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MIR 2.1 - nasty holiday cold + acne keloidalis nuchae
12-15-2016, 07:29 AM
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MIR 2.1 - nasty holiday cold + acne keloidalis nuchae
Just wanted to drop a testimonial for MIR 2.1

I spent time with family over the holidays and caught a nasty cold, upon noticing it I fired up MIR 2.1 and compared to everyone else who was sick I was over it in 2-3 days with very minimal downtime. Everyone else was pretty miserable for about 7-10 days but I had no issues.

What really has me excited though is my mild case of acne keloidalis nuchae, it's basically "acne" (although not really acne, and not really a keloid issue either) at the base of your scalp above the neck. I have a very mild case, 2 "pimples" that have been there for about 3 years now. Nobody is exactly sure what causes AKN, some research suggests ingrown hairs, others suggest a bacteria infection, if MIR2.1 is hitting it then it may suggest it's a bacterial issue?

But everything I've thrown at it has failed, but somehow without even trying MIR2.1 seems to have drastically reduced or possibly eliminated it. As I said my case was mild, some cases look like giant tumors but the 2 "pimples" i had were red, itchy, and very hard and bumpy. Now it looks like it's going away because they are dull, flat, and getting better day to day.

I stopped MIR2.1 about 2 weeks ago but they're still getting better. If it doesn't go away completely I'll give MIR another run but so far I'm feeling pretty good about it because everything else I've tried hasn't improved the condition as well as this. If it is gone for good it will probably be another 3-6 months until new skin completely grows and the area heals so I'll update this post then.

But for now, MIR2.1 is golden Cool
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