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My MLS results journal
10-11-2017, 11:17 PM (This post was last modified: 10-12-2017 01:40 AM by Determined.)
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My MLS results journal
Today marks 1 months since starting MLS and here are my results.

- Quit smoking 10 days ago cold turkey
- Diet is healthiest it's been in a long time
- de cluttered my living space
- de cluttered my life
- de cluttering my mind (I believe the two previous ones are an extension of this)
- organised schedule
- increased reading speed from 200 WPM to 400 WPM as of yesterday
- De-activated facebook as it was just a distraction
- currently in the process of streamlining my life (removing the inessential and refining the essential)

I've found this sub works by making many small incremental changes over time and over time these small changes start adding up. Will be continuing this for at least 6 months.

Very happy with my progress so far.
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Yesterday, 01:39 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 04:43 AM by Determined.)
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RE: My MLS results journal
So upon changing it back to listening during the day, I've found my productivity has increased as well as my ability to synthesise new ideas as well as absorbing information. I've started to replace many of my evening behaviours (such as watching movies or playing video games) with reading books which I'm absolutely loving doing.

It should be noted that I have a personal library of 500 plus books which I've bought and hoarded over the years. It's only now that I'm actually going through many of them.

Someone in the "focus fire ideas" thread mentioned making a "read more books" sub. I'd recommend running MLS instead as it has done that for me and more.

Part 2:
I also had a really nice bloom last night of rapid learning. In that state I was absorbing information quite quickly and deeply. My memory recall was pretty amazing as well.

Looking to schedule my loops in the morning and hopefully having a bloom happen in the afternoon. I'll also be starting the "meditations" sub. From reading on here, we can use it alongside a 5.5g. I've been meaning to do some mindfulness training for a long time and this might be a good reason to start.

This is the description of meditations:
"This series of programs is designed to allow you access to virtually every level of awareness your brain is capable of, and, properly used, it can potentially strengthen and even improve your brain’s functioning, resulting in an improved ability to process information and more balanced decision making."

" By the time you complete the entire regimen, your brain will be much strengthened, more coherent, and much better balanced between its left and right hemispheres for information processing."
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Yesterday, 03:56 AM
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RE: My MLS results journal
It's interesting the difference between listening during the day vs night.

I've always listened at night and made up more hours during the day sometimes before 5.5g atleast, the only program I experimented just listening during the day for a while was E2.

Listening during the night I felt more progress emotionally that I noticed was happening.

Then listening during the day I felt less of the emotional progress, but then I decided to start drinking less coffee and stopped having protein bars which points to some healing taking place. When I went back to night more urges for both of those things come back.

With programs that have set loops though i'll likely stick to nights because of the problem of having to listen uninterrupted for so many hours during the day.
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