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I am so happy to finally be able to sign in. Thank you to Benjamin. We have had a few email exchanges.

To the intro:

So I have been a lurker on this forum for a few years now but I never signed up for an account.....I have read many of your posts and testimonials and journals to many of you. I have just by choice decided to join as a member now.

I am 36 y/o. I currently live with strict religious parents (I know for my age sucks) Ideal life I would like to have been in is what my brother has accomplished, and he's younger than me and I really hate his guts not because he has the life that I want but he is just a pure natural dick and has the better life in comparison to the polite mild mannered man that I am and don't have 'the life' (dream girl, independence, friends, freedom, financial wealth, career, etc).

I do live with social anxiety which has not been diagnosed but am looking to get it confirmed, I have irrational fears, I am not an authority figure and am submissive to my bosses and life? Forget it! I live in my room in my house, the moment I walk in from work go straight to my room and that is my safe haven till the time I depart to go back to work next day. Of course I come out every now and then but with family that I live with my bro in law, sister, and parents, I am not the equal in their eyes, I am not the social bug that can freely speak his mind when something bothers me, I am just the guy that is rather quiet and can't speak his mind or socialize or throw in a joke at work out of fear.

I am actually seen as this guy that has no say in life or thoughts opinions shot down, my opinions don't matter and I am not seen as the social authority here in this home. I think that summarizes my life status right now....I am in a relationship that I don't want, never had experienced what it feels like to be out and about on my own.....really something I am feeling I am bound to do even at the expense of sacrificing family for....almost ready to take that plunge but don't know if I will pull it off.

Career wise, I want to be internet marketer and master that, currently telemarketing/ cold calling is my job. Meh, its a job. But yeah IM is my ultimate goal....

So I have been using EPHRA for a few weeks now.....should start a journal on that....

Oh and my name? Just call me Destined....

see u guys in the forum
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RE: Greetings...
Hello Destined... I have a advice for you.
I see that only thing that is stopping u is your own fears and I would like to say that..

First Do EPRAH for 3 months and after that be sure to try "Overcome Fear". It's the most underestimated sub over here,but Fear is root of all problems..

Consider EPRAH as warmup and then use OF.

My younger brother as also accomplished everything in life, has friends, a good job, respect, lovelife, knowledge and I am just a looser in front of him and I after 2 years of lurking on this forum I realised that "fear" is what crushed my dreams and personality...

So Choose OF after 3 months of EPRAH and then u will know what you are really capable of..You can read my journal.. Its not easy facing ur fears but it is fun when u suddenly gain the strength to face something that u have been afraid of ur whole life.. Its only been 17 days... Good Luck with ur journey.

“I'll Take a Nightmare That's Real Over a Dream That's a Lie"-Sarah
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03-29-2017, 07:38 PM
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RE: Greetings...
Confirmed this guy is the same troll as I had suspected. Goodbye again.
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