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Do Any Subs Prevent Healing Crises?
05-27-2017, 01:18 PM
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Do Any Subs Prevent Healing Crises?
Not too long ago I did a fast for 19 days, and it was quite beneficial from a weight loss and detox perspective. However, on day 13 I started experiencing a bunch of bad symptoms, including fever, constantly having to spit, heavy brain fog, having to take rests without doing anything and some others. I asked about it on some fasting forums and they're all common symptoms of entering a "healing crisis," where aspects of your body are healing so quickly that your body can't keep up with it and you feel sick in these and/or other ways. Are there any subs that might heal the healing crisis?

I'm not sure if something like Maximum Healing Speed would be beneficial or make the problem worse, seeing as the problem from a medical perspective is healing faster than the body can handle it.
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