maybe having just finished two weeks of ASC also helped it.
Didn’t use it long but the combo seemed extremely powerful.

Rating of both on loop: 8.5/10

After I changed it to 8 hours of Seek the Challenge followed by 8 hours of Overcome Approach Anxiety as advised in the Forums it stopped working or I stopped feeling it, all the impulses stopped and I gave up on it to test other audios.

Rating of both separated: 4/10

Natural Seduction for Men 5G:
This was the second worst of all for me, not only does it not work, it puts me in a completely retarded/dumbed down mental state, like I’m completely stoned. Can’t have any sort of conversation because my mind refuses to work. Basically the opposite of my success and what I teach in Seduction: Hyper relaxed Body/ Super Active mind. (You need all those brain synapses firing to have 1000 answers ready for whatever women say or do, you also need a very relaxed body to control your reactivity, anxiety/tension, fast speech and fast body language which is unattractive). Some strains of Kratom do this Relaxed Body/Active mind wonderfully. Wink

Rating: 0/10

Remove Negativity Within 4G:
What can I say about this one? Well, the more I listened to it the more negative I became. By the end of the first month I was remembering long forgotten negative stuff and I just couldn’t get it out of my head, in fact it got worse everyday, almost obsessive compulsive disorder. I had to stop it for my own sake, if I pushed through I might have done something regretful.
Maybe trying to remove negativity by constantly reminding the brain of negativity is not the way to go.

Rating: 0/10

Positive Thinking & Positive Attitude 4G:
Didn’t use it enough to be sure but it seemed it was working very slowly. It’s probably good stuff, at least the script looks nice. It was supposed to be in Alpha Male 6 but I didn’t feel it at all in it. The 4G was more potent.

Rating: Not enough usage time to rate but looks ok.

Overcoming Fear v1.1 4G:
My personal favorite. Major Stress after day 20, body completely destroyed, ended up in the Hospital because of it. Love it! Haha No pain No gain! Talk about man-up!! This is Spartan stuff.

Psychological Fear Rating: 9/10 | Physiological Fear Rating: 0/10
(Needs Anti-Physical Fear Affirmations Urgently (Anxiety/tension/Deep Breathing, etc)).

I had to add my own Love/Gratitude/AntiStress Subliminal to overcome the Physical stress. I asked a Sound Engineer to create one for me:
NLP type Affirmations to the left ear because the subconscious mind must accept everything; NLP type Afformations to the right ear because the logical mind won’t accept lies, It prefers questions like ”Why do I love myself so much?”. Then Reverse Speech was layered in along with a couple of my own secrets plus a special Brain Entrainment tech.
The result? Something equivalent to a 10G. I almost killed myself the second day from the mindfuck. Can’t possible hear it more than 2 hours/day such is the brutal “beating”.
Problem is that it’s Headphone only tech which is problematic for me. Sad

***Please we need an All-In-One 5G version of: Overcoming Fear + OGSF + Powerful Anti-Stress/Anti-Tension***

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.” - Buddha

Overcoming Fear v1.1 4G + Everything is Possible 4G
I can’t even rate this one. Strong Acid trip without the psychedelic affects is what I can come up with to define this combo. Extreme emotional roller coast. One minute crying for no reason, the next laughing for God knows what. Total Acid trip. Ahaha love it.

Rating: Don’t know, I stopped it after two weeks but it is possibly one of the best combos.

Alpha Male 6.0 5G. (Usage time: 16Hours/day)
This was a very disappointing one. First month I felt nothing; second month I only experienced major cognitive dissonance, like being suggested contradictory things. So much mental confusion the entire month. No resistance at all, just complete mind f**k, etc. Third month was all about responsibilities I guess, some stress here and there but didn’t get through. Fourth month seemed like Porn related stuff or something. I felt guilt every time I thought of Porn. Still, it was too weak to accomplish anything, I’m still watching Porn at month 6 (and wouldn’t have it any other way. Porn is only a problem for people with low Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Not Testosterone btw! Testosterone is useless for the most part, specially “Total testosterone” levels which only gives side effects like irritability, etc. The only testosterone you want is “Free Testosterone” and even that one is nothing compared with DHT. My Test levels are near 0 and I can watch porn and have sex 4 or more times a day at age 36).

Anyway, back to the review. Fifth month came and went and all I felt was lowering of motivation for the most part. Sixth month is about finished and I’m feeling basically the same as month 5. I’m feeling stressed these last days but it’s all it does, makes me feel stressed, no change in anything else. In most things my behavior is worse than what it was before I started Alpha Male 6.0.

Maybe trying to make me feel guilty about porn and other stuff at the same time as trying to suggest I don’t feel guilty about anything (OGSF) is the real problem with the cognitive dissonance/contradictory stuff.

Anyway, I was doing this one only because I wanted to do the Women Magnet but after feeling like this one did nothing I lost all interest in doing more multi-stage audios. I don’t believe in changing audio at day 32 because you need 90 days to create a new habit, subliminal or not. I teach this. Besides, having to count the hours I listen to every month so that all months have the same listening time is a mega pain in the but for me. You need Excel sheet and you can never forget to hit the play/pause button at the same time every day… it’s not viable for me.

I would rather this was 3 stages of 3 months each (total 9 months). 1st stage – Negative stuff (Fears, Self-Doubt, Stress, etc; 2nd stage – Neutral Stuff (Procrastination, ultra-success, seek the challenge, etc); 3rd stage – Positive Stuff (Positive thinking, winners mindset, etc).

Even better would be:
1st stage – 60% Negative|30% Neutral | 10% Positive
2nd stage – 20% Negative | 60 % neutral | 20% Positive
3rd Stage – 10% Negative | 30% neutral | 60% Positive

As it is Rating: 2/10 (I should warn that there are lots of people to whom AM6 didn’t work outside of this forum. For some reason they are afraid to say it… Well, people, if you say everything is fine nothing will ever improve, you’re not helping anyone by remaining silent).

So. To resume it all. I like most audios even though I find most are incomplete in some way.
I’ll be returning: Alpha Male 6 and Remove Negativity Within 4G. I’ll test NSFM a bit more in conjunction with other tools to see if I get it working.

I’ll be reviewing more or updating ratings as soon as I end Alpha Male 6.0 in a few days and start something else.

Also, if the Tech evolves into something we can call “Wow” I can use my connections to make whoever creates the audios a millionaire, easily. Speakers only though, Headphones are not viable to what I have in mind.

Take care people

PS: In case you didn't know:

I Wonder If Positive Questioning Works Better Than Affirming?

Recent research offers hints of a technique that solves the affirmation-kickback problem and confirms an even earlier NLP approach.
Ibrahim Senay, Dolores Albarracín and Kenji Noguchi at the University of Illinois gave research subjects challenging tasks, and had them say one of two very different type of comment to themselves before starting. One type of comment was "I will do this" (an affirmation). The other was "Will I do this?" (a question). In several different experiments, the results were the same. Those who asked the question were more motivated, more focused and more successful. Furthermore, they reported different subsequent thinking about their goals. In one study, for example, subjects had a goal of going to the gym regularly. Those instructed to say "I will" reported later that they felt motivated (for example) "Because I would feel guilty or ashamed of myself if I did not," whereas those instructed to say "Will I?" reported that they felt motivated (for example) "Because I want to take more responsibility for my own health." In NLP terms, the affirmations had a kickback effect of producing away from motivation, whereas the questions produced towards motivation. The researchers noted that questions open the person to possibilities while affirmations close the mind to other choices. Questioning invites you to explore; affirmation tells you what is and ignores the ability to find unexpected or more useful results.
This questioning style of internal dialogue has been under-reported in NLP, but we can see it in Milton Erickson's work. Milton Erickson continuously quotes his own internal dialogue before any new success as "I was wondering..." He does not use self-affirmations, he uses self-questioning. For example in his collected works, in a discussion with Ernest Rossi, he mentions how he developed the ability to write whole articles during his sleep, unconsciously. He says "I wondered if I could write editorials. If I did not recognize my words on the printed page, that would tell me there was a lot more in my head than I realized. Then I had my proof that I was brighter than I knew." (Erickson, p 7) Later, he describes how he gave himself a transcendent personal experience: "I was in the backyard a year ago in the summertime. I was, wondering what far-out experiences I'd like to have. As I puzzled over that, I noticed that I was sitting out in the middle of nowhere. I was an object in space....It was the most far-out thing I could do!" (Erickson, p 21).
One NLP process that installs a useful questioning style as a meta-strategy in a challenging situation is the Core Questions Process described by Steve Andreas in his new book "Help With Negative Self Talk" (Andreas, 2010, p 82). The basic idea of this process is that we are continuously sorting our experience / deciding how to respond by asking ourselves unconscious questions. Sometimes these questions are structured so that they deliver only unhelpful answers (like, for example "Why does this always happen to me?"). You can identify such unhelpful questions and install more useful questions that are better designed to meet your intention. My own version of this installation process follows as an appendix.
Self-affirmation is a language pattern developed long before NLP, and research as well as NLP indicates some cautions about its use. Affirmations work best when they refer to specific positive elements of a person's current experience which are acceptable in their current model of the world. Even there, affirmations state a fixed idea, and self-questions may provide a more useful and forward moving replacement for unhelpful internal dialogue. Self questioning is explored in more detail in Steve Andreas recent book "Help With Negative Self Talk".

Much love Smile
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01-30-2015, 04:43 PM
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RE: Multi Review
Vehe, thank you for writing really valuable content in a concentrated manner!

Regarding Milton Erickson's work and using (loaded) questions that appeal to the unconscious, this is something that expanded my practice into a much more pleasant territory. Like in your quotes, to take an example, in order to solve a problem what I do is go into a trance and instead of "I'm solving the problem / The solution is becoming clear [...]" I become curious and ask myself "I wonder how I really feel having solved the problem already...", then I wait for an unconscious response (maybe repeat from time to time) and emphasize it "How clearer is this becoming now?".

I see it as engaging the unconscious in a task that is already brilliant at instead of programming it. I still use programming sometimes if I don't have too much time, as it seems, at least in my case, to have a more controllable effect in the very short term (e.g. "I'm falling asleep timely and easily" said in a gentle, caring internal voice dialog if I have trouble falling asleep). But I like more the idea of collaborating with the unconscious instead of programming it.

On the other hand, I don't really have a clear model of what the unconscious is ... I just see it as everything that is not conscious. Some distinguish between the subconscious/body&neurology and superconscious/soul or use more complicated models, but I just ask whatever is beyond consciousness for help.
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01-30-2015, 10:53 PM
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RE: Multi Review
Your review is interesting, but it seems to me you used a few programs until you built up an inner resistance, when you began to become negative or your mind stopped working.
Would you please add the number of days you were using each program? That would really help to get a feeling of how much it should have worked.
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01-30-2015, 10:55 PM
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RE: Multi Review
(01-30-2015 09:54 AM)Vehe Wrote:  Overcoming Fear v1.1 4G:
My personal favorite. Major Stress after day 20, body completely destroyed, ended up in the Hospital because of it. Love it! Haha No pain No gain! Talk about man-up!! This is Spartan stuff.

Seems like a limiting belief to me. What if you believed instead "no fun no gain" the more fun you have the better you get.
With who did you learn NLP/hypnosis ?

Thanks for the review very interesting. I agree with you about AM6, I felt better with AM5.

The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental.
Only the madman is absolutely sure. Robert Anton Wilson
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01-31-2015, 01:36 AM
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RE: Multi Review
(01-30-2015 10:55 PM)maniac360 Wrote:  Thanks for the review very interesting. I agree with you about AM6, I felt better with AM5.

That's the thing - it's this kind of concise reviews that help one make a decision about buying a subliminal. Though I'd personally rate AM6.0 with 5/5 stars, I'm very happy to see thoroughly expressed subjective opinions on one's experience, even if the score would be 1/5 (or 2/10, how Vehe put it).

I understand the purpose of journals including dreams, chit-chat, thinking out loud, and other things that are less related to the subliminal and more to sharing one's life. Now to me this is not very useful in terms of making a decision. What is useful, however, are these kinds of reviews.

To Shannon and all members from Indigo Mind Labs reading this, given the above, would you consider implementing a star rating & review system for your products? Wouldn't this enhance the transparency that you have been open and honest to promote with this very forum?

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RE: Multi Review
I didn't get as good results off AM6 as I pictured too, it still has had a huge impact on me though and I feel it is definitely pushing me in the right direction. I think the problem is that it is simply trying to achieve too much in such a short space of time. But then again, Shannon does recommend multiple runs and I know after another run (or two) I should be where I want to be.

This is the reason why I never left a review in the end as I didn't feel it would fair because the program still had work to do. It's not that it doesn't work, it's just that it needs more time.

"2% of people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think." -Dr. Kenneth McFarland.

Where do you sit ?
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02-02-2015, 10:16 PM
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RE: Multi Review
We don't get 100% positive feedback, and that's fine, because that's the way the world works. But I have to point out a few things.

Quote:I’m from the school of thought of “No pain No gain”, “The harder it is the better you will get” so the Naturalizer thing looks like girly stuff to me.

The majority of people do not agree with you, either on your point of view concerning no pain, no gain, or on the effects of the naturalizer or it being "girly stuff". The point of the naturalizer is to make the program most effective for the biggest possible majority of people who use the program, by preventing resistance, and it does that. I also agree that your belief that "no pain, no gain" is self limiting and unnecessarily leads you to suffer in life, because what you believe to be true is what you make true for yourself. If you believe that pain is necessary for maximum gain, the regardless of the truth, you will limit yourself to only achieving maximum gain through painful experience. Not everyone else is a masochist. Smile

Also, it appears to me that you "reviewed" several titles without really using them for the proper minimum amount of time, or properly. Reviewing things not used right doesn't make much sense, and such reviews cannot be accurate.

As for the "it requires 90 days" thing, each stage is 32 days because that balances the amount of exposure time with preventing the conscious or subconscious mind from getting bored. Whether it actually is 90 days - and sources disagree as to what it is - the programs are designed as woven threads, with some threads (suggestions/concepts) being woven through in different patterns of repetition because of how they interact with other concepts and suggestions. Sometimes a suggestion may be in Stage 1 only; sometimes a suggestion might be in stage 6 only; sometimes it will be in a 1-2-4-5 pattern, sometimes in a 1-2-3 pattern, sometimes in a pattern of 1-2-3-4-6, or 1-2-3-4, sometimes it will be 2-3-4-5, or 1-3-5, or 2-4-6, etc. It depends on the amount of impact that suggestion will be making, the expected amount of resistance, how it interacts with other concepts, the goal of the program, and so forth. But the programs are designed so that regardless, for those who do not resist successfully, the effect is to have gotten enough of that statement to allow it to do it's job.

Based on your responses and results, I would say that you may be having issues because you are dealing with a strong belief that you need to suffer to succeed, and that perhaps that and other beliefs and expectations might be considered as obstacles towards the results you did and did not get.

For instance, Natural Seduction, you claim did the reverse of what it's supposed to do. The instructions in that program are to put yourself into the perfect state of mind and awareness in which to allow what you already know about seduction to flow effortlessly into a successful encounter. Given that, how do we explain your results? Based on what you said about it and your beliefs surrounding seduction:

Quote:(You need all those brain synapses firing to have 1000 answers ready for whatever women say or do, you also need a very relaxed body to control your reactivity, anxiety/tension, fast speech and fast body language which is unattractive)

I conclude that you are relying entirely on artificial seduction methods that really don't work. When we put you into the ideal state of mind in which you just flow with what you naturally know in terms of seduction, there isn't anything. So you don't know what to do, and nothing happens. What the program reveals is your inner game, and your natural ability to flow with what seduction skills you really have, but are self inhibiting otherwise.

Either way, the instructions in the script are pretty straightforward. Either you're following them, or you're not; and if you do, then you will get that result - literally. Since we know you got a result, and it wasn't the one you wanted, we must conclude that the script was being followed, and the instructions executed literally. The program worked just fine; you just don't have anything "natural" underneath to let out. Or, perhaps if you do, it's being hidden underneath some sort of fear. (See your reaction to the fear removal program, and you see that you are dealing with a LOT of fear.)

So really, we have to consider that your usage patterns are not always optimal (less than 32 days minimum usage for single stage programs, sometimes incomplete usage); you are limited by some major beliefs that are obviously holding you back (no pain, no gain; worry about gender bias versus identity, etc.); and you are dealing with a lot of fear. This is a good recipe for not having good results from subliminals. The best thing to do with that is to focus on removing the limiting beliefs and the fear, so you can experience the programs with less interference. Oh, and use them according to the instructed time frames. EHPRA is a good idea, in my opinion.

The result is that I'm having a hard time really following the review for validity. If you have a negative experience, then I would like to know about it so I can work on resolving that. But your reviews are kind of all over the place. I am having a hard time picking out what is useful for constructive criticism.

Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
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RE: Multi Review
You could always get a refund.

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RE: Multi Review
Oh. Well all I can say is that it worked for me, I just didn't realize until the 5th stage. It's so weird, you deny whats right in front of your face (naturalizer). And btw, its worth a shot because if AM6 works, it'll be the most important and foundational sub you could run here.

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