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How do you handle resistance when running subs?
Yesterday, 01:28 PM
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How do you handle resistance when running subs?
I've been on and off Shannon's subs for a year now, and I'm still facing resistance when running them. Maybe I've been in such denial for so many years (I'm 46), but I'm know some be honest with myself.....and to actually not submit every time fear screams at me. I'd like some follow-through in sticking with subs.

I've ran (and pulled off each various times) OGSF, E2, UD, and now SE. The latter two have more powerful technologies, as I knew UD was affecting me. SE had also been affecting me, though it was quieter and had new positive manifestations with people I interacted with.

I'm wondering why I keep running. I'm thinking now I fear feeling powerless around others, and feeling very emotional can have me imagine people misusing or abusing me. Shannon's newer subs (5.5) have been unearthing much of my buried fear.

I'm actually wanting to forgive and accept myself, and I put on E2 last night due to that--but mainly since it has emotional shielding, which Shannon incorporated so we'd all not run when memories or strong feelings rose. I ran it on Ultrasonic for 2 months without any affects (seemingly), but when I began the masked track, feelings came. Some memories did too. Not horrific ones, but still emotion-rich memories.

I would greatly appreciate knowing how others handled the resistance. Did you talk to others about it? Did you write? Exercise? Sleep more? Sex more?

Did you use drugs? Drink? Hide from others?

I'm of the latter group myself, though my only "drug" is coffee, expresso strength. And hiding is a lifestyle my mom still uses, and I'm doing the same.

How have you won or lost when facing resistance?

P.S. There are no wrong answers. Your experiences are just that--yours.
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Yesterday, 04:47 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 04:48 PM by XyzN.)
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RE: How do you handle resistance when running subs?
I either play games & read about my hobbies or sit down, let the resistance talk to me & eventually get so tired/mad of the resistance that what originally were my fears, no longer bother me cause I'm so done with the resistance (and therefore growing as a person).
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Yesterday, 06:25 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 06:37 PM by Greenduck.)
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RE: How do you handle resistance when running subs?
Can't really tell you about resistance, but when I have felt disturbing feelings the only way have been to embrace them fully to get over the experience. "The only way is through". You need to learn it, like any other skill. Meditation have helped me getting better at this. Maybe can be relatable to what you call resistance.

I get the feeling that you are prone to overthink stuff. Am I right?

In that case you need to learn to do the opposite to balance yourself out. People who go around thinking a lot are unbalanced towards more mental activities, contra physical and emotional ones. So learn to change your behavior and habits by incorporating activities where you can learn to feel and do (physical) more and more.

Meditation is a good think for learning to calm your mind and "face yourself" and whatever you are feeling. At first you will sit down and try to meditate but if you are a "thinker" you will sit there thinking without you even knowing that you are doing it, judging yourself, wanting to quit, do something else, etc. But if you do it 15 minutes per day and keep doing it, you will sink deeper into your emotions and get some perspective. You will feel more, and have to think less. And you will feel a lot of pain and tension in your body, and after that it will gradually release and you will feel better.

Talking about feelings is also good, like a substitute from actually feeling them.

Physical activities can be like dancing, martial arts, running.

I can highly recommend Trauma Releasing Exercises to help your body to let go of tensions and stress.

Hope that can help. I have read some of your threads before and got the feeling that you are running in circles (I should know). By feeling and accepting you will be able to grow away from that feeling. You stop running around in circles by slowing down 15 minutes per day, and that feeling will grow and help you understand what you need. Right now maybe you are actually using the subliminals to run away from yourself. Maybe you need to face yourself first, get stuff out that need to get out (you don't need subliminals for doing so, whatever you might think). Try it the natural way if subliminals didn't work for you, there is no rush (I am planning on doing the same as I got my shit together - it's hard to build a house if there is no foundation there, but it's even harder if you have no idea on what kind of soil you are building it on)

- "No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." Albert Einstein
- "Don't cry to quit, cry to keep going" - Will Smith

-> E2 journal
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