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The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
01-12-2018, 09:08 PM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2018 09:24 PM by wolverine_i_am.)
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The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Since a lotta people are now experiencing the effects of 3.2, I think it's the appropriate time to cease the usage of 3.1B, and start a new thread.

For me, it's hard to determine whether 3.2 has been affecting me. If so, it's getting mixed up with 3.1.

Not too long ago, maybe a week, I had too much abundance, when I was chatting with multiple girls at the same time. It was just too much to keep track of. This was happening when my libido was high. I saw a video of a guy addressing this phenomena too. He was on no fap for a week, then all the sudden, too many girls were messaging him.

I'm flatlining right now. I'm on day 56, but it seems more like day 2 or 3. It's not at a complete zero. I can still feel my libido here and there, but much weaker than it was a few days ago. Apparently a lotta people go through this. I think it's that I haven't been eating as well and haven't been to the gym in a week.

I'm back to part-time status at my job. There's not enough work at the moment in my department. My colleagues are hating it. Personally I love it, cause I have more time for my languages, and I can be out more too. My parents are annoying me to find a new job though, which I think is a very bad idea. Mum recommended me to her friend who works in a government department, and urged me to apply for it. It's a temp position. Why the hell would I lose my ongoing position for something temporary that only lasts 2-3 weeks? I don't mind being ongoing casual right now, as I need the extra free time to pursue things I enjoy. I am getting more than enough weekly income. Life isn't all about work (slaving away).

I mentioned on my 3.1 journal that I met a couple of Swedish girls in the shops. This was 4 days ago. They were going away to neighbouring towns, but would be back in my city yesterday. Then on Monday, they'll be leaving to return to Sweden. The blonde C had replied to my initial message last night. This morning, I asked if she'll be out today. She's seen the message, but hasn't replied to it. It might or might not happen. At this point, I'm not even bothered. There will be plenty more.

It's raining like hell in my city today. I could go out and look for other girls to approach in the mean time, but I've decided instead I'm gonna go gym to strengthen my body. Maybe my libido will come back too lol.

I've stopped using duolingo and memrise. They aren't very effective in my experience. I've been using LingQ mostly, which in my opinion is the most powerful app for language learning. I'm also doing Clozemaster on the side as a supplement. I'm gonna get back to Pimsleur too. These three apps / programs help me make the most gains in the shortest time. I'm all about effeciency and what actually works - not learning useless vocab or wasting time on flashcards.

I'll definitely be going out a lot more this week. Since I'm off 3.1B now, I'll see how 3.2 affects me.
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01-12-2018, 09:40 PM
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Love the title.

"We are incapable of designing and building a mosquito, let alone all the species and most of the other things in the universe. So I start from the premise that nature is smarter than I am and try to let nature teach me how reality works." - Ray Dalio
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01-12-2018, 11:29 PM
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
(01-12-2018 09:40 PM)SargeMaximus Wrote:  Love the title.

I admit, I was intrigued and had to use Google for it Tongue.

TIL... haha.
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01-15-2018, 02:52 AM
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Props for you being on day 56. I notice the same about the blending phenomena. In a sense, that 3.2 seems to blow 3.1 out of the water.
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01-15-2018, 03:13 AM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2018 03:16 AM by wolverine_i_am.)
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Day 58 of no fap. The flatlining is over. When I gymed hard on day 56, and I also ate some black-eyed beans when I got home, it seemed to have triggered more testosterone. I read that beans have a high source of zinc, which boosts your testosterone. Yesterday my libido was coming back a bit, but today it's full-fledged again. At the same time, it's too intense and hard to resist, but I'm glad it's back and it feels amazing.

I'm also back on intermittent fasting. Does intermittent fasting trigger an increase of libido too? I'm not sure, since I'm doing a combination of so many things. I'm also doing cold showers daily.

I didn't end up seeing the two Swedish girls and they've flown back home to Sweden, which is okay, cause at the same time I was very detached to the outcome anyway. It was a good experience approaching them and chatting with them for half an hour. I knew they were keen in the moment to see me again. it's just one of those things that after some time, they went away for a bit, and four days later, especially how they are in holiday mode, the memories of the initial interaction and emotions behind it had faded. I know how they felt, cause I felt the dissipating emotions too. In my mind, I was like, who are these girls really? It was a really fun and friendly chat, but there wasn't anything deeper. Things could easily have been different had it been one-on-one with either of them, or had we spent more time, etc. There are a million different reasons. I see everything so differently now. There is no rejection - just unfinished business. Smile

I just have a half day tomorrow. I'll likely be going out after work.
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Yesterday, 03:04 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 03:08 AM by wolverine_i_am.)
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Day 59 of no fap. Tomorrow I'll be hitting 60 days, also matching my personal best.

I'll try keep today's journal brief.

I only worked a morning shift, so I was able to go out earlier. Got out at 2 and left at 8:30pm.

Something is happening to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm getting way more looks than usual. Girls can definitely feel my presence. I've even had double takes at me. It kept happening throughout the entire day I was out. I've really lost count. Over 20 times maybe. Unfortunately, 2/3 of the girls who looked my way weren't my ideal, so I didn't approach. The other 1/3 who I found attractive, they were either with their bf or with their group of friends. Oh yeah, and another hot blonde who looked twice, she was with her mum. All these difficult situations lol. I actually haven't worn pheromones for a while. Well, a part of me keeps forgetting, but also another part of me wants to see how I react to DMSI without pheros.

Basically, the Lycanthrope in me is waking up. I don't know if it's the blooming effect of 3.1, the TID from 3.2, being on day 59 of no fap, or perhaps a combo of things. When I see myself in the mirror, I feel myself growing more and more attractive every day. My energy is becoming more masculine. I legit see myself as a sexual threat. And I know when girls see me, they feel that too. Perhaps I'm not completely there yet where I need to be, however 3.2 will push me closer and closer towards getting there, although right now something's already starting to happen.

Oh yeah, I didn't approach at all today. There were two girls, but I kinda lost my chance when I hesistated for too long. Tomorrow again maybe.

Lol I need to get back to how deadly I used to be. Back in those days, I used to have instant dates almost every day. I still haven't had a date since July, but I only started getting back into approaching in Dec, but I still wasn't fully active, cause I was only doing once a week still. I'm gonna change that this week.
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Yesterday, 03:35 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 03:37 AM by wolverine_i_am.)
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Oh yeah, I totally forgot about it. This morning when I was still at work, the Canadian J wrote to me asking when I'm gonna go visit her lol. I'm not even sure when I'll ever go back to British Colombia. I've already been to Vancouver years ago. J was from Vancouver too, but she moved some remote town in the mountain ranges or forest. She's also in a relationship with the guy who got her pregnant. I think she's a month in now lol. I don't think she's the best person to mess around with at this point. Plus, I'm more motivated to go Germany, Sweden, etc.

But yes, still getting interest from online, so good thing my sexual energy is flowing again lol.

I've noticed that when my libido is stronger, I also get more attention both in real life and online.
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Today, 02:03 AM (This post was last modified: Today 02:10 AM by wolverine_i_am.)
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RE: The Lycanthrope Awakens - DMSI 3.2
Day 60 of no fap. My energy is raising. It seems I'm growing apart from certain girls.

I wrote a lot about the Dutch C glamour model. We used to be so sexually open. Lately she's shutting down. She told me how a few months ago, she was sexually harrassed by a photographer. And she avoids intimidate contact with anyone now. She told me resorts to her vibrators every night, so she appears to be too content. It is a huge problem for girls too. Too much reliance on highs. It leads to a lot of lows. It also kills her interest for other people. When I was masturbating daily, I was too content too. Didn't bother bettering myself. So back to before. We used to talk about sexual topics, such as masturbation and sex and threesomes. She knows I'm doing no fap. Today I mentioned to her that I just reached my personal best. She bluntly replied 'Idc'. Wtf is that and where did that even come from? If somebody respects you, they would never respond like that. On top of that, I got shamed for expressing my sexuality, when back then it was okay for us flirt. But yeah, gonna distance myself from her.

Same with the German/Swedish M. She is sexually repressed cause she was raped. She used to make sexual flirty comments my way. We talked about sexual topics. However now when I would express my sexual side, I get shamed for it. Same story. She's said much worse, and it was okay for her then. But that's female logic for you. A lotta the times she just ignores my messages completely. I don't believe need to be constantly talking all the time. But there's nothing wrong with writing to people every once in a few days, not in a way that I'm seeking a response, but in a genuine manner. She used to spam me with long messages and even voice messages that would go on for mins. She expressed her feelings for me a lot. So the point could be made that she was needy too. I didn't mind cause I liked her back. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. But yeah, her avoidance behaviour is shady. There was a time when she was explaining a German sentence to me. As a native, she doesn't understand grammar. She just knows if a sentence is right or wrong intuitively. I got the feeling she felt incompetent as she didn't have the answer, so she just ghosted and pretended nothing happened. I later found out the answer from another source and I told her I figured it out. She ignored my message completely. Lol wtf. It's okay if you don't know the answer. Nothing shameful in it. Better than pretending that you know it. I earlier asked a few other Germans and they openly told me they couldnt explain it either, cause as Germans, they intuitively knew the answer, but couldn't explain why. Fair enough, I respect that. No ego and they can admit they don't know. But yeah, other times I'd write to her and get no response at all. She's changed from the girl who used to very affectionately chase me, so I'm not even thinking about visiting her anymore, because what's the point?

I've come to realise how important authenticity is. Take the other M, who lives in a neighbouring city. We are more sexually open with each other. No holds barred. She likes how I'm very open and sexual. I dont have to filter myself or hold things back. With the German/Swedish M, there's still a part of me that's holding back. I can't express myself fully with her cause she's not there herself. I got shut down early, so I know where her limits are. She's not a sexually open person herself, like she thinks casual sex is wrong. We can't flirt sexually. We used to talk about cuddling and that's as far as she went, but now she says she can't even cuddle.

Anyway I've done so much ranting. Basically I'm going through that purging stage again. I don't know if it's no fap or 3.2 or both, but my consciousness is moving up and up. I no longer have room for low energy, so I'm naturally distancing myself from it, and they from me. This has to happen before I can make room for positivity / higher energy.

I'm changing my language study habits too. I'm gonna focus hard on Pimsleur German. I'll still be all-rounded with LingQ and Clozemaster, but Pimsleur is the course that I'm gonna focus all my effort onto one language. It's the best way to move up faster. After I complete German, I don't know what's next in the plans. Maybe Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian...not sure yet. When I delve into a language on Pimsleur, I'll be doing it full on till I finish. But I'm still multitasking around 10 languages on LingQ / Clozemaster, so that will keep everything in check. And also using an extra app for Chinese called 'Du Chinese', and that's going well too.

I can envision a great year coming. Big Grin
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