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DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power ( TID 3.2 anticipation )
07-16-2017, 03:55 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Mostly via pc, through standards 2 box set up, mostly listening hybrid for about 2-4 loops. I let my subC guide mostly about the amount of loops. Otherwise s7 headphones via my s7.
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07-18-2017, 02:23 AM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2017 02:50 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Im pretty sure A is snipered at this point. No doubt about that. i kept eye contact when talking to her ( well, my eyes did dart and lock onto her boobs and stuff automatically ) and she started to adjust, which in a way drew my eyes to it once more. the sniper will penetrate everything is seems, like a laser through whatever shields there may or may not there.

Very social today, opening people left and right, making small talk and its not much of a deal at all. my eye contact is unwavering like when I ran Am6. its causual relaxed yet intense, my eyes have this certain quality nowadays. people seem to lock eyes from afar aswell, others turn their heads away like they feel intimidated/unable to hold at all.

Some more changes are happening, still very hungry after eating lots, more then before DMSi, thats for sure. also, another guy whom I work with couldnt keep it, his eyes did dart all over the place like "wtf do I do?"

E, older women, keeps injecting herself into stuff, opening me and what not.\

having flashes of a younger girl now, which whom I kino, like small pushes, getting physical, only to end up making out with and pulling on my lap. Thinking about sex when making eye contat with A, will set a whole lot of stuff into motion, like getting this absolute certainty of pulling her to me, and having no hindrance of claiming her body as mine, shameless scanning her, what I would do to her physically.

IDGAF s starting to make me feel cocky, almost bordering narcissistic, and crossing lines in snapping back, while keeping my frame solid, think RSDjulien negs, pulls, comments and behaviour.

Edit: snipers keep firing. On the road of an abundance of women. 5 are ready. 3 also confirmed. DMSI breaking through. Eventually with enough healing and right now Ill be having so much pussy that itll be currency and Ill have so much I dont know what to do with it anymore. Oh the perks of a high value DMSI male.

Testing the waters becoming the norm now. Like push pull. Dont care. IDGAF.

For some reason I miss her now. The blond manifestation. Shes snipered yet havebt met yet. Mindblowing.
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07-18-2017, 05:03 AM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2017 06:53 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
More dissolving. Now facebook will go HAM. its like DMSI gives way and enough clearance to have these instincts to come together. Not so long ago it felt all kinds of weird. NOW it doesnt.

Self validation? Check
Opening on facebook? Check.
Acting on oppurtunities? Check.

If only I could allow it. Well DMSI is an meeting half way right? So yeah. I have a very strong sense and absolute drive to go HAM on facebook and manifestation on Facebook going HAM on me. All kinds of platforms to bring and lead to sex, succes, business and what not. Collaboration with many people will be a pretty certain future. DMSI evolution is beyond anythinvg I even could imagine and yet its about to begin...

God those girls are hot af mate. Its an huuuge excitement and bouncing of the walls. Im sure Ill execute and slip now into autopilot...

Edit: opened another blond 8/10. I dont do anything anymore these days, it....happens? noticed my facial expressions went twitchy, wtf. Did it, although an indirect opener. the response was again, laughing, giggles in a good way, no blow out, rather, shy,lsubmissive yet beaming a smile.

start 5 loops ultrasonic now. even tho right in the run of it, my subconcious suddenly switched over to 8 loops hybrid on A as being coined.
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07-20-2017, 01:56 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
I can see how it becomes boring after a while to **** that many chicks. like, it adds up to it all. broke my fapping streak just yet yet am not wavering in awareness. feeling pretty calm actually. the inner changes wil get me there by executing it all. reframing and re-viewing whatever is thrown at me, the toying, challenges, whatever.

get centred, grounded. unaffected yet playfull demeanor from this place of abundance. its freedom from where I am,. Im heading once again to abundance, like, atleast 20 girls being attracted right now. 20 girls harem, yet the other areas on my life are also tackled, only to become the abundant, full realized, MSI guy. Run the loops, set, forget.

Its like no matter what I do, attraction is almost like a separated entity, yet at the same time its not, falling in some DMSI trance or something as they do. it just happens, effortless, automatically.

In the end I will be fully healed, no matter what. gonna play around with projecting, if I;'m not doing that already, te one blond check out girl gives more and more signs of lusting eyes and what not, yet there is a satisfaction in just knowing this, being grounded, centred, unreactive. real strange. it might be fear, idk. we do light eachother up.

I seem to still shift between worlds so to say ( shout out to you Illumi ) from, having extreme confidence,to being scared and even socially awkward. Its like revisiting cycles. Inner negative talk has reduced strongly, like, im getting over with it easily, such as breaking the fapping streak ( autopilot at work ?)

There ie satisfaction in making myself maximal sexually irresistable. I notice its bigger then myself, and right now, im shifting and changing for the better once again. Im having a harem at the moment, its only a slight push that will usher it all into realisation, manifestation and existence. the slight push. Im all for the delicious and glorious healing right now, to heal fully, clear fully, to become the best version of myself right now at this point. Just like the glimpses of 2 days ago, paeople instantly attract to me, like thunder and lightning hits them like a truck/bus and there is nothing they can do about it, only to become irresitable to act upon. I already have glimpses of what to tackle next. The healing will outrank me. Im excited about it.

Charisma is being dealt with. sexuality is being dealt with.

DMSi is more then a sexual sub, its full life abundance, covering several areas in my luife, my attitude towards financials changes for the better, the more healing takes place. Im not even the same I was some days ago.

MLS 5.5 G looks very promising.

it goes eeper then looks to be honest, yes, I care about looks, I like to optimalize many things, and dress myself well, and carry myself well. being fun so to say, playfull and IDGAF reflecting, thus throing my style upside down again, in a even more playerish kind of outlandish guy. the club guy perhaps, who dresses light and reflects fun. in the end its becoming a beam of sexual presence, a centred pillar and flame to which chicks draw as moths to a flame. yet at the same time I cant be arsed.

Oh well, listening to the loops its what Im doing, going out, and, seeing wher I am heading financially, I might go out multiple days a week. Right now I dont care. Invest cycles, not to spend ruthless, but invest in what can bring out the maximum fruits to reap. Not burning out, but actully having a idea, a vision and plan to do so.
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07-20-2017, 05:32 AM (This post was last modified: 07-20-2017 12:11 PM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Part 2;

Just back from the gym. Killed it. Motivation is back. Im looking bigger and toned regardless Ive skipped it for around 2 weeks. The lines are back. Pump is good.

Im starting to realize DMSI will LEAD me to an harem. An hot one that is. My vibrational signature keeps getting better and better, which I now consciously realize. Like, it explains a lot to me, and why attraction and happenings happen as they do.

When at the gym, doing dips, 7/10 body wise brought in another girl. She was fit af. The 7/10 waved at me with enthousiasm. The fit girl ( 8/10, sports top, great ass, slim and fit saw me and she shy'ed away like being hit with AA?! Then it happened...autopilot. its as if only she and I existed and it was resistance free. Yeah the choice to walk up was a piece of cake, effortless, being on the same ( manifestational ) wavelength and ready to take her on. All just happens automatically. Like some slight drowsy dreamy feeling, an "ment to be" scenario. I was buzzing off the walls through the training room walking like a boss. I noticed how strong my vibe was, like a strong dominant lion.

Manifestation increase aslong with now knowing and understanding it all. How they ARE manufestation and how all that pop up in my visions are ready NOW. bring it on DMSI.

After done training I talked with the girl 7/10 at the gym and she tried to keep me around. Engaged the whole time, playfull teases which I increase in aswell. Then she bend over while I drifted in "love" to her tits and gave me a 10 second tits display, straight into her shirt. Oh how I would pull her apart, throw her on the bed, going all primal.

Turned on af now. Im not giving 2 shits anymore. Im like a hot fuckboi knowing value. Im amongst the ranks of the 9's and 10's and will be there. My vibration is like being amongst/around/on the wavelength if them. The hotter the better. Makes sense as to why some shit felt "off" tbh.

LMR and ASD means shit. Theyll come back. They always do. Its some solid insight.

to add: animal magnetism and seduction is the game, seduction, confidence. makes sense in alcohol dis-inhibitions. also, DMSi seems to fight for fominance and is winning, like breaking through the last walls now. im very tired, nauseous even right now. obsession with women and focus on the game is increasing aswell. im done, it is done, if it breaks through, it is done, I will execute yet keep running the loops. things are already done by now.

also, a thought emerged randomly

"I ***** my therapist once ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

the amount of playfullness and attqacking whatever there is is making me dizzy. the loops are pretty much hammered in. 5 loops again this time. to get to the point of seeing - locking - approaching- escalation - seks"disinhibition is where I want to be, the free all party guy, the one who picks and chooses on demand, the one to which women gravitate and are attracted to, irresistable.

Edit2: drive kicks in insane right now. Everything is coming together. Having an constant stream of hyperfocus goimg on and able to master everything. Its like my subC somehow picks up on MLS?! due reading journals. Wharever it is, it feels like the drug from the movie limitless. Drive to kick in gears of everything now. Building empire as of now. Insane drive. Insane horniness. Overwhelmingly euphoricly. I might pick up on MLS and by now I pronounce the financials allow it to do so. Investment. Im blown away of whats happening. The heat is intense right now. MLS feels right. Wtf. Also due that its like im somewhat being shocked awake out of some sort of trance. Like my status explodes as of now. Ill gladly take it!
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07-21-2017, 07:29 AM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2017 07:41 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Angerd, iritated and furious today. Some deep shit comes up. Realizing it was there yet kept somewhat high spirits about it. Not anymore.

Also, being ghosted but not all the way. I am feeling the anger building. S st the gym ( 7/10 body, meh face ) was flirty as ****. All kinds of IOIs. Women go far. Also A is hitted stronger by the sniper the more she gets exposed to the DMSI aura.

Annoyed with cuck behaviour. Could be healing and I now calibrate enough to see it coming, playing out before my eyes. Hoe's aint loyal. Im not the one to let myself be abused, shamed into beta crap, if needed, I'll burn the bish down in a IDGAF attitude by being over the top burn down for shits and giggles. Agression is definitely a thing now and can lead to strong escalation. Just settling like a sad pathetic beta cuck driven fully by scarcity while she cheats on one of his friends in his own place is just pathetic. No matter how long the LTR was, the bish would be gettin freeze out without any remorse nor 'special treatment'. Settling with a mentalcase because of the lack of game is akin to suicide and slave frame.
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07-22-2017, 03:56 AM (This post was last modified: 07-22-2017 08:58 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Inner clearing continuous. Listening to US loops and feel dizzy and like shit. Killing it at the gym. My whole lower back is sore, strong tension radiating straight through my hams, glutes towards my calves.

Ch is being hitted by DMSI?
Was talking with my neighbour and my drinks where a few steps away from me. As she arrived home she wasnt wearing a bra. Nipples pinching through her shirt and I felt some hyperfocus kick in. She pointed out the drinks and said mire then once she would take it. I told her no, spontaneous. Then she placed my stuff higher up, smiling seductively like she new I was checking her tits out. Then she proceeded to say 'if its there tomorrow morning ill ring your doorbel, even if it wakes you up" while smiling all seductively, gazing and licking her lips. Body is meh but still, I would rail her.

Today some very fit girl at the gym was there yet was very introverted, down on myself. She was trying out some spandex trainers out with an older women who I know. Around 35 I guess. She seemed to be in her 20s body wise. Face said something else. Idk. Eventually talked with P while joking how women and clothing is a thing. Strong giggles when she picked our convo up. She did countless times just hoover, readjusting her hair in a ponytail and showing of her body.

Then a boxing guy, strong alpha masculine type professional boxer which was a great conv. On AM6 he asked me to chill some time back then. I seem to vibe with the guy. Friendly, foreign in roots yet oozing presence. Inspiring.

I notice some deep stuff going on inside. Like, this makes me tired, dizzy, lethargic. Could be the injury that drains me but still, its gettin me down. Also, im getting aware how Im sexy in being, presence without the need for external hang ups. Also, noticed yesterday how DMSI teaches me things through downloading it in my brain, even without having loops running. Im nit saying dress like total shit but yeah, it starts from within and can adjust from there. Masdive range of clothing, style and things to work with. I can spit sick game without even dressing well. Just for self amusement, shits, giggles and challenging.

I am appreciating agression, focus, banter and approach. I know DMSI is about the opposite gender to approach you and meeting half way but Im about to conquer the world. Like having those skills are vital aswell still. Agressive game and what not. No longer avoiding in pattern. No longer thin skinned.

things are getting easier and easier, number closing will be a walk in the park now.
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07-23-2017, 08:24 AM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2017 08:25 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Pondering as to how Im going to introduce them to eachother, if Im going to do this, its choice. In ways Im having a abundance of women, yet now the choice is coming up of how to manage my harem- Stuff is getting real. Also, walking yesterday evening through the city, i felt a whirlwind of energy flowing around me, bombarding me with a continous stream of wealth vision and where Im at, as to how to. I can introduce them to eachother, or I can just **** girls all around, idc really. the `how to`frame is pretty solid, like how to bring the news and managing, amnswers come sometimes instantly with the question. Admitting this stuff, that it is already, gives me a huge sense of focus, confidene and all kinds of goodies. juist one part of me seems to stirr up anxieties around it. as i write this, and running my 4th loop, my hands are glowingly hot.

having constant thoughtsd going around that i will have 5 new numbers atleast, that women will give me their numbers, begging.

I am also aware of how Im going to be very financial well off, which is a manifestation of people and through collaboration. the drive towards wealth is insane, assuring and great, it makes feel litterally golden and money $$$, which ties in with having a harem and meeting women. DMSI is worth the buy. Im about the bigger outlook, like, empire seize. I also am aware of the oppurtunities that are there, will be there and are coming to me, and in my life. as i envision it, I see myself working togetehr with some big names and brands.

also, laptop life. letting the pressure a bit off, and the flow more into it, less effort, bigger results kind of thing.

before I went to the city, I did get some stuff at the petrol station, I playes with a former women who was into me, and she was still. it was pretty clear through communications. I walked in and the first 3 seconds was silent eye contact, just lookign in eachother eyes. then I paid for my stuff, and she threw out the receit, and I played with her, when she uttered `oh, no its okay, you can have a new one, because its you`while keeping her cheecky smile. we know both, im pretty sure about that stuff.

everything is currency man.

DMSi makes me also delve deeper within my own inner world, its almost transcending women, wealth, luxury and the such. Like a detached sense of it.

My girls are waiting. im not one to wait for it anymore, im more and more about fieldtesting and approaching myself if needed so, while DMSi does its thing simultaneously. when we meet, the women and I, itll be effortless and automatic.
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07-24-2017, 10:10 AM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2017 10:33 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Breakthrough in all areas taking place now. Watching limitless and its highly inspiring. Creative flow and input is off the charts. Confidence is extreme. I actually believe at this point unlocking the subcobscious ( like nzt ) is possible and executing in split second might be well possible.

DMSI - listen to the loops and enjoy the ride.

New ideas keep popping up one after another as an continuous flow. My mind seeks solutions now really easily. Whatever I pick up/my subconscious picks up can be unlocked. And if not, the next logical step is to coin how to and the rest does follow inspiration

Financialwise, ceilings are broken now. Dont ask me how, but 40 mill seems like a piece of cake?! I can't even begin to fanthom what DMSI will do and my subC already is coining up new sub possibilities. Shannon, what have you done...

Present yet very in tune would it be, execution and flow state.

"I have the drive to move forward, if I hold back I feel like Im about to explode" ideas are wonderfull. Execution is aswell.

Thats it. Im nit gioing to jinx. Only that 9's and 10's are my reality becoming. One 9 might become a gf by the looks of it. Im thinking incredibly big right now. Constant new inventions to be made. Like the nzt, it could be modified, which would be a easy insight.

Confident af.
Self esteem high.
Knowing my worth and value.
Dominate yet relaxed.

I am the prize.

Visions ate real. Training the 9/10 in the real. Mating ritual. Bedmastery is real.

Im also noticing some reality slips besides clear bending, im moving to ful execution?! reality slips and glyphs and glitches, like writing it, thinking I wrote something, only to see it shift inf ront of my eyes. my mind is a hypercomputer in all and many ways. Im in onto something realy big at this point, and it mixes me up, euphoria is one of it, nvm. its good. So it be.
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07-25-2017, 10:39 AM (This post was last modified: 07-25-2017 10:41 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
The clearance of A is just beautiful. Im getting inspired from every angle atm. Im feeling focused, laserfocus and determined at this point to make it happen, yet it feels so...effortless, like a ment to be, allignment. Not to say, my purpose is satisfying at this moment, beiong embodied.

Went this morning before I visited the doctor, to the petrol station around 7 am or something. and some cute girl was working there. I drove up and she gave me the biggest beaming smile and bambi eyes. I npotice myself I can´t be arsed at times and being pretty much `in my world`still, without guilt, but releasing the flow and sexual raw energy from inside is definitely happening, shift after shift.

Anyways, I went inside, she threw glances multiple times, and I went inside to pay for my stuff. she had a great rack, great blue-green eyes, and was showing IOI´s, it was cute to withness.

Anyways, she begun asking questions and starting conversation of why I was so early, where I was going to and the such, without breaking eye contact. I just told her i was going to get a check up and she was all giggly and stuff. i really should do something with this, its a crux ive dealt with for a long time, but it seems to be finally clicking. some sort of opposite response execution taking place.

She was pretty sweet. something tells me this will not be the last time we see eachother to begin with. It was going further then the casual `oh hi, thats xyz ty, have a nice day`routine, this was genuine interest. engaged with her fearless and without hesitation, effortless flowing.

It seems I am moving to an reality in which women want to positively do things for me now, out of awe, attraction and favour winning, its a great way of living and feels a bit like being Eddie Morra in a s ense. pure golden feeling now.

Anyways, it seems im allergic for certain painkillers, or it does mess heavily with DMSI programming, as I felt my breathing drop today more then once and my heart skipping and pain on my chest, which scared the living lights outa me. My leg feels better still, nut I am highly suspicous to medication in general, especially with severe side effects and who mess with my blood index parameters.

As I suspected, doc suscribed me some heavy medication known for crazy and even in cases `lethal`side effects which can mess up and lead to heart failure. initial intake was pfretty dozy and fuzzy. the rest of the day was shifting in terror and felt a disconnection, yet ***** present at times.

Walked in the store to get the recipe-medication and greeted everyone. Some pretty hot milf went out of her way to greet me ( no coworker there or something, just a random ) pretty slim figure, half long hair, cute face. Didnt do much morew with her anyways. Went to get my package, the girl behind the counter was also cute, green eyes with a distinct golden glow. looked her in the eyes, flirted and batered a bit with her, which she seemed to enjoy. she adjusted her glasses some times when talking, adjusting herself to present herself more nice and that was it.

At work im getting more assertive. played around with another girl at work, mom of 2 kids, who didnt shy away to push her tits forward and show off her rack. she has something sexual about her. I notice how I am now somewhat proffesional, sure, assertive and determined aswell, like knowing Im alpha, and being king. to come back to the work environment, she showed how she has been stung by something and I went of from there. got her to open up and talk more. physical she is so-so, but those tits man, and that attitude, embracing her womenhood in that way, without being a feminist at all, more in a healthy submissive way. almost traditional, yet with sexual undertones, natural flirt.

Other location at work I went all bad on the medication, did still talk with everyone, didnt give to shits as my priorities where somewhare else, which is welcoming and helpfull in the way, without being concerned of how I come across. No fear of other people toying or anything, just assertively setting my frame, and thats about it.

My priporities are shifting once again. Im going co,ld turky on many things at ones, and I have a intense interest for nootropics, learning languages, merging business, collaboration and rising upwards, to add value. in a way its setting me apart, on some sort of destiny kind of way, and I want to master anything. crossing thoughts of Elon mus even and learnign from the best. i want a mentor aswell.

MLS is super tempting. I feel the women part becomes now easily more and more mastered and I just walk while DMSi increases my value while im busy building and improving, growing and realizing.

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07-26-2017, 02:42 AM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2017 09:56 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
This has to be one of the weirdest experiences I had up to date. I feel literally everything comes together at this point like an almost guiding force of DMSi. I describe it as a sort of rush pushing me forward. Im highly analythical, dividing my attention well and my mind works like a freaking supercomputer. It seems like the perfect execution and flow now. Its making me euphoric and hype aswell, [I feel I understand tons right now. Also, I seem to be divided, like several versions of myself working together and shit gets done, Its almost like a hidden superpower unlocked right now. perhaps this is the execution. Its a welcoming `belief`

Also, by restign in it, allowing and embracing this, makes me pretty much mindblown in the swiftness of execution, understanding and what not. Like, if I pay my attention to the brain puring all out, executing and knowing the subconscious registers everything, then its a whole new ballgame. My emotion seems to be gone, only being filed with flow and full hyperfocus attention. liker, this only matters at this point.

All written with a sneaky grin on my face. Women keep seducing me, less being affected at all right now by one blond girl of today who seemed to be closed of for some reason. whatever. her loss.

Also, If im writing its as if I write it in a story telling frame. like writing down some sort of story. My mind comes up with new adventures to indulge. Working for a big company. Languages are next because I feel drawn to it. Itll be effortless to pick up and absorb. Whatever is happening and unlocking, I like it even to its unknown to me where its heading to, well, maybe...sort offly. Just letting all go and letting it fill me and guide me. Not even excitement to anticipation, maybe a bit, just unattached to the outcome.

Oh hey the luxury vision is stronger and stronger getting clearer and sticking. Allowing it. Its a reality that will be, becomes and is. Omnipotent. No matter what, itll be. Itll get its way.

After reading Chaos´s journal about MLS clearing faulty beliefs about pre/existing knowledge`I cannot help but resonate with it and strongly embrace that. tbf, I even want to be proven wrong, merciless so by DMSi and going to the very deep end. Im running now DMSI since I came home from training, which would be around 2 pm. I will not say I have a day off as my existing line of reality is shifting for the better and more intense. I want the very deep end of everything, to come to know and unlock full potential. No wonder I am in tears right now, as every little thing hits me with a shitload of realisatrion/bricks.

Im open toward endless possibilities to this point, crwating reality in the litteral sense, it bring out lots of tears and awe, If its a mental universe driven by the subC, then, how uch can there be physical change? ( think the movie Lucy ) Also, empire building.

I also have these slight sense of notion that some young girls will set me up for some sex orgy. little sexual nympho's. Them dating ME. them little sexual vixen all seducing me and shit, only to trick me into seks with them.... Im opening up more the last few days about it, more relaxed even, welcoming it in my space ( no not the safe space )

Grudges are lifted off from my shoulders aswell, yet experiencing those grudges, those stright in your face things are vital. manifestation seems to kick up a notch again, also, even with my injured leg, I might actually take back on Martial arts. Im not thinking anymore in ways I used to do, just like going to appointments, its "just doing it because I like to and pick up along the knowledge through learning" Another moment, another appointment, and it already happens kind of thing ( autopilot/flow)
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07-28-2017, 05:04 AM (This post was last modified: 07-28-2017 09:42 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Things seem to smoothen out and go one notch up. Talked with A today and she was creamin. Like litterally licking her lips, longing eyes and what not. My whole face did freaking twitch and tremble. Idk wtf thats about. Im becoming self actualized and know. A became like clay in my hands and I envision it live and clear. Also, the talk in the tread of herr Dr, is inspiring, about style and such. Last few days are breakthroughs.

This month is expensive. Leg gets better now, atleast, the painkillers seem to help yet cant help but think the origins of the injury come from something else. When the ibu is waned off its still painfull as shit. Another is my phone screen of my s7 edge that broke and is now damaged. Its as if financial costs keep piling up from every corner :/

Did kill it at the gym. My agression turns up and each hit increases it. Like remembering gym motication kicks up my agression a notch. Im growing and get more defined in muscle and physique.

At the gym talked with another women at the counter. Older women. She has something about her which I can't (yet) pinpoint. Talking to her went effortless and caught her bodylanguage. Some cute 8/10 was also wsiting and talked to her. She opened me. Cute girl. Pick her up next time if I see her.

Overal things pick up more clear. Higher up. Im more assertive and calling out is automaticly now, like I own it. Things become more and more automatic. Fears are released. Vision is being clearer. I am also aware of trust and some blocksges. Oh well. Openness to this all is paramount at this point.

Edit: motivation for the gym is pretty much spiking. Like seeing myself grow. Tracking macro's, eating healthy, dressing better. Stronger motivation to get habits back on the road. Tracking macro's wasnt my thing, but disciplinairy order and setting things straight gives me a huge boost. I am already there. It makes things all so much easier, like, more fluid, beneficial and smooth. Slacked in responsibility before. Not anymore. These arent even feeling like sacrifices but rather massively attractive and right. I want to have the best condition for myself. To be in form and being in maximum health.

Also, there seems to be fear going round. Fear as to "how to" in terms of accomplishment and going full on DMSI reality. Im already more clearheaded and the momentum picks up. Its gettin "weird" again, like echo-y internally and in my mind. Interesting times. Also the tearfullness and anxiety coming up in my body makes me relive shit. Its crushing.
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07-29-2017, 06:50 AM
Post: #73
RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Killing it at the gym. Getting more agression while going and feeling executing bodybuilding knowledge. Benching 100 + for reps is easily. Getting toned and more defined on a rapid frequency that make people wonder "wtf is with this guy"

Felt calm, centred yet very down and panicky in a slight sense. Underconfident for sure and heightened. Total off responses yesterday aswell when meeting up with friends. Im outgrowing them. Their intetests are not even close to me in terms of slight interest. I even felt wasting my time there. Like, it was so empty and unfulfilling I went home eventually.

Some girl was observing me from afar. The responses today were highly unusual. S was with another girl at the gym and for some reason, I displayed total disinterest at all, till MGTOW proportions. Training, eating, "planning" being on a flow of almost isolation. The looks from people vary very much. Weird looks like a distrust or some sorts, till other more looks of "taking of the pressure" as if greeting brings a sign of relief to them.

Went to get groceries after training and walked up on almist everyone to get what I needed. An war seems to be fought out internally. Visions and knowing of girls is coming bsck now and its a matter of time before having a partner/partners. Theyll line up for sure.

I am having attraction towards bodybuilding lifestyle, tracking macro's, carbs, fats, proteins. Since this shift broke through Im feeling kind of...flat? Numb? Somewhat meh-ish and chilled out without any interest in other things. AAS even has my interest now. Im legit confused. Slow glimpses of fragrance life and walking through the city and all of that. Amgry at limitations. Myself and the limitations that dictate others and so poison other peoples minds through it.

Oh, my spending is spinning out of hand. Im very much procrastinating aswell around it. Sucks but feel some things shifting in understanding and getting investment. Investment for investment. Like a circle thing and no interest at all to "side spend" for unnecessary things. Strict business view.
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07-31-2017, 11:08 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2017 11:14 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
DMSi is breaking throug once again, and I am feeling very driven, positive and inspired. my reality of several girls is becoming a now reality, aswell as manifesting a car. Im going by the code of silence for a while, to not jinx it and letting DMSi run its course. Im pretty much done involving myself in all kind of bs, I rather let it not even enter, nor coming close to me. Also, realizing how much influence there is by surrounding myself with succes and succesfull people and cutting off all other bs.

may be going on a steak, eggs, veggies diet. also, the 20/80 model is really clicking for me, as in, I resonate with it and it seems to be the right thing as off now.

DMSi causes me to relax now, allowing to become seduced by women now, and its overwhelming, had glimpses today off it already, with J, with W aswell and some other girls/women. My psyche used to have this huge front/coping mechanism that would trigger eevry time. now its being dealt with. Snipers are unleashing again, several grisl will dream about me, and are dreaming about me, I expect the reports to come quickly now. also, some ( not yet met ? ) gitrls are hitted by the snipers and stay in my mind, including some who are close and nearby. Its even causing me to become excited to welcome them, its like the snipers go worldwide now. its insane. Now, Im not closing off those close in my vicinity now. My game is changing, aswell as rapid shifts in my exterior outlook. Like 2 days back, it was like being hit constantly with women crossing my path. like, I couldnt even turn my back or some other women almost bumped into me.

Im pretty hyped on the cutting out of all things/people that dont benefit succes. Selectiveness is good, yet also, ***** women just because ( the ***** on sight thing ) is also nice. cuz, why not?

this morning ran 2 loops US, evening ran 3 loops hybrid. seems right for me.

Things look up incrdibly well, im excited of whats about to come, of whats here ( contrast gap ) and the gap is closing, including my r32, yet will end up with multiple cars. also, the sense of being rich is a thing coming back now, im on it, its right, its true. this is it. healing aint Always easy, yet glorious when passing.

Thimgs are about to change on massive tectonic level. I feel it coming. Like, a final instalment that holds. perceptions and beliefs are shifting right now, its great. Im fine with it, content with it. like, having so many pussy my desire is being snuffed out, making me even more irresitable. I know it deeper in my core now, but this....???
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08-01-2017, 06:36 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2017 06:39 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Pretty much on edge, the tiniest slightest memory of events today with some friends ( if to call them, im moving on, changing rapidly, outgrowing anyone and cutting out till there is nothing left ) over groups whatsapp, sets me off like no toher and I'm raging. like, this white hatred bubbling up. Im also considering deleting my facebook and going ghost lol. wtf. bs comments feel incredibly poisonous right now, like, I want to assert boundaries, dictator style. No ***** space for it. knowing my vibration is changing and people fall off, posting this on my facebook, met with one of them placing a comment that brought my state down to crash. Its a harsh look right now of which one are to be going replaced, if so, or Im going to focus solely on succes, business and finances. this along the road and way will manifest great oppurtunities and people along the way. law of exchange.

I am aware of how validation comes from insiode, and all originiates from inside/my mind, yet, surrounding yourself with succesfull people is another thing. Im not denying the externals, such as succesfull people have a positive adding to my momentum and mindstate. perhaps I ghive to much of a ****, but I am really getting at my witts end, cutting all distractions out as of now. Im solely focussed on me ( damn, that car keeps popping up :') ) and what i can do.

Im also releasing the alpha beta limited framework. its bs when being actualized. I want to call out people, and am calling out people, my fuse is short, my fuell is high towards these things and I have no chill, AT ALL.

W seems to be getting more infatuated with me, longing eyes and listening, turning her attention towards me now, nice milf. also, she commented stright up to me, how she experienced herself being "hot" in a smiling seductive way. my eye contact is relentless when its all kikcing in. In other ways, this build up will be released in shedding tears probably, and I welcome it. if it sends me down the dark night of the soul, so be it. I realize some layers of fronts going on in my psyche, and letting them go is something that is met with a struggle. 3 loops hybrid A are running as of NOW.

My focus and vision on succes is growing again, its more laser focus and concentrated, and things that are bs/no concern are falling down the road, only to not return at all. Im done delaing or giving energy to any of that. its a warzone. Cutting out people, bs and what not will be one hell of a sacrifice.

Also, Im so thrilled from which car is about to manifest, I love it already, its a beautiful, comfortable sportscar, very much streamlined, cabrio and ( matt ) black, in a higher class, which would be considered high end exclusive by many.
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08-01-2017, 10:06 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2017 10:27 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
For some reason the limitless soundtr\ack gets me out of the rut, after listening to 3 loops hybrid A im buzzing, buzzing with energy, momentum, clarity, and all is seemingly to move so fast and effortless tro the reality I envision. DMSi is the real deal. if this is 3.1, I wonder how far shannon could go in blending several subs, the 3.2 release and much more. ill become my dream life. Im feeling like a golden g*d. just went out for a bit, women now lock me first and effortlessness is ensueing, through eye contact and greeting, yet I feel somewhat...weird? light? slight unrealness yet very comfy in it all, while my vision is growing and expanding, all is expanding, from where I am now will be a shadow of where I will be, all stuff that is coming seems somewhat "small" compared of ewhats coming.

To come back on the limitless movie, which seem to be a huge theme the last few days and blends well with DMSI and its goals and visible workings, expansion is the game, growing, getting oodies, growing, expanding, thriving, lifes purpose, its as if hacking the subconscious or/and universe at some point, putted in the state-shifting? IDK. this is glorious. the sense that there is so much more to attain makes it flawless, effortless, in a way, puts new perspective on the whole approach and be approached thing and what not.

Limitles programming is the real deal and im pretty much wanting to be an example of IML, a succesfull man, entrepreneur, living life succesfully and I am open to subC downloading in my brain.

MLS seems to be close to an NZt pill tbh, yet Im pretty certain subs can mae it possible to hack and open up to the subconscious in similar fashion.

Empire state of mind. my vision is awe inspiring to myself, the whole bunch, the whole package. everything, effortless and DMSI driven. its like the excitement wanes, knowing takes its place and literally flashing forward through reality bending.

Ps; im shifting now to giving, may it be giving 5k to my parents, giving sex/love like something more bigger, driven out of value and the whole world kind of place. riding the waves of momentum. All feels like a dream and all feels good. what a change.

This somewhat illustrates the state im in.
"relax and enjoy the dmsi ride"blending with laser motivation andf getting shit done.
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08-02-2017, 05:33 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Running B now and its met with tears. Lots of them. Idk why. Do I care? Nope.

Killed it again at the gym. Chest went full. Bigger then ever. Talked with some people there just because why not?

Played and toyed around with A. She keeps me wanting around her. Playfull banter. Going all sad when I dont join her and what not. She seeks physical contact, ass against my arm, leaning in while close to my neck. Constant screening my reactions and glancing eye contact, licking her lips, playing with her ponytail, adjusting herself and what not.

Internally succes and financial related stuff is ramped up to the point of 'succes is easy, im well off' its solidifying. And lo and behold, yesterday I spotted a red ferrari which is rare, its like a F16 on the road and streamlined. Today a lamborghini was spotted all black.

As I run my B loops now, I feel some sadness and want to tear up. Just bawling my eyes out for no reason. Could be A still carrying over. I dont know.

Also, I have a thing for russian women going on. Hot.

I feel the aura over my hands again now, glowing and traveling. Something tells me A will be hit strongly by the aura following days. Also, smell is something that turns on or turns me off. How a woman smells, her scent.
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08-02-2017, 08:11 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2017 08:19 AM by Kol.)
Post: #78
RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Version B is highly potent. I will be incorporate good morning habits again. Ill set up a shedule and whatever changes and pops up might aswell blend in. There are no excuses for excuses, nit even the past and circumstances take full on control ( and get molested... ) alright, so my focus is laser now, im becoming a self actualized man and am back on my A game. Nothing can and will stop me. 0 bs tolerance from people or myself. Be prepared to be cut out. I create new and new and better might and will be replaced by it.

first round of B gave hard stuff to work through, including women. Im already different now. Stirred up many things.

Frankly enough IDGAF. Only business driven now and becoming a self actualized man as a priority. Yes, a MAN. I am.

Money aint a issue, things are moving incredibly fast, things are about to manifest and my solar plexus is going very quick. IDGAf about women right now at all, being driven like this is satisfying at this point.
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08-03-2017, 09:25 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
I find myself beaming smiles on B version. Confidence is high, IDGAF skyrockets. had the gym for my own today, yet I feel by not giving any fucks about women right now, theyll get space to being attracted to me. I just feel super cozy, lught feeling and glowing, like the disabling of healing and running B gives me more space and sets me free. Again, the mental cardhouse is about to collapse and the sub is merciless breaking through right now.

Thinking about the brazilian chick and knowing many brazillian chicks makes me wana drown in their pussy, B is moving me upwards and fiorward incredibly fast, yet some part is getting exhausted and sad.

Abundance = unlimited resources. even looking at the leaves at trees, and the abundance everywhere gives me a sense of "yes this is it, glorious"
Training is still going hard and understanding this abundance sense and getting glimpses of this hyperdrive/hypermotor/dynamo thing, makes me realize the sub will do everything to get me reach the goal, including indirectly being focussed on women, such as manifesting coaches and mentors.

Im now sure I have a gf. we havent met, yet we are together. lol. wtf. Im laughing my ass off right now. this is so clear to me now, shes freakin cute. Also, my BDSM streak is coming back. I want to do things with girls, playing out roles and submission roles, 50 shades kind of style or whatever, and they are willingly, its almost predatory like.

Im craving so much right now, and am in awe over abundance.
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08-03-2017, 09:34 AM
Post: #80
RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Love your writing style man

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