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lano adventures with DMSI
07-26-2017, 08:53 PM
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
Day 25:

I had a fun session at the gym. I quickly passed by Tattoo girl (from day 17) who was finishing her workout as I was coming in. She was all smiley and seems happy to see me.

There is a girl that I see once in while. I think that she is into me. She kept being touchy feely with me to whisper jokes in my ear as the coach was explaing the work out. When the coach saw the other woman telling me secrets in my ear. The coach grinned at me and lifted her shirt so I could see her belly.

I experienced that as if my gf was whispering: Can you imagine the coach naked? (It wasn't what was said)
And the coach overheard and wanted to give me a sneak peak. That is the most sensible explanation that I can provide.

So I replied in front of the group to the coach: That is not what she told me about you

Everyone laughed...

At the end of the work out, on my way out, touchy feely girl stops me to chat a little bit. In my head, I was... hmmm, she is into me.

Day 26:

Again at the gym. I just passed by probably THE most good looking sexy girl of the whole gym. Small maybe 5'2. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I would estimate her age roughly less than half my age. She had a fluo pink molding spandex shorts allowing you to see all her nice curves with a white thong in which you could see her breast that is exactly of the right size softly and deliciously bouncing as she walks torward in my direction. I had the time to imagine her naked and that was arousing...

Touchy feely girl was in my group too. She was way more distant than yesterday. In fact, she was giving more attention to the new guy. In my head, I was. How cute she is. She is trying to make me jealous so I get more interested in her.

As the coach was explaining the work out, the fluo pink shorts girl was doing post workout stretching (She was in the previous class). She was standing against the wall upside down with her legs wide spread open on each side. Probably inspired from yoga but if you asked me at that moment, I would have told you that this position was straight out from the kama sutra!

At some point, our eyes lock and she greet me and asked me how I was doing? I'm agreeably surprised because I must have seen this girl once or twice in the past and we never spoke together. So I smile and say that I'm doing great. Lets make DMSI B make me execute the script and make me bang this hottie PLEASE!!! ;-)

On my way back home, I had to stop at the grocery to buy macaroni. Right behind the pasta, there was an absolute cutie with her mother trying to find a good wine. I looked at their direction. I haven't opened them and I think that I should have. This is part of what I expect of journaling. Reviewing the day's events and try to come up with better ways that I could have handled some of the events so that next time something like that happen, my subconscious mind will have learned and do it. Yeah, I could have jumped in and try to help them picking the best possible wine. Oh well.

At the cashier, it was an older woman not particularly my type but she had blue eyes and I do have a weakness for blue eyes women, nothing special to report about that interaction except that I felt the sexual power that I had over her. I could tell that she was attracted and something that I have realized is that something magical happens when I look women in the eyes. This is where all the irresistible sexual attraction is subcommunicated.

Apparently DMSI also change your aura so it would make you be perceived as more attractive simply by just being around but honestly, I haven't observed that effect yet. In my case, the sexual communication mostly happen with the eyes.

The wedding girl that I have seduced. She kepts talking about the way I was looking at her and how much this makes her wet everytime she think about it and it happenned like almost 3 weeks ago. My glance made to her a profound effect.

Speaking of her, she keeps sending me XXX pics through FB to plants ideas in my mind for our first date which will happen tomorrow evening. We are supposed to only take some drinks and talk only (ha ha. That is the excuse for serious adult action happening by accident imho)

So from now on, here is the strategy. I see a woman that I'm attracted to. All I have to do, is open her, say anything. It doesn't matter. I look at her straight in the eyes and I see what good comes out of that...
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07-27-2017, 06:16 AM
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
Here is a random thought. So far so good. I'm very satisfied of the changes that I have experienced in the last month in my interactions with women.

The one side effect that I find though to bear is the exhaustion. I sleep a good 12 hours per night. It is not laziness. I feel tired. Tonight for my first date with the wedding girl, I'll need to take a guarana supplement to be sure that I can last long enough to really enjoy the evening with her...
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07-31-2017, 06:49 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2017 06:52 AM by lano1106.)
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
Today is last DMSI 3.1A. Tomorrow, I should start B.

After a month of usage, I found myself a new sex partner totally addicted to me and dedicated to please me. So right now, I have 2 regular sex partners and to be honest, this is more than enough for me. I'm totally satisfied with current situation.

This made me wonder. Do I want to become even more irresistible? What would be the point? I ought to check what B will do to my life just for the sake of experimentation and exploration for at least a month but beyond that, I have more pressing issues to take care of in my life.

I would probably return to DMSI when I'll want and need to party. Right now, my more pressing issue is to make my business lift off. I feel that it is on the verge to explode in profits but I'm not there yet. I'm currently full time on working on it and I have about a month to make it happen or else, I'll be forced to return to work in my previous field of expertise (not fun).

In that context, having too much female attention might distract me from my very important #1 priority.

2 women take already plenty of my time. I see the required time to see more women catastrophic to my professional life....

Advices and suggestions of the next subliminal program I should look at to support my currenct goals are welcome!
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08-01-2017, 07:46 PM
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
Hmm. No one replied to my last post. I am still unsure what I should do. Maybe I'm not questioning at the right place...

Beside that. This is my first DMSI 3.1B day. Starting something new, expecting some wild adventures that could pop up at the next corner excites me to the highest point. My confidence is boosted.

I ran 5KM this afternoon. My exposure to women today has been minimal so it is too early to say if B creates new cool effects.

I had 2 4 hours sex marathon session with my new girl last week. We are supposed to do it again Thursday. She has begged to see me again tonight but I had to decline. Too much shit to do and beside last sex marathon was only 2 days ago. It is too recent for me to crave it again now. Thursday is going to be perfect.

I don't know if I have to thank DMSI for that, but I have a newly found superman sexual stamina. To be honest, it is a bit too much. Keep it up for that long, despite her seeming to have love it and want it again. I did found it a bit too much for me. I don't know if this is my new state or this is how that girl makes me feel. I guess that I'll need to experiment more to find out.

Personally, I prefer to be closer of the edge and have a hard time not cuming than having a hard time cuming but it is me. I guess that deciding when you cum and not cuming everytime is the ultimate sexual power. I don't know what to think. I'm just thinking outloud some hypothesis of what my experience means and what I can learn from it...
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08-01-2017, 08:16 PM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2017 08:17 PM by RTBoss.)
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
Concerning your current goals, you're going to want to look at BASE (6-month commitment) or MLS 5.5G (3-month commitment).

MLS is cheaper, but not business specific. It's geared toward learning whatever you need to learn. It's also the latest in subliminal tech.

BASE 5G is a multistage, older tech, twice the cost, and some people have used it to elevate their businesses with great success. Others have successfully resisted it and got nothing out of it. More than one run may be necessary, which makes the commitment a year or more. It also is a program you'd need to run for many more hours per day. could just stick with DMSI and see what other benefits the script gives you that aren't directly associated with women, as Chaosvrgn, myself, and others have had.
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10-26-2017, 06:10 AM (This post was last modified: 10-26-2017 06:11 AM by lano1106.)
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
I took a break from journaling when I was considering switching to BASE due to my life priorities changing during last summer.

Shannon suggested me to stay as long as possible with DMSI. This has left me perplexed but I did listen and I did religiously use DMSI non-stop since then.

I must report back that my financial and business situation is relatively under control. There is still room for improvement but this is true for everything in life.

Nothing outrageous happening to my sexual life. I'm happy with my sexual life. I currently have 2 steady partners. I could say that the quality of those relations have improved but I would have liked to report back that I do receive much more sexual attraction from a lot of women

I could say that I do receive more female attention but it is very very subtle.

So I started DMSI since July. Almost 4 months. I flip between A and B every month. I have been disappointed by B. Actually, I don't know what should happen with it so I have never been sure what should be my expectations.

I do prefer A. When I am on A, I feel amazing. My self-esteem skyrocket and I feel unstoppable. At the end of a B month, I feel A effect almost gone. Not that I feel like shit right now (Will switch back to A in November) but the contrast is definitely there... I'm not feeling like Superman anymore...
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12-28-2017, 03:00 AM
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
I'm about to complete a 3rd complete A/B cycle since I'm close to be using DMSI for 6 months straight.

I'm not banging an endless string of hot babes. This is not happening maybe because this is not something that I want unconsciously...

I have noticed subtle but real changes. I'll try to enumerate them:

- My alphaness has increased. The most obvious sign of that is that my voice is deeper and louder. This is an unconscious change. I didn't do anything for that to happen and it has been effortless. I have read from some seduction material that increasing your volume just a notch or 2 than what you are used to, this increase your attractiveness. I'm not sure that this is something that you can implement consciously and make it feel natural... but the effect is real. The first time that I realize it, I was in a bar, and I just started talking and as I did, I noticed at least 3 nearby women interrupting whatever they were doing to look at me. Grabbing female attention simply by just being there... phff, this makes things way much easieer...

- I receive more affections from women in my life. Something have change giving me more value to their eyes...

- Overall more satisfying interactions with women. Think how you behave with a very hot babe coming talk to you. Well, it is as if I'm receiving the hot babe treatment anytime I interact with a woman...

- One of my first and only DMSI conquest did confess me that it is how I looked at her in the first few minutes that has charmed her. This had a profound effect on her and she keeps dreaming about it even months after it did happen. If I look back to all my sexual conquests, I come to the conclusion that they almost, if not all, have always started by a spark, a physical and sexual connection that has been felt by me and the woman in the first few minutes of interaction. The rest, is just a matter of logistics to make it happen. Well, I feel like, for some time by using DMSI, that I can manifacture those 'special feelings' almost at will. I have this feeling more and more often and this is great. I feel like I am the principal male protagonist of some chick novel. The type of man that penetrates the dirtiest female fantasies....

but all that is in my head. This is impressions. Nothing fully tangible like a lay count but those impressions are real and this is probably what counts....

I'm curious to see if/how 3.2 will be different...
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01-10-2018, 03:18 PM
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RE: lano adventures with DMSI
For 2 days in a row, I felt a strong sexual tension between me and women that I just met. I did like the feeling very much...
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