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DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power ( TID 3.2 anticipation )
06-12-2017, 06:45 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Day 20

Im starting to get deeper attraction now.
IDGAF is at an high as of now and all areas in my life are unlocking. Had some resistance and fears today, including shut off at work. Similar to pre-AM and deep healing when on AM6. having many things getting clearer now and am growing stronger in 0 bs tolerance. Very outspoken, my voice is loud and commanding. When I speak on full volume like last time with friends, one was somewhat trying to impose some shit on me, I called him out, without thinking and he turned full on puppy submissive apologizing.

The gf of one of them, a brazillian short haired self entitled little shit, was disrespectfull to me. She turned out to be horny yet shittested me like crazy and pulling all kind of stunts. I went full onto her ass and snapped back at her. The kind of self entitled princess cunt behaviour who thinks she can do whatever she wants and is plainly offensive, nasty, negative spoily brat. 0 space for her and cutting her out. If she might be in my life Ill cut that shit short, even if it means RIP her hamster. Feminist brat. The aura did affect her as she was grinding her bf who said outloud that her pussy was wet

Im about to cut negative people out of my life. My vision is clear. Drive is up and about. Limitations are dissolving. Had 11 loops yesterday as I fell asleep around 3 AM and had the idea that my phone didnt support the hybrid. Result; blissed out, autopilot day, shits got done, enormous inspiration fliw, headaches and rapid healing. It came with a headache and a price and feel vety worn out now.

Getting looks everywhere. N who is a 8, dimples, nice smile. Seemed to subconsciously respond to me. Face stroking, bent over, dying to introduce herself, feet dangling, looking in her shirt.

Shift about attraction now and understanding strongly, clicking about vibe. Autopilot all over again, aroused. Its beyond physical yet attracting 10's. Abundance. Still, physically im worn out and some stuff is what I am oblivious to still ( resistance?) Yet its akin to MDMA almost.

So much change is taking place. I cannot even behin to describe the overal changes now. Depressed yet extatic in certain ways and manners. My facial expressions show sex. My eyes project it. When M walked in today, of who I dreamed in the beginning of DMSI and visualized, sexual transmitting made sense of a sudden. Women love sex, give bjs, handjobs, even possibly 5 minutes before walking in, **** and go far in sexuality. No reason to not embrace this.
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wolverine_i_am, enoch
06-12-2017, 10:35 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
5 loops hubrid trickling stream.flac.

enetring the 5th loop I noticed a strong dizziness and pressure which I have encounterd before. Not sure what it was, called it overload before, only that it passed now, while I decided to go through with it. My whole body is glowing and having heat now, especially my head. Very pleasant. Good stuff.
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wolverine_i_am, Dr. Strangelove
06-12-2017, 09:59 PM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
RIP her hamster?

A Better Alex (ISTJ): EPRHAASC → …
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06-12-2017, 10:17 PM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Yes, the term that her hamsterwheel goes wild. Basically when she goes HAM.
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06-13-2017, 11:02 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Ah ok.

A Better Alex (ISTJ): EPRHAASC → …
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06-14-2017, 08:11 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
8 loops ultrasonic.mp3

The rage is real.

Some positives; people act friendly the last few days.
Women like to be opened, generally positive
Exerting dominance, several areas such as financials and the such have shifted dramatically, like being put on another 'timeline' for a lack of better word
The hunger is intense and keeps going on, the beast is to be feeded.
Dmsi pays for itself. Which gives a sense of sureness and calm, which gives in turn space to work on other areas.
No longer triggered around parents. Instead I display a better mastery.
Opening escalates to other levels.

Having a huge headache currently, rage and almost violently triggered towards anything feminism and agenda pushing.

Tried last night 4 loops hybrid. Sleep was horrible.
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06-14-2017, 08:16 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
(06-14-2017 08:11 AM)Kol Wrote:  Opening escalates to other levels.

Man I like your journal but you're so cryptic at times, it's like reading haiku poetry Rolleyes What does this above mean?
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SargeMaximus, enoch
06-14-2017, 08:32 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Yesterday I was out in town, greeting people left and right, being social and stuff, which was received positive. Reactions still are hilarious at times, when people look like you are an alien or something. This started the engine so to say, like my mind picks it up and wants to escalate, kiss, seduce, puts me in state.

I appreciate your feedback Dr. I tend to think abstract, atleast, to me it makes sense yet getting the message across is sometimes met with "difficulties".
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Dr. Strangelove, enoch
06-14-2017, 08:48 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Thanks man. It makes sense now. Clear as f*ck. It is done. Smile
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06-14-2017, 08:53 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
No problem bro, subscribed to your journal btw.
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Dr. Strangelove
06-20-2017, 05:12 AM (This post was last modified: 06-20-2017 05:40 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Lots of crazy behaviour around me like people falling under ky DMSI spell.

Girl whos normally blunt is more gentle
Realizing shittests are good
DMSI changes my life into playboy kinda stuff
Other women are also more submissive
Socially way more calibrated, like my voice has this quality to it ajd is streamlined for lack of a better term
My mind seems to be less affected. Had some blockage around anger last days. Felt being toyed with yet couldnt get angry at it. Felt like a nice guy yet at the same time I might not be adjusted to the IDGAF and having resistance about it, like running away and 'shoulds'

This morning one women kept hoovering around me. Making playfull remarks, having herself injected in my reality. I couldnt just stop locking with her, like my dick wanted to swallow her whole. Physically so so, yet her energy, I felt drawn to it. Almost escalated in front of everyone there. Kept locking eyes, screening her body tits and ass.

Now this current girl us eying me up, im very self amused about it yet want her. Here lies the pulling of the trigger. Playing to win and yet being abundance. Not abundance as an excuse but knowing I can gave her. Goddamn, her eyes and I love it.

DMSI is also causing me to become financial well off. Like high end business and marketing stuff. If my reality shifts as I envisioned, huge names and brands will be in my reality and I will have such contracts. Not to say that my vision is who I am becoming, living and breathing, feeling it as if now.

Also, back to julien blanc era when he was darth julien lmao. Its very insightfull. Im really thrilled to where this DMSI journey will lead me. Oh and now I have the feeling and sense I will be contacted soon.

My mind throws up abundance of women ready to manifest. Im gonna kill it on tindr and my reality is about to shift like its the only one left now. Like, my mind is about having tons of women. Yeah... it blew me away 2 days ago.

Overturning my clothing. Its more casual yet will go business. DMSI is thriwing up constant insights in where and what to work on. Boss shirt with a open cardigan/vest like some playerish guy

Really focussed inwardly last week. Running 7-10 loops yet tonight Ill run 5. My LDS is popping up constantly and constsnt visualizing lots of women seducing, ***** me, riding me and me dominating them in ecstacy and orgasm. Itll be ***** fun. Also, inner game is deepening, griwing, magnifying. Im honestly very well of thanks to DMSI. and whats ahead is glorious as ****. Things get instantly. I AM attraction by being. Nothing I can do about it. 10 game.

Its honestly very weird to know theyre attracted by no words even like even when not saying "hi" its intuition. Im playing around with it. Have cried multiple times last few days ( like with the movie end of Logan )

Tindr also shows matches very nearby.

Cant wait to run B yet know I still need healing. Feeling very IDGAF playerish and ***** shit over for amusement. Can imagine this is pure attraction mechanics at work and illogical which makes sense.

Edit: feel not like journalling much anymore, only full surrender to DMSI in that regard. Also, the girl wants to **** me. Its like a thrilling sense DMSI will bring down inhibitions. Matter of game myself and hers to dismantle. Somehow I feel DMSI already does thst and only increases that. Women inhibitions are a thing and their (societal) programming aswell. Enough exposure will bend their...ass.

Ill act more in spite of fear coming up. Its like a detached sense of fear yet a more dominant to do it still.
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Dr. Strangelove, FREAK4LIFE, enoch, Inconceivablezen
06-20-2017, 06:49 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power

After work went to get some groceries and dominated the store. Litterally lotsa women where scanning me for split second. Thinking about it arouses me. Its a trend to walk, socialize and afterwards it hits me to wanting to rail the women. Wtf. Like the girl at work.

Chatting up effortless now. Fluidly social abundance. No hassle. Automatic. Catch myself averting eyes for whatever reason sporadically. At the checkout chatted cassier up who I know from the past. Another women, milf with nice tits stood behind me giving me eye contact, smiles. Needed a bag, she directly gave it. Out of the blue. If this is DMSI doing its thing, oml. Also create an mass bubble of attraction as a next step. I realize I dont have to do shit. Simply am sexual attraction now. DMSI.

People giving headnods. Headnodding back like knowing them for years. Not defensive anymore. Shift.

Just had a women at the door wanting to look in my house because its her fetish. This is starting to creep me tf out. Felt the sexual tension growing. She wasnt hot. Weird as ****. So they arrive at my ***** doorstep now. My gaze didnt break. She was dissapointed she wasnt allowed in and kept sniffing and telling it smells nice. Errrrrr WTF. I couldnt break eye contact at all. Impossible. Holy shit.

More things happening today which I cant recall. Only that im horny as **** by little recallings
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FREAK4LIFE, Dr. Strangelove, Travis
06-20-2017, 07:01 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
(06-20-2017 05:12 AM)Kol Wrote:  Enough exposure will bend their...ass.

I'm dying in here Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
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Kol, enoch
06-21-2017, 11:21 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Something big is cleared out right now and it makes me ignore my Phone at all and not wanting to deal with anyone at all, not with contacts right now and breaking up with social circles. Im destined for so much more and indicates some huge changes underneath, which I feel aswell happening pretty clear.

At work this morning the milf'running' the thing there is getting increasingly sexual in her language patterns around me, innuendo's over the place. and had as shitty day around messed up organisation. I realised that by neing slightly comforting it, through a sexual frame setted vibe, that even that can easily escalate towards sex if wanted, ofcourse the bodylanguage and positions working in this play its part, eye contact and speaking her certain words, I shifted slowly towards this realisation this morning.

Im getting opened and approached now, or, atleast treated with respect, admiration and what not. Went to the gas station after I was done training ( the guy kept engaging me and I flowed effortlessly at the gym ) at the gas-station it was way cooler and I made the gesture of relief. the guy behind the desk was very engaging, and initiating a whole conversation, including some other stuff which I cant recall at this point. It was like we knew eachother for years and the vibe was the same. So its not wholly taht but I dropped bait without me thinking about it. Same as remarking it was an eardeafening silence at the grocery store.

Walked out, made eye contact with a girl and kept drilling her eyes while her boyfriend was next to her. he doesnt stand a change against this.

Arrived at home, neighbour was outside with some people, joined in because why not? The guy and his girl where engaging aswell, especially his gf seemed to be affected. wanting my attention, giving me sexual looks, smiling, while he was next to her. I saw her scanning countless times and locking unto me from the corner of my eyes. Hooked. pretty skinny bodytype, decent face and feminine energy and attitude. eventually she slowly rubbed over her jeans with her hand while sitting crosslegged, and kept throwing dem glances. ofcourse I engaged her and we did talk about first time flights and how she hasnt been on the airplane before, and she kept showing pictures of the resort she booked.

The guy with whom she was with was also acting way more tolerant, friendly and engaging, still acting very thug like and harsh in his whole demeanor and attitude and what not, but this was clearly something of a change. last time we "met"he was acting more hostile and intimidating. now IDGAf and engaged as usual, like nothing happened and trusting, which is huge.\
Im starting to trust in the autopilot, or rather, its a take over of me and feels incredibly soft in energy to bath in. women fall for me now, crumble before my feet, boyfriends dont stand a chance, like IDGAF at all if their bf is with them, looking, watching or something, I still make eye contact and dont even notice the guy, guess the bubble is getting more profound and obvious, and clearing is pretty much doing its thing.

The autopilot is glorious for that, it gives an sense of total sureness, clarity and IDGAF, while having manifestation flow working its thing. it gives a shitton of inspiration and insight aswell. Noew, next is to be cleared so much they draw into my reality, and have to open me, its like its inevitable that it comes to pass surely. love is the overtone now for me, effortless ease. I cannot not escalate anymore, like, its just coming out of my mouth and its the right thing that comes out.

Running ultrasonic A.mp3 now, and will enter the 6th loop, feeling the euphoria now. want increase loops dramatically like, running it without break till the tomorrow morning 8 am. which will be around 15 loops. Not gonna do it tho.

Im sure I will execute the script with enough healing. its pretty darn clear its working and aiming towards this, autopilot is a boss, and state shifting works optimal including the OGSF that keeps digging and working further in this. meeting half way 2 to tango is a reality now. My mindsets are also shifting more in harmony with the designed goal, being exactly good calibrated and alpha.
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06-26-2017, 03:38 AM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2017 03:50 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Ran 3 loops of B this morning. Im legit confused as the last day of A revealed things surrounding confidence as one thing being dealt with. Last A 4 loops were run only to have a gap in between. My focus increased strongly, business mindset increased till the point of being sure whats about to happen and positively looking forward to it.

IOI's are there.

B seems to cause a shitton of stuff causing to surface right now. Its like going through a tunnel/wormhole of lots of issues (?) Shifts and the such. Ran 3 loops of B and felt slightly dreamy, like light dose of MDMA, bathing in some sort of light while being out and about. Awesome and badass. Its also taxing me, making me tired and triggers panic attacks.

Last few days on A made me feel losing my mind. Dissociating, felt racing thoughts rushing x amount per hour and felt going insane and passing out aswell as some strong fears surrounding occult stuff, bordering panic and what not.

Healing is mere business. DMSI business. Its there. There's all there is to it. Way more important things to do. Currently feeling somewhat fragmented in my mind, scattered yet golden at the same time.

Just feeling love and abundance overal.

Still have the certain sense if DMSI breaks through itll change my game fully and radically/dramatically. The game improvement alone and the financial path im on thanks to DMSI is worth the bucks. Changes still happen, like tge mountain is being dealt with an dissolved. Snipers are strong and locked and am growing certain and into dmsi and autopilot. The blond from the gasstation was/is a manifestation and I have a sniper harem of women, sure about that. No limits to it. Mutual agreement on sex. My LDS's (?) Is/are gorgeous. Damn gratefull to run DMSI even if it was harsh at times. Break through. Its process neverthless.

Massive love is felt.
The universe doesnt give a shit.

Being at the position and heading to have to make choices who to keep and who to "reject" cuzz itll pile up yo. Management will be a thing including sheduling. Also having a solid group of women tho the adding will be undeniable.

The end. Now lets see what B is all about.
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06-27-2017, 02:17 AM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2017 02:22 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
yesterday right before bed I had a massive roll of realisations, autopiloting and what not, craving a girl ikn my bed, ongoing visualisations of another girl pushing her lips against mine, fully soaking wet and aroused. also, blond 8/10 came to mind, aswell as a 9/10 dark haired girl who became all fighting over me and jelous. wtf. Intense and out of this world hunger went on aswell. didnt skip my sleep and had tons of dreams.

my body heated up strongly. rest in pussy bro's.

going to reorganize my diet, eating healthy it is now, eggs, vegetables, lean food. version A seemed to made me gain weight.

today A came back after she went to the hospital, she directly became touchy feely and smelled very nice. smell is a factor. when talking to E, she directly showed her full body while sitting at a chair, fully in my sight.
made some small talk with the cashier at the store, she went all shy, older women, not my type.
Im feeling rolling and new ways opening up for me now, holy shit. Im directly present, in the moment, getting my shit done and taking the lead in organisation. I believe I am Climbing the ladder and taking over the organisation, bringin in my piece and it is received, like a new renovation is about to happen and I am drawing things out, to organize that stuff.

A from the other location, who showed fickle interest, like, she cant contain herself yet keeps herself guarded, locked eyes yesterday. my expression are highkly sexual in my face, she locked, brought her eyes down and smiled, she couldnt stop it herself.,

Version B feels, different then A, like more direct and stright to the point solid right now. I let all assumptions go and just fully trust in DMSi now, resting in it or something while getting my things done.

In ways, my eye contact can get better, but, its all so intense, Im somewhat devoid of emotion, yet straight to the point without hesitation. when chatting up the cashier, another girl, nice ass, somewhat slim ( not skinny ) directed her attention to the 2 of us.

My voice has this different quality as of now, it feels way more sexy.

Also, abundance.
also, some other women showing massive respect like I am the boss and king walking in, and theyre all "oh sorry"while being smiley and in awe.

running 3 loops hybrid B this evening,
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06-28-2017, 07:27 AM (This post was last modified: 06-28-2017 08:46 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Verson B is kicking my ass. enormous anxiety/fears surfacing, derealisation and disconnection. drowing in fear, fml ;_; tired mixed with hints of euphoria and having these trigger responses is some strong mixed bag.

guess being adjusted to the new reality, litterally being lost and unrecognizing my environment, only to catch up later and realize it, is some serious freaky shit. my post is totally unhinged and facing fears was never so good hehe.

I would lie if I said I wasnt scared of going psychotic and unable to distinquish shit. tiptoeing on the edge. a flower is brewing underneath in noticing perfectly who suits, who isnt, whats borderline, red flag, whats drawing, whats not, reading in splitseconds, liek Am6 but more snipered. thinking back about Illumi's natural friend ( heads up to you bro ) and yes, this will be DMSi at work, to screen them just by reading BL.

Notice a trend which is a great DMSi development. opening people goes well 9/10, sometimes we vibe great only to die down immediately in attraction or something. no coincidence with my mixed upness. Oh well, pretty much feeling untouchable in a way. DMSi does well for me.

vanity through mortality the big flip for me. kicking off the pedestals one by one.

I want to sleep now. im losing consciousness and phase out at times, zoning out and shooting awake in terror feelings of being disorietated. facing those fears is empowering as heck. Women flock to me. lol.

Tired and out of it is the thing as of now, like being retraumatized, yet will not give up on version B just yet. my subconscuious still is about running B, so be it, I see the profit of this even if im totally overwhelmed at the time.

Oh well. *shrug* lmao

Edit: DMSi B is the shit, my presence will consume her whole, no holding back, if this removes, oh lord, slayyy that shit. I now have insight as to where itll lead me, the updates and upcoming days will be interesting for sure, merciless and mindblowing, many things are clicking and seeing the light of the power of DMSi as of now. removal of any brakes. this is it, in ways beyond me so to speak yet not bailing out, a "meant to be" vibe creation on nuclear proportion.

The turmoil seems to rest now, but its worth it.
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Travis, enoch
06-28-2017, 10:49 PM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
Back to A now to heal and clear more.
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06-30-2017, 05:50 AM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2017 05:52 AM by Kol.)
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
3 Loops of A ultrasonic in now. round 2 day 2.

brunette girl, slender, round ass, round tits was there at the supermarket. walked in, we made eye contact, she was submissive, her voice silky and submissive/cute/sweet.

As she was busy, I walked in her space, she bended over, ass against my dick, yet didnt respond further, like it was meant to be ( confirmed now ) A is still healing in ways, so idk, pretty much feeling good, yet inward focussed.\ when this stuff happenes, its a manifestation, im sure about it, and clearing might break through, yet ***** in the middle of the store? hehe, why not eh? I get massive bubble and autopilot when it happens, yet also go somewhat hyperfocussed and mesmerized on dat ass. with her cute straps over her naked shoulders peaking over her shirt.

Bodylanguage was pretty good. also, people tend to ghost me today otherwise, like walking in, greeting them, yet no response, only to talk later and being told in a dismissive way "ph you are here, silently walking in eh?"


Another guy opened me today aswell, when walking out of the door, some milfs give me drilling eye contact yet for some reason im not feelin it. pretty more rude behaviour today from people, including some looks from males. I really want my IDGAf covering that, that Im getting no selfconscious anymore at all.

went to bed yesterday with a killing migraine and went to the toilet multiple times due feeling about to vomit around 8 pm. slept like a rock and had tons of dreams I cannot recall but barely.

more is digged up internally, like healing/clearing and some other stuff. The things wanted to be cleared are slowly dealt with. feeling good and outspoken. some stuff I really want to get over with.

what does pisses me off, which I believe is happening, is, I get the IOI's, yet am dismissed, like, being the hottest guy in the room, yet some women engage with other guys, like some sort of jelousy strategy from them or something.
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SargeMaximus, enoch
06-30-2017, 05:57 AM
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RE: DMSI 3.1 ~ Rise in power
(06-30-2017 05:50 AM)Kol Wrote:  what does pisses me off, which I believe is happening, is, I get the IOI's, yet am dismissed, like, being the hottest guy in the room, yet some women engage with other guys, like some sort of jelousy strategy from them or something.

I get that a lot as well.

"We are incapable of designing and building a mosquito, let alone all the species and most of the other things in the universe. So I start from the premise that nature is smarter than I am and try to let nature teach me how reality works." - Ray Dalio
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