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DMSI questions
09-01-2017, 11:36 PM
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DMSI questions

My main question is what happens to married or LTR relationship individuals that use DMSI? What happens to people like me that are in relationship when they develop that sexual irresistibility and are many hours with their partner? Is it a possibility that she will (my wife for example) be more drawn to have sex or interact sexually with me?

And some secondaries,

2. From what I understand, track A is for healing and its results is long-term/permanent and track B is creating the special effects and is short-term/temporary depending on how long you use that track. Is that correct?

3. How is it run? In the instructions state "Please do not use this program more or less than the specified number of loops per day." which is two loops per day for each track however I see everyone stating their usage without reasoning. Like 6 loops or 5 or 4, etc.

4. And lastly as I am on AM6 now, do I need to do stage 7 of AM6 as well before I move to DMSI and how long should I wait for a "break"?
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09-01-2017, 11:54 PM
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RE: DMSI questions
Hey man,
It's not really recommended while in a relationship or married, yes you will be more attractive to her but there's also the goal of DMSI pushing you to find other women, not just be with one so it may be challenging. Though a couple of guys here have done so, keep in mind it may change the dynamic of the relationship.

2. You want to start with A for atleast 32 days, preferably longer. It heals/clears anything in the way of the goal, when you're executing consistently on A (e.g getting the results) then it's usually a good sign you can use B.

At that point B will build on the results, but Shannon has said that B will also drill through the issues, like drilling through a mountain.. but it is usually a bit more 'rough' and A is like dissolving the mountain which takes longer and tends to be more gentle.

3. That instruction generally applies, though in this case with 3.1 Shannon opened it up a while ago to experimentation to see what happens when people use it for more loops. When 3.2 comes out the guidelines will likely be important again. For other 5.5g programs that aren't experimental you want to follow what it says on the description page.

4. Stage 7 is a refresher so you don't necessarily need to do it unless you feel like you achieved what you wanted from AM and want to expand on that. But Stage 6 is technically the end of the main program.

A week or two is fine after AM.
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